Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Is my Dahlia a happy baby?

I read this statement from Babycenter
[Like any parent who wants the best for her children, Trish Bragg has done everything she can to make sure Isabel, Charlie, and Madeline are healthy, have plenty of stimulating activities to fill their day, and are loved unconditionally. Yet, like many, she struggles with parenting's million-dollar question: Are my kids happy? "Among all my friends, that's what we want to know," Bragg says.]

"Happiness isn't something you can give a child like a prettily wrapped present" . A child experts sayings who also stresses the importance of helping kids to develop a set of inner tools where they can rely on throughout life.

If you ask me,I don't have to be an expert in child psychology to impart the inner strength and wisdom it takes to weather life's ups and downs. With patience and flexibility, I  am trying to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness.

My time with Dahlia is very limited to be specific,during the weekdays. In the morning,by 7:30AM she would be joining her friends in school, and by noon or so,Nani will fetch her up. By the time I reach home at 8PM,its already near her bed time. Nonetheless, I still do play with her and chuckles and giggles within that short period of time. And most of the nights.the three of us would converge into a small circle where we would clap our hands singing songs etc. At least there's some mother-father-daughter bonding there or what most experts would call 'connected childhood,' which to my personal opinion is by far the best step to guarantee our little child is happy  for now.
Oh and bath time.SHE LOVES playing with her botol shampu kosong  yellow rubber duck during bath time. This is the time we would girl talk baby talk right from the moment she's in the bath tab until she's out in her bath robe.
As Dahlia matures from a beautiful newborn to a more interactive cheeky 8 months old baby, she is now I would say,  is a master at showing people surround her when something makes her content or upset. Her face lights up in a heart-melting smile when ever I enter the room, or she would wail and sometimes make a 'hugh' sound when someone takes away what ever she is holding. And I noticed that she flips between smiling and crying faster than I can pop a pacifier teething ring in her mouth. 

Linking to the above statement,Im not going to deny and I hope Im not going to get charged phrasing what Im about to write here. I do scold my little Dahlia. For being macam ulat taik not sitting still,for the milk she make bubbles from,for her watching too near to the television,for being such a crying cranky baby when ever she's sleepy. Yes,a mean mother I am. But with no intention of really scold her if you know what I mean. Im still learning on how and when should I start training her on all the yeses and the nos. It crushes my heart every time I see her mouth turned down and her eyebrows arched in the middle each time I scold her. And it even melt my heart at each time,she would raise her arms asking me to hug her tug. Oh my little baby,Mami loves you so much. So much that Im trying my very best to provide the best for you.

Dahlia is learning so many things now : to sit up, crawl, grasp objects, walk, and baby talk. Each accomplishment brings her confidence and satisfaction in her achievement. 

In her first six months, we responded to all her needs.We would run up to her to even a slight whine she made. But after about six months, if I run over at every little hiccup, Im taking away an important learning opportunity for Dahlia. Well, I know this is hard,but sometimes it's good to let babies cry a little as long as you're giving them lots of positive affection and attention the rest of the time. She would cry a little and summon for help by 'hugh-ing' us at every fall she made. We sometimes provoke her by luring with her toys to make her crawl / reach forward. And if she drops her rattle, we usually will not hurry to pick it up.Giving her some time and encouragement to pick it up herself.

As a parent, Im starting to teach Dahlia some discipline and manners.Not to be so hard on her,but we are taking baby steps. We've (Helmi and I) agreed on some techniques such as that we are not going to use the word "NO" directly,instead we are practicing to reason it out "Dahlia,you can not have this,this will hurt your fingers" etc. Ive read on comments from experienced parents that if we keep cruising this good manners in our daily routine, InsyaAllah, the child will follow too. We as the role model plays a very important element in a child's development. I keep reminding my self that!!! :)

*ragam Dahlia yang baru : Geleng kepala each time we say "finish". Wallahualam sama ada she really faham the meaning of the word or she is just mocking us. Apa pun muah to my budak bulat..

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wordless Tuesday

"Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit,apa pula suami isteri,maafkan dinda,wahai kanda"

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dahlia and her thrush

The definition of thrush that occurs most often in infants and children,is characterized by small whitish eruptions on the mouth, throat, and tongue, and usually accompanied by fever, colic, and diarrhea. In another words, its referring to a contagious disease caused by a fungus, Candida albicans.  Dahlia had this when she was about 2 months plus. We first noticed a white spot on her tough during her 2nd month check up with Dr Fadzilah but were informed that was a milk residue. But, came the 4th day, it worsen. Its all over her upper inner mouth now. and her appetite was very poor. This could lead her to lack of nutrients and vitamin deficiency. Without further due, we took the day off and went to see a very warm and friendly Dr Serena at her clinic in Rahman Putra. She is my favorite pediatrician along with Dr Fadzilah now. Her clean and fun ambiance clinic made me feel confident sending Dahlia to her.

She gave us an oral Decozol thrush cream that contains the active ingredient clotrimazole, which is an antifungal medicine used to treat infections with fungi and yeasts. You can get it from any pharmacy. The cost per tube should not exceed RM20.Alhamdulilah Dahlia had no side effect from this treatment and her thrush was all washed away within the week.

All over her tongue

How to use this cream? Simple,with a clean finger, apply thinly to the affected area or to all over your kid's mouth 2 to 3 times a day. And do rub it gently. Treatment should be continued for 5 days up to a week after treating the internal infection. After several treatment,you can actually find that the thrush will self peel off(no,it should not hurt your baby's mouth / tongue). Its like a layer of thicken milk paste. But before you apply anything into your kid's mouth,do consult with your pediatrician ya!!Im not a certified doctor but am a certified mother..hehe..cukup la sekadar menjaga anak sendiri.

Alhamdulillah,so far any prescription from Dr Serena, Dahlia had no side effect or allergies on them. What I like most about Dr Serena is that, she explain things in ENGLISH not in MEDICAL TERMS, she even draw sometimes to make sure we the parents really understand what causes what and why causes what.

Dahlia's Card Number

Open on PH too!!!
*mind the pictures quality.Taken from my old Nokia phone :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Gingery Confinement

Ginger Ginger Ginger and lots of ginger everywhere.

The food : Yes. The so called doomed period for all new mothers.The first 40 days after I was discharged from the hospital, I can smell ginger everywhere at all time. From food,to food,to food and to more food.Oh yes,and to my ointment too, are all ginger based and its not that bad (Im trying to make believe this to myself)

Its been 6 months since my last day of confinement.Well... sort of..hehehe..I had mine at the most convenient and practical way of it. A little bit from Malay practices ( the urut / jamu part), a little bit from Chinese practices ( the food part), and a little bit of Indian practices ( mixture of both I guess) .Was very fortunate that my mom was the one who nursed me during that period.She prepared my GINGER meals,my 'air daun' (herbal baths that traditionally heals body ache,improves blood circulations and keep the body warm),she also helped me to put on my bedung (corset). Assisted me with Dahlia and so many more if I would to list out in here.

I gained 20 kilos extra through out my pregnancy. From a 55kg lady to a 75kg hippo. I was triple the size of Helmi agaknya. Or more. Ahhhh....I had to get back into shape,a promise I made to myself.

The Jamu and slimming aid :Amazingly, within 7 days, I had cut out the extra 5 kg. My waist and thigh were then getting an inch or two lesser each day. Thank to the traditional malay bedung and all the edible jamu that I once loathe . And thanks to the scrub and all the stuff in the Jamu set from Mustika Ratu.But, I did not try on the edible jamu from Mustika Ratu, I had mine specially made by a family friend. An old lady from Sabak Bernam. "Ish ada taik cicak ke apa dalam jamu tu ko tak tau", she told us each time we wanted to just buy from the off the shelves jamu..

