Wednesday, 21 December 2011

CPT : Day 8 : Bryani at Bo-Kaap

Biesmiellah : Cape Malay favourite in Bo Kaap. Yeah...remember this place I was talking about in my previous entry? Before leaving Cape Town, we just have to give this place a try. On that fine Wednesday morning, we ventured into Bo-Kaap again, this time not on foot. As we had light dinner planned later on that day, we had quite a meal offered at Biesmiellah Restaurant.
A number of places offer Cape Malay fare,but none is quite authentic as Biesmiellah. Run by two generations of Osman family in the historic Malay quarter of Bo-Kaap, Biesmiellah has been serving halaal cuisines to the locals of Cape Muslim community and,increasingly, tourists for about two decades now.

The menu card

From the outside, this restaurant looked so horribly was shrouded with one-way black glass. However, as you enter into the restaurant, the natural light brighten up the area.

My gosh Dahlia...whats with that face?

Delicious main courses lined the menu.

Papa had Mutton Breyani while Mami ordered Bobotie. Apa ke nama menu Bobotie ni? Basically it tasted like nasi bryani nipis ( eh ada eh brayni nipis? ada la kan..kopi nipis ada) ..cooked with baked mince with sweet raisins, spiced with cloves and curry powder, topped with savory custard. With sidelines of sweet and sour beetroot and very ordinary salad made marginally less ordinary by the addition of pineapple. Oh and yes, the turmeric yellow oily atchar was good. On papa's mutton bryani? Hmm..tyipcal lah..but we were full and enjoyed the food we had on the table.

Dahlia was so 'full' that she immediately slept right after entering the car. We then spent the day buying souvenirs and wandering about at the Waterfront. Nurul Islam Mosque. This mosque has been there since 1844 where the structure could hold only 1510 worship then. Now, after it was renovated in 2001, it can now hold up to 700 worshipers.

700 worships at a time..

Wharf Mall main entrance at the V&A Waterfront.

A cool hang out place where you can enjoy some interesting show,rugby game etc

The cute hut selling ice cream and hotdog. Dont be fooled by its small compact area, besides having the hotdogs cooked and ice cream fridges in there, they sells many other snacks too. Canned drinks and lollipops.
But each time we passed by this hut, I will still get this fine nutty vanilla ice cream

Statues of the former Presidents of South Africa and a red Lego man ;)

The harbour view

Since we have had a plateful of rice for lunch, we opt for a more light dinner. A set of Nando's to take out.

How nice if Malaysia's Nando too have a waiting area like this.

And our South Africa adventure ended with a beautiful serene view of Cape Town from 
up there on Signal Hill.

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