Wednesday, 21 December 2011

CPT : Day 2 : Table Mountain

We went to this flat-topped mountain,the prominent landmark overlooking the beautiful easy going city of Cape Town on our Day 2. This gigantic creation is located in the heart of cape Town where it is flanked by the Devil's peak and the Lion's head on each sides. We did not go to the two mountains I mentioned about though.Cukup lah sekadar this one big one...

After many levels of queuing ups...

But alhamdulillah, our line was not that bad..

The very 'sardined' gondola

Cutey pie

The miniature of the Table Mountain...

On the top ...

Such a magnificent view , is it not...

Wide open ;)

The weather was so breezily nice that Dahlia must try to doze off

Could you see the doughnut shaped stadium and Robben Island? ;)

We did not get to walk until the 3rd trail of the mountain. But hey...we've been to Table Mountain!!!Yippie yeay!!
The three main visitor trails (walk) along the top of the mountain are neither long nor strenuous, and they can be combined so that everyone in the family gets to see as much (or as little) as they want. The Dassie Walk promises spectacular views to the north, south and west. This would take 15 minutes walk. While, The Agama Walk will provide visitors with 360° aerial views of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, and last but not least, the Klipspringer Walk that will take hikers along the edge of the plateau to the top of Platteklip Gorge,which is the farthest hence longer walk.45 minutes that is!!Sounds like a lengthy walk kan???

However,these three trails are on level ground and are easy to navigate, while more lengthy options are available for the more adventurous like us (hehehe, not this time around). Carrying an 8 kilogram baby on our shoulders and to have to do mountain walking was not our best attribute. I could not even remember if we really covered the first two trails, but for sure we did not even get close to start on the third one.

Actually the walk was not THAT terribly challenging, its just like another popular family hiking outing spot. Why not ? At the top, you are rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view, that is something that I would do too but not by carrying Dahlia of course! Pancit !

Table Mountain's sight at night from the Signal Hill

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