Wednesday, 21 December 2011

CPT : Day 6 : Greenmarket Square + Hout Bay

Cape Town is renowned for its markets. Greenmarket Square was one of the two popular flea market that we managed to pay a tour.Operating from Monday to Saturday between 09h00 and 16h00, this in the heart of Cape Town's business district flea market is the most busiest place that I'd been so far during our stay in Cape Town. It is named as the ultimate flea market whereby not only it sells handcrafts,but also from clothing,glassware,footwear,musics and many more. Reminded me of our 'Uptown' back in Kota Damansara', Selangor.With all the entertainment in the form of buskers, musician, artists and jugglers was just intensely affecting my mind.Please excuse me. Just not my cup of tea. 
It was too crowded with people and all the offices and cafes perimeterizing the square. 
Maybe due to the panadol that I had taken earlier that morning that I was feeling that way.

Early morning view

Cobbled square covered with these stalls

 His little cheeky girl...

Colorful canvas paintings

We did not stay long there. Nothing fancy me. After all it was already noon and we were planning for a fish and chips lunch. So,off we went to Hout Bay for the famous 'Fish on the Rocks'

Take-out restaurant which is always bustling any time of day

Not bad for fresh fishes

Look at that...her cheeky smile..

 Papa's hake

Mami's prawns

 Dahlia's chip

  Her 'tak-aci-la-Mami' face

Fish on the Rocks
End of Harbour Road
Hout Bay, Cape Town

What a lunch at this windy bay ... As the name states, its really at the end of the harbour road,but it was not that difficult to find this place.This off the main road family restaurant is worth a drive.The place to eat your fish & chips right on the rocks With the relaxed ambiance, great view from the outdoors tables,and reasonably cheap meals, and great fresh fish with a rockin' view of the bay. The tenderly grilled  'Prawns and Chips' was just superb!No wonder many locals and tourists just cant miss this inexpensive take-out restaurant.

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