The massage :Besides all mentioned above, I also indulged and pampered myself with the post natal massages. I  had it 2-3 days a week for 6 weeks. RM50 per 2 hours session per day. Highly recommended as this is a need to nurture your body back to its pre-pregnancy form and help you to recover from the rigours of childbirth. The loss of blood and energy is said to have caused your body to enter a "cold stage". (Oh yes, and the hot meals helps too) .It is to help to bring all your veins,muscle,and bones back into the original positions.Especially on your pelvic bones. Besides,it helps to position back your loosen uterus and the most important point here, is to also provoke your 'milk factory' to produce more milk for you cute little baby..

The do s and don't s : Do not get your self sick. Just imagine this --> You just had stripped veins all over your body,your stomach muscle is not as strong as before yet,your antibody is at your lowest level, AND you are suffering from a fever? May god have mercy on you. For malays, it is very crucial for us not to get our selves bumped into hard surface too that will cause blood clot. If this happens, it can trigger excessive blood from the uterus more known as 'tumpah darah'. If you get this,do not prolong any further,do contact your gynecologist fast. There are several commons Nos too such as, no bending over at the waist (to prevent back injuries). No cooking or doing housework of any kind. Avoid high citric fruits, aerated drinks and juices. This is mainly they are 'windy' and 'cooling' and remember, 'WINDY' and 'COOL' words are prohibited during this period.

Sounds horrible? Well, this is just little part of the sacrifice women do for a child and for her husband.

For more info on Asian confinement ,do check out this site : Baby Centre

So,for dear men out there,don't ever think that 2 months of our maternity leave (2 months given under the Malaysian law) is a honey-moon months for us. That 2 months are indeed not the actual exorbitant comparing to all that we need to go through from the beginning. As what Nora quoted,

If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters.  ~Nora Ephron, Heartburn, 1983
Sourced from National Geographic

Picture from National Geographic.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Dahlia and her first mini period

Dahlia was born on Friday afternoon and we came back home on Saturday. Yes, only a night stay at the hospital. Alhamdulillah I did not had many complications and hardly feel any pain 'down there'. Kudos to Dr Norleen who 'Frankenstein-ed' me painlessly !! :)

After couple of days of post-check-ups/training given by DEMC (the staff nurses came to the house on Monday and Tuesday of the following week),we were comfortable and felt more confident holding and cleaning Dahlia. Although my husband was a bit sceptically worry he would accidently break a leg or one of those tiny little fingers. But he was doing fine. He helped around alot.

There were 2 nurses who came and checked on us.1 was to check on Dahlia and another was to check on me.Taught us how to hold a baby in a correct manner,showed us how to clean her poo-poo,how to breast-feed,how to bottle-feed,and so many more. And as for my check-up,the nurse was just checking on my stitches if they are still intact.Provided us with extra alcohol-swabs. All was perfect days after except........

Not as much as an adult's menstrual
My daughter had a little bit of bleeding from her vagina when she was about 4-5 days old.This was caused by the withdrawal of the hormones.At least this was what the doctor comforted me with. It was her first and hopefully her last menstrual period for another decade or so. My mom had it,I had it,and now Dahlia had it too. Unless there is foul odor smell from the discharge, which could indicate infection,and profuse bleeding or the bleeding doesn't fade away after a few days,that need medical attention.
This 'mini-period' is due to newborns (especially girl's) genitals have been exposed to various kinds of hormones in the womb that may have made the outside of the vagina ("labia majora" and the "clitoris") a little swollen and prominent.This hormones exposure may also caused a thick, milky discharge in the vagina.
And that was what Dahlia had before we noticed the blood stain on her nappies.

The thick discharge

There are no medicine for this as this is the natural way of how the body of a girl works. Hygienic measure is important. We need to clean our daughter's genitals as clean as possible. Like us adult,we too will feel discomfort if we didn't change our pads/panty liners regularly. For our babies,just spread the labia and gently clean out the creases.DO NOT GO ANY DEEPER.Theres no need for that even for adults okay!Nature will do its cleaning naturally. And do use luke water. You are not making coffee that you need to bree it. Girl's genitals is a very sensitive area.It's tissue is as same as that inside our mouth.

