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Gingery Confinement

Ginger Ginger Ginger and lots of ginger everywhere.

The food : Yes. The so called doomed period for all new mothers.The first 40 days after I was discharged from the hospital, I can smell ginger everywhere at all time. From food,to food,to food and to more food.Oh yes,and to my ointment too, are all ginger based and its not that bad (Im trying to make believe this to myself)

Its been 6 months since my last day of confinement.Well... sort of..hehehe..I had mine at the most convenient and practical way of it. A little bit from Malay practices ( the urut / jamu part), a little bit from Chinese practices ( the food part), and a little bit of Indian practices ( mixture of both I guess) .Was very fortunate that my mom was the one who nursed me during that period.She prepared my GINGER meals,my 'air daun' (herbal baths that traditionally heals body ache,improves blood circulations and keep the body warm),she also helped me to put on my bedung (corset). Assisted me with Dahlia and so many more if I would to list out in here.

I gained 20 kilos extra through out my pregnancy. From a 55kg lady to a 75kg hippo. I was triple the size of Helmi agaknya. Or more. Ahhhh....I had to get back into shape,a promise I made to myself.

The Jamu and slimming aid :Amazingly, within 7 days, I had cut out the extra 5 kg. My waist and thigh were then getting an inch or two lesser each day. Thank to the traditional malay bedung and all the edible jamu that I once loathe . And thanks to the scrub and all the stuff in the Jamu set from Mustika Ratu.But, I did not try on the edible jamu from Mustika Ratu, I had mine specially made by a family friend. An old lady from Sabak Bernam. "Ish ada taik cicak ke apa dalam jamu tu ko tak tau", she told us each time we wanted to just buy from the off the shelves jamu..

The massage :Besides all mentioned above, I also indulged and pampered myself with the post natal massages. I  had it 2-3 days a week for 6 weeks. RM50 per 2 hours session per day. Highly recommended as this is a need to nurture your body back to its pre-pregnancy form and help you to recover from the rigours of childbirth. The loss of blood and energy is said to have caused your body to enter a "cold stage". (Oh yes, and the hot meals helps too) .It is to help to bring all your veins,muscle,and bones back into the original positions.Especially on your pelvic bones. Besides,it helps to position back your loosen uterus and the most important point here, is to also provoke your 'milk factory' to produce more milk for you cute little baby..

The do s and don't s : Do not get your self sick. Just imagine this --> You just had stripped veins all over your body,your stomach muscle is not as strong as before yet,your antibody is at your lowest level, AND you are suffering from a fever? May god have mercy on you. For malays, it is very crucial for us not to get our selves bumped into hard surface too that will cause blood clot. If this happens, it can trigger excessive blood from the uterus more known as 'tumpah darah'. If you get this,do not prolong any further,do contact your gynecologist fast. There are several commons Nos too such as, no bending over at the waist (to prevent back injuries). No cooking or doing housework of any kind. Avoid high citric fruits, aerated drinks and juices. This is mainly they are 'windy' and 'cooling' and remember, 'WINDY' and 'COOL' words are prohibited during this period.

Sounds horrible? Well, this is just little part of the sacrifice women do for a child and for her husband.

For more info on Asian confinement ,do check out this site : Baby Centre

So,for dear men out there,don't ever think that 2 months of our maternity leave (2 months given under the Malaysian law) is a honey-moon months for us. That 2 months are indeed not the actual exorbitant comparing to all that we need to go through from the beginning. As what Nora quoted,

If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters.  ~Nora Ephron, Heartburn, 1983
Sourced from National Geographic

Picture from National Geographic.

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