Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dahlia had some thosai today

I was pretty excited with our plan yesterday with Dahