Saturday, 31 December 2016

Hong Kong, Republic of China - Nov 2016


2016 for us was (eh, is) the year that we most spent our cash on. I mean seriously like a lot!!! Did our major overhaul on our car and enrolled for the MBA course..and many other ad-hoc matters!! Tapi alhamdulillah,the balance of savings cukup for our simple Hong Kong trip. When I say simple, literally, memang we did nothing else other than Disneyland Hong Kong.

Went there from the 7th Nov - 11th Nov 2016 with Malindo Air. Yes, our free airfares as a token of appreciation titik peluh dear husband kerja bagai nak ghak (attentively engaged with work) for Malindo Air. Thank you dear husband.

4 hours plus in flight with Elma...mula-mula berdebar but alhamdulillah she did not buat crying,no whining..good girl macam kakak. :)

Getting around with MTR octopus card - beli pun ok, tak beli pun ok. Their tube/train system is so systematic even the dumbest can comprehend it. If you to purchase one, you may claim for the balance refund at the airport upon your departure home. Else, just buy the one way tickets macam kita beli LRT tickets over the counter/machine.

Accommodation : I would recommend Hollywood Hotel. For us, its well suited with respect those travelling with small children. We would not want to squander our precious time and hustle on the MTR back and forth the island. Shuttle bus from the park to the hotel are 15 mins apart.

Halal Eateries :
Kowloon : There are a handful of them but...emmmm, most of the halal eateries that we came across are so filthy dirty and disgusting. You can at least see 1 dead cockroach at the somber passageway..imagine how the kitchen would look like then!!
Disneyland Park : There are few halal cafes available at the park. I forgot the name, will write it down later insyaAllah.

Bought our 2-day park tickets together with our hotel reservation. An absolute quest :)

Day 1-  Arrival. Free and easy.
Day 2-  Disneyland Hong Kong Park
Day 3-  Disneyland Hong Kong Park
Day 4-  The Peak & Avenue of Stars
Day 5-  Depart back to KUL

Hong Kong Nov 2016 : Places and halal food

My favorite picture from the trip :)  Love them both so much!