If you are experiencing something similar,not to worry much okay. But, I know,we as parents will always make time on meeting the pediatrics in person just to make sure everything is ok,aight? :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Twenty is our house number


It took us exactly 3 months to complete the renovation with nearly RM70k spent. Memang with a deep sigh tetapi we were very satisfied with the contractors and with the retailers. 

(dont get me wrong by sharing the figures,we had a hard time on budgeting last time.I hope this entry gives a rough idea and budget to a first timer home buyers. Furthermore, apa la sangat RM70k for you right)

It was never easy to move into a new place. Certain chores you need to do before you can have good nights sleeps. Here are some key points that I feel rather important kalau hendak me-renovate rumah...

Important # 1 -  DO OBTAIN APPROVAL FROM YOUR MAJLIS DAERAH BEFORE YOU START ENGAGING ANY HOUSE CONTRACTORS FOR YOUR HOUSE RENOVATION. This will save you at least RM1000,if you are caught without the permit.
 ---> You need to get the forms from the 'Pembangunan Department' and deposit RM800(for minor renovation) if Im not mistaken. Submit together with your house floor plan, some pictures are required too. 
---> Upon completion, they will refund RM600 by cash/cheque. RM200 for the what they call 'Kontena Sampah'. Normal Alam Flora lorry will not collect this kind of sampah.

Important # 2-  Survey up to 3-4 contractors and do compare prices. Do not hesitate to bargain.

Important # 3 -  Do document your requirement.E.g,how many additional plugs,where,why. Sketches and drawings would be the best.And do explain to the contractors where would you like to locate your AC,Fridge,Stove,TV,etc..this will ease them to do the wiring works.

Important # 4 - Get your appliances ready for some of the contractors may offer to help to install them without any extra charges.Just a bag of pisang goreng as a gesture.

Important # 5 - This may come in very handy. Have your whole invoices,requirement,cost estimates,brochures,agreement in 1 folder file. This way, when ever you are on the run,you just have to grab the folder file. 

Important # 6 - If possible do check on them while they are doing your house. Some adhoc isssues may arise. Example: The kitchen guy who measured my cabinets did not measure correctly resulted additional work for the carpenters to trim and fix his creativity here and there. 

Important # 7 -  As for me, I turned my 4th room, the room next to the kitchen into my pantry cum laundry room. So we had to make a proper inlet and outlet for the washing machine and the dryer. Again, do explain to them on your plan. 

Important # 8 - Oh yes,do get the paint code correct from your developers.This can be frustrating when it comes to touch up works. You wouldn't want your house to transform into a pre-school center,would you? Ok cut the speech ;) I know you want to see the end results.

Before we changed the floors and add the L-Box everything
Work in progress
I switched the kitchen 3 panels window with a 2 panels window
Get rid of the typical toilet window with this slab. 
It creates beautiful shadows when the lights are on.
And to the rest of the toilets too.
I bought those slabs for about RM200-RM300 a piece from Tropical Garden in Sg.Buloh.Depending on sizes and designs.

We just laminated the top steps

Add the laminated wooden floor here too..Original lantai was that 1x1 ft tiles

 90% of our stuff from our previous shack.sikit kan.seriously.
AC is a necessity nowadays.
And these too.Sedap tak sedap lain cerita.
Our cute little dinning table.Mahjong anybody?

In Cube Kitchen

The sketch

The actual result and this cost us about RM15k inclusive appliances and accessories.

Cabinet knobs,Ceramic Sink and water tab bought separately from IKEA
Different angle and time :)

Could you see my stained kitchen window? Its a DIY thing. I didnt want to use any curtains in the kitchen, so I glued the glass with a decorative plastic wrapper. :) Cheap and easy!!!

The best offer they could offer me
The evergreen design grill.Neat installation.

Could you see the 2 stickers on the sliding door? Those are the permit from your Majlis Daerah that you need to present to their officers.
Woody's favorite spot

For the grills, we designed the padlock hooks to be facing inside the house rather that facing out. Yeah, its kindda difficult for us to lock and unlock the padlocks, but hey, this will at least make it harder for the thieves to potong kan? ;)

3/4 length pergola

And here is the completion
Ok tipu. This is not our house.This is our dream house yang ntah how la to get so much money to own it... At that time (2010),the price was near to RM2.5 mil.
So what did we do that cashed out our savings? Rough estimation for you guys...
  1. Revamped the hall floor tiles (about 24x30 ft agaknya) ..this was about RM7k
  2. Revamped the 3 toilets tiles  ..this was about RM1k-2k or so
  3. Changed the windows with slabs ..this was about RM1k-2k or so
  4. Added plaster ceiling to the main hall ..this was about RM600 or so
  5. Added about 13 electrical points ..this was about RM500 or so in total
  6. Wood laminate the kitchen, the stairways and hall on the upper floor ..this was about RM8k-9k or so
  7. Installed grille for the whole house ..this was about RM4k-5k or so
  8. Installed autogate ..this was about RM3k or so
  9. Bought the home appliances ..this was about RM9-10k or so
  10. Lights and fans and air conditioners ..this was about RM5k-6k or so
  11. Installed the pergola ..this was about RM5k-6k or so
  12. Installed the kitchen cabinets ..this was about RM10k or so
Here are the list of contractors I would like to share, they who did our house beautifully as per our requirement:
1. House renovation : Stilux Design & Renovation Sdn Bhd
2. Wood Laminated floors : Floor Depot
3. Kitchen cabinets : In Cube Kitchen
4.Kitchen appliances: Pacifica Appliances
(Agent : Living Portal (DU) Sdn Bhd)
5. Lights : Various shops in Puchong
6. Grille :New Gate Metal
8.Autogate system : Johari from some company ( But I have his number)
9. Grass : Babul from a nearby nursery

THIS is our small 24x65 size number twenty .. :)

Numbered tiles I bought in New Zealand 


"Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come".

I first discovered about Nuffnang when I started to give-a-damn about blog world about a 1 year back while I was expecting Dahlia.I needed all the info about pregnancy and motherhood and with a 15 years gap from my mom's last pregnancy,she didn't quite have all the answers.
I  resorted  for blogs and seek real experiences.. and I realized something. Nuffnang is ubiquitous!!!Not only they blog advertisement but they coordinates and host fun events too.

Here is the fun part --> Brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott ,there will be a huge event to be held soon, the most look forward event for any Asia-Pacific bloggers out there and without exception, I'm enrolling my self too,to win the exclusive invites.
Pick me!Pick me!Pick me!!!!Oh my, I do I do I DO want to be invited to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 on this coming 16 December 2011 in Putrajaya Marriot.

So dear Nuffnang,here me out,

#1 - Dress-up make-up walk-it-up : It will be the best 2011 ending for me to be able to meet up with the famous 500 bloggers from Asia-Pacific region glamorously. Yes. Glamorously!!!! *wink* *wink*. Mirror mirror on the wall,who is the most glamorous mummy of all? To walk on the red carpet??!?!?!I hope I will  not stumble over my killer heels while pretending that Im there as a super star walking on the red carpet with all the camera flash here and there.And also me taking pictures with all the sifu..this is a must so that I can shout about it in my entry!!.Although Im not the blogger to be honoured (yet), I would make a damn good honourer during the award! ;)

#2 - Hi,here's my card : Being a new nuffnangers ,this will be a big stepping stone for me where I get to mingle around with the blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific in person besides witnessing the region's best blogger being honored.This is the time I can promote my new blog too,a daring confession is it not? ;p Oh and yes of course,I would use my charm to get some tips on how to elevate my blogging ideas and skills.

#3 - The secret to humor is surprise - by  Aristotle  : "One invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location in Kuala Lumpur" . Simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!I bet Im not the only one warily eyeing for this too,aight?

#4 - You are cordially invited to... - Hoping that by attending this prestigious event,November Seven will be in the invitation list for all the upcoming events too!!!!

So there,3+1 reasons on why I want to be in NAPBAS 2011 night.I will be waiting for the golden passes ya! ;)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The offspring

Rumah settled. Now,the next on our agenda list,'expanding' our family count.Riding the pregnancy's emotional roller coaster, feeling moody one day and joyful the next day was something special that Allah had created women in such ways.How great He created women with so much strength in this fragile,soft but yet a magnificent art. Alhamdulillah, sometimes on the tenth week of my pregnancy,for the first time,we heard her. My baby's heart beat, also referred as fetal heart tones (FHT), the thud that was rapidly pumping her tiny strong heart.Much faster than her parents'. From that moment on,I was eager to see and cuddle her in my arms.

4th April 2011 seems so far to come at that moment.
The first 6 months of my antenatal check-up was conducted by an obstetrician & gynecologist,Dr Loh from a private clinic in Taman Megah,PJ.He was ok.Gentle and informative. He was(is) attached to Tropicana Medical Center which is not too far from our house.It was a grand newly operated private hospital.Cost wise,not much different from other reputable private hospitals too. I was hoping for a muslim to deliver my baby(babies). So the scouting began actively towards the end of my 2nd trimester.

Our 'titot'
Her white drawer with her rows of gifts and sample products
Guided with days of surveying, Shifa's entry about her pregnancy caught my attention.She went for her antenatal checkups with Dr Norleen Salleh from Darul Ehsan Medical Center,or best known as DEMC. And my research went further in depth about Dr Norleen Salleh. No doubt,she is one of the best. Many had compliment her deliveries and true enough,my first appointment with her took me to a different perceptions about being pregnant. This petite,soft spoken,and gentle women made me feel like wanting to make more babies and to be her patient again :)

Nope.This is not the petite lady im talking about.
This is mama elephant enduring her pain
Few weeks prior to the appointment, we had our antenatal class there at the DEMC too. Where we had the opportunity to tour the new clean spacious and modern ambiance hospital. The staff were very warm and friendly. Your request will be attended without a fail. You felt welcomed there,yes,that's the word. None that I met without a smiling face.

As at Sept '11 ,DEMC offers a normal delivery package at RM2,200 (which I find it reasonable cheap for a private specialist center). The package covers:
(1)normal delivery procedures,
(2)no need to worry on what vaccines should you or your baby should be taking,they cover this in the list as well.Such as Vitamin K injection,BCG Injection,the 1st dosage of Hepatatis B injection,
(3)baby hearing test
(4)and also the nursery charges
(5) 2 days of post-natal checkup

Doesn't that sounds good?

This package offers a 2 bedded room but if you feel like splurging your cash a bit, you may opt for a single-bedded room to junior executive,to executive,to suites and foremost,to the Orchid Suite. Pictures and info are available on their website or you may walk in and contact them at :

 No. 4, Jalan Ikhtisas,Seksyen 14
  40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Phone: (603) 5515 1888   Fax: (603) 5515 1815

As for me,my 2 days 1 night stay at the Executive room with no epidural given (alhamdulillah I beared the pain all the way),receipted us less then RM3k. It was a satisfactory. Ooops Ok,back to my pregnancy / labour story.

June 26th 2010
The line showed ' + ' on the pregnancy test device.
Tired,endless nausea, backache,swollen feet,feeling senseless all the time,not much on food craving,sleepless nights,moody...for the rest of the 40 weeks or so...

April 1st 2011
1AM : Slight bleeding. Minor backaches as usual.
2AM : Couldnt get much sleep. Anxious. Happy . Nervous.All in one.
*fast fwd*
6 AM : Decided to get myself checked. We headed to the hospital and I was warded immediately. Didnt have the appetite to enjoy my breakfast. I just laid back enduring the contractions.
10 AM : Dr Norleen (yes,I managed to have her as my doctor), induced me, deteriorate my contraction to the max. But on the other hand,it shorten the time of my delivery pain.
*not to mention in here of how many times had I crinkled left and right hoping the contraction would subsides*
11:50 PM : 'Habis Kederat', a malay saying as I fought for both baby and my life.Push Push and Push. I tried not to dwell on my fears. My baby's head was out. Her body were still in me.
12:08 PM : And with one last big push,I heard my baby's voice.The most beautiful melody that I've ever heard.

By looking at her,my pain just alleviated. But,did I really feel any pain 'down there' while she was 'getting' out? Not at all!!!Seriously.No joke.Maybe if the contraction wasn't there I would have felt something.

An info I saw somewhere on the net : "A human body can bear up until 45 del (unit) of pain, yet at time of giving birth,a mother feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain.This is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at a time" 

Now imagine how is a mother's love and pain?

Here she is,the flower of our hearts,Dahlia Mohd Helmi, in her Papa's arm

Only now I could understand the meaning of being a parent. The love towards your offspring is endless.You would wake up many times during the night to see if your child is ok,no matter how tired you are.No matter how sick,and no matter on what ever circumstances.

Thank you my dear husband for all the support you've given over the 9 whole months.I know it was all new for you,and so did it was to me.But,with God's will,we managed it through.Alhamdulillah.

Hugs kisses hugs kisses and more hugs and kisses for both Ummi and Ayah.

Dear Dahlia,

Here are your doctors who held you when you were little. Do include them in your prayers ok baby :)

The one who delivered you

The one who gave you shots!! ;)

"And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], "uff," and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word."
"And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, "My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small."

Quran, Surah Isra 17:23-24


Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Journey Starts Here

What's in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other word would smell as sweet.
-Juliet, Act II, scene ii

Seven Eleven Two Thousand Eight 
That was our solemnization date
In Baju Melayu,not a Songket
He wedded me,we didnt need the glitz.
As our love was all we need.

Friday morning before zuhur, we were pronounced husband and wife. It was a very simple occasion.Nothing fancy.A year planned events was executed effortlessly with family and friends.A ceremony that will always be in my mind..It was a bright sunny friday morning. All were set up on that eve.I was nervous but at the same time I felt at ease. Never had I imagine, our short term friendship would knot us together.Never thought that the feelings of getting married would be so blissful and beautiful.Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to experience it.

 At 11:30 am sharp,as calm as he has always been,he wedded me.

oath we made to each other
and he still does this everyday

We started our journey with a 2 years of honeymoon before Dahlia came into our world. In between we prepared ourselves purchasing the fundamental assets.Cars,house,insurances,savings etc.managed to travel to couple of places too.Had a breeze of New Zealand  fresh air,food heaven in Penang and to Medan,Indonesia for the famous nasi padang @ Garuda.(I will blog about these places in my future entries inn sya allah).

Rented a place in Ara Damansara. A small 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms apartment roughly about 850 sf. I loved that place,small and cosy. Perfect for the two of us. 
Sneak peek:

A-01-01,Sri Ara Apartment,Ara Damansara, PJ
Tidak lama after that...Alhamdullilah ada rezeki sedikit....
 Insyallah with Allah's consent, our marriage life journey continues...

a larger hall

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The entrée

Hi!!!I'm back.Yup,you heard me right. I cant really recall when did I started to register at but for sure,from today on wards, I will start blogging and entries will be about me,the wife and the mother.All my thoughts and queries and histories juggling around it shall be spilled out on this blog. With the main gist to gather and share stories among women around the world.After all,living the life is a way of learning.Im not perfect,and that makes us the same..happy reading  :)

Hot Air Balloons, Cappadocia - Photograph by Kani Polat, My Shot