Friday, 18 November 2011

Dahlia and her first mini period

Dahlia was born on Friday afternoon and we came back home on Saturday. Yes, only a night stay at the hospital. Alhamdulillah I did not had many complications and hardly feel any pain 'down there'. Kudos to Dr Norleen who 'Frankenstein-ed' me painlessly !! :)

After couple of days of post-check-ups/training given by DEMC (the staff nurses came to the house on Monday and Tuesday of the following week),we were comfortable and felt more confident holding and cleaning Dahlia. Although my husband was a bit sceptically worry he would accidently break a leg or one of those tiny little fingers. But he was doing fine. He helped around alot.

There were 2 nurses who came and checked on us.1 was to check on Dahlia and another was to check on me.Taught us how to hold a baby in a correct manner,showed us how to clean her poo-poo,how to breast-feed,how to bottle-feed,and so many more. And as for my check-up,the nurse was just checking on my stitches if they are still intact.Provided us with extra alcohol-swabs. All was perfect days after except........

Not as much as an adult's menstrual
My daughter had a little bit of bleeding from her vagina when she was about 4-5 days old.This was caused by the withdrawal of the hormones.At least this was what the doctor comforted me with. It was her first and hopefully her last menstrual period for another decade or so. My mom had it,I had it,and now Dahlia had it too. Unless there is foul odor smell from the discharge, which could indicate infection,and profuse bleeding or the bleeding doesn't fade away after a few days,that need medical attention.
This 'mini-period' is due to newborns (especially girl's) genitals have been exposed to various kinds of hormones in the womb that may have made the outside of the vagina ("labia majora" and the "clitoris") a little swollen and prominent.This hormones exposure may also caused a thick, milky discharge in the vagina.
And that was what Dahlia had before we noticed the blood stain on her nappies.

The thick discharge

There are no medicine for this as this is the natural way of how the body of a girl works. Hygienic measure is important. We need to clean our daughter's genitals as clean as possible. Like us adult,we too will feel discomfort if we didn't change our pads/panty liners regularly. For our babies,just spread the labia and gently clean out the creases.DO NOT GO ANY DEEPER.Theres no need for that even for adults okay!Nature will do its cleaning naturally. And do use luke water. You are not making coffee that you need to bree it. Girl's genitals is a very sensitive area.It's tissue is as same as that inside our mouth.

If you are experiencing something similar,not to worry much okay. But, I know,we as parents will always make time on meeting the pediatrics in person just to make sure everything is ok,aight? :)

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