Wednesday, 21 December 2011

CPT : Day 4 : Cape Point and Boulders Beach

The long drive to Cape Point was totally worthy I would say. The scenery along the coastal road were impressively beautiful but somehow rather the big waves and the widely blue ocean, gave me that uncanny feelings and goosebumps. "MasyaAllah", "Cantiknya","Isn't Allah great,sayang" were the words slipped out at almost everything that we saw through out our stay there in CPT. The beautiful natural scenery...aahh...I feel like going there again! ;)  Our journey started early on that Saturday morning and it took us almost one and a half hours drive to get to this most southeast point of high land that juts out into the deep blue sea. 

The road along the coast..lovely!!!

Signages made easy

The first toll. Mind the senget picture. I was sitting on the other side of the seat.

Simply a beauty, didnt I told you earlier

No overtaking please..unless you are game for a swim ;p

Yeayyyy....we finally arrived there!!!

 Another queuing

Its a must ok to who ever who had made it here to photograph at this landmark because this is the only way walking up the hill. It was sunny and windy and I likey..hehhe..We could have taken the funicular to the top but instead we climbed up amidst the strong wind. Please,Im not going to just waste my money for the less than 2 minutes ride which was rather expensive and plus, I did not flew crossed the seas and just get a view from behind the glasses,did I?

Macam postcard picture kan?

Climbing up to the lighthouse. This Cape Point lighthouse is there on the south tip of False Bay. This is the famous point where the two oceans meet, the Indian Ocean with its warm current and the Atlantic Ocean with its cold northbound current. We were very eager to see the famous white line too but unfortunately we couldn't detect it anywhere over the oceans. Perhaps there would be on a particular dates or phenomenon

It was VERY windy up there.

Papa had to hold on to Dahlia's hat at all time while we were up there :)

On our way back after our windy hiking experience, we stopped by at the Boulders Beach, the home of hundreds of cute but stinky little fat penguins


The entrance and the exit

Sunny day on the beach

Husband : "No shaking hands with the penguins"

Lazy fellows

There were hundreds of them.
Under the trees, between the rocks and some hid themselves under these planks

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