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CPT : Day 7 : Safari Adventure

We almost miss the shuttle when we were 15 minutes late that morning. It was agreed that the driver would come to pick us up at 7am but as usual,  arghh...I just dont want to think and write about that morning.

The safari that we were heading to is called Aquila Game Reserve. This roughly two hours drive from Cape Town is located within the vicinity of Tous River. Making it the nearest safari from the city center. They are many other safaris but they are just too further away and we did not want to cost it on the traveling

Table Mountain could be seen from the high way far away

Dahlia behaved very well through out the journey. She enjoyed the view of the beautiful vineyards and mountains and of course with the in house entertainment ...Papa.

'Where is the baby?'

 The vineyard that produces fine wine ( macam la tau fine tak fine :p )

We reached at the safari slightly 30 minutes after 09h00 and we were offered with some welcome drinks. We were then ushered to  the restaurant where our buffet breakfast was waiting.

The cozy ambiance where Dahlia had her biscuits all crumbled down to the floor.

  The feature wall covered with animal photos .Classic.

Even this guy here want to inter-frame

And our adventure to spot the African Big 5 began.....

Our first encounter was this hippo but he/she was too shy for a shot. Its big but not a Big 5.

Zebras..not a Big 5

Rows of ostriches. Lagi not a Big 5.

A closer look. The one with the black feathers is a male ostrich.
OMG, look at my baby's arm...hehehe...

Finally ....rhinos...Big 5 - one

I thought that was a buffalo but it was not. Couldn't remember what is it called.
And that baby gazelle of South Africa noted for its tendency to leap high in the air as when startled.

 And more Big 5...the elephant... - two

We then entered that gated area hoping to meet with the lions

Unfortunately our not so canggih camera couldn't zoom till the peak of that rocky stones where there were couple of lions resting under the big rocks taking shades from the hot sun.

So off we continued our bumpy safari ride. We did make a stop to enjoy the view being in the middle of the wide land. Drinks were provided but wasnt sure if they were offering wine. So, apa lagi, more snapping lah.

The huts for the overnight tour. The bumpy ride lasted for almost 1 and a half hour almost 2. Cant really recall the total acre covered. But one thing for sure, it was fun to ride while zebras were running too. And it was an experience to behold two young elephants playing in the swamp. As the driver drove us back to the main hut,ending our tour,he made another attempt to the swamp where the shy mengada-ngada hippos were.

and there!!!three lazy hippos...but still not a Big 5 lah

Lets have a quick check on our findings shall we. The Big 5 : elephant checked, rhino checked.
Left with lion,leopard,and buffalo..
We were then brought to the ARC ( Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Center). Since the animals were locked up, we were allowed to get off the jeep and explore the area.

It really was a sunny noon. The best time to take a nap kan . Lions, Big 5 - three

And leopards - Big 5 - four...we did not get the chance to meet Mr Buffalo though.

But, we had a good bumpy ride,didnt we Dahlia?

After the visit to the ARC, we were invited for the lunch buffet. While Papa was enjoying his lunch, Dahlia and I had a walk around the compound. And snapped few mother-daughter shots with these two other birds..

They were free to wander around the resort

Almost 30 minutes passed 2, the shuttle van arrived to bring us back to Cape Town. Before that, we made a short stop at the ostrich farm. Only after we had arrived in Cape Town that we realized that we didnt even capture the name of the farm..apa lah...anyway, here are some shots from the farm and where I stood on top of the huge hard shell ostrich eggs. We were told, 1 egg is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs. 

57 kg + 8 kg, and still no sound of crack!!

The tamed ostrich trained to be a racer.

Before leaving, we went to the farm's gift shop. Reading on other blogs on how expensive ostrich leather products are, we did not intend to get any. True indeed. They were super duper expensive! The cheapest feather as low as ZAR 10 to the most expensive that could ceiling up to ZAR 5000 or more.

From the farm,we continued our journey back. Since we were familiar with the roads in Cape Town, the driver even asked us for directions to our hotel. He almost get us lost ok.. As we jumped off the van in front of our hotel, I asked the driver "You do know your way out,right?" ...we laughed and he replied..."You bet"

The safari adventure was worth the money. For ZAR 2000 per person, we thought , where else can we get this adventure? After all, "African Safari Adventure" checked

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