Friday, 9 December 2011

Churp Chup to New Zealand with Air Asia X

As I was browsing through Nuffnang's sister company, Churp Churp, Air Asia X advertisement caught my very attention. This advertisement took me back in the time machine to 2009 where we experienced the cool breeze, drove by the beautiful mountains and lakes and had a wonderful escapade at Queenstown. However,we boarded with Malaysia Airlines not Air Asia X. I want everybody to have the same experiences that we had too. By having said this,thanks to Air Asia X, with the famous slogan "Now everyone can fly",the south island of New Zealand had had an influx of visitors from South East Asia following the night's inaugural AirAsia X flight from Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch. Just to acknowledge inhere,in the six hours following its launch announcement last December, 17,000 seats were sold on the route - a record for any AirAsia X launch.

ANYWAY...back to this cutey little birds ( "Churp Churp" ) I was browsing and reading with my eyes wide open and bla bla bla bla bla bla...I then proceed personalizing the message that I wanted to share. Cracking the most creative and simplest way to shout about it,and when I finally get the sentence out, it was a totally turn off the light ,the moon,the night what ever that was ON pun is turned OFF when the connection here at the office hanged.I could still see that the timer is still spinning non-stop and its like FOREVER!!!

See what I mean

The message I failed to convey:

Being an IT Business Analyst here,does not mean that I can fix everything that is techie related especially when its for personal matter. Its beyond my control that the connection sucks is slow.

Anyway, I hope by writing this entry, I managed to inveigle you readers out there to escape yourselves into  this wonderful world of New Zealand.

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Here are some of my pictures to allure you (there are hundreds of them tapi takkan nak tepek semua sini kan). These were taken during our honeymoon in South Island , NZ, 2009

The Wakatipu Mt

L.O.T.R movie set @ Mata Mata

They were really shorty hobbits

My fav pic

Milford Sound - In one of the scenes in L.O.T.R

Milford Sound

Green everywhere
love the lake

Bungy jump anyone?


Arent those picturesque? Let's list this place in your next place to visit . Oh ya, on overall, as a summary we spent about this much excluding air fares :

Would love to come here again!!!!!

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