Wednesday, 21 December 2011

CPT : Day 5 : Bokaap + Two Oceans Aquarium

We marked this beautiful Sunday for a visit to the Bokaap a.k.a the Cape Malay. It is an historic and culturally unique area of Cape Town. This traditional residential area where I would call it a muslim community is located at the suburb part slightly along the slopes of Signal Hill. It is here we found cobbled streets with brightly colored houses built from the 19th century. Most of the resident are descended from slaves from Africa,Sri Lanka,India, Indonesia,Malaysia and elsewhere in Asia. They really do look like Malays, but dont expect them to understand our modernized Malaysian's language especially  'Lah' , 'Ntah' and 'Korang'..what more with our Kelantan or Perak or Penang accent .

 After some thinking and many rounds of touring the area, we decided to park our car at this Cape Quarter and from there we walked in the area enjoying the colorful houses.

Brightly colored houses and eventually the cars too.. ;)

Most of the shops were closed. Unlike Malaysia ay...Sunday pun bukak!

One of the colorful houses that I like

I still do love this bright yellow house that I insisted a photo in front of it

Bismiellah Restaurant

 Eventually kedainya tutup pula. Dissapointed, tetapi mungkin ada hikmahnya..wallahualam..The Malays here were delighted to hear that we came from Malaysia. They would start telling us stories about how they came about in Cape Town. It was an instant connection each time,hmmm..macam 'Jejak Kasih' pula,finding your long lost relatives in a far far away land.

Without further due, we walked back to the Cape Quarters hoping to get a descent eatery but unfortunately,  we couldnt find any that fancy us. Most of the cafes serves sandwiches,pasta and western food. Quick easy solution : Waterfront food court it was!

Kalau sudah Melayu, NASI juga yang dicari

I had vegetable falafel from this shop here

Next on the check list was the visit to the 'Two Oceans Aquarium' . 

Alhamdulillah, we were just in time for the shark's lunch time.There were lots of people, kids in particular that enjoyed the show. Why would not they? This was where we could see the divers feeding the sharks...huhuhu..NGAP!

Dahlia was pretty excited to see the fishes

Even happier to meet another buntal like her ;p

Had Nemo's brothers and sisters werent attacked

The gigantic aquarium exhibits the wild deep sea creatures

So there...our visits of the day. Im glad Dahlia had a great time at the aquarium. 
Tunggu besar sikit kita pi Water World in Australia ye Dahlia..InsyaAllah..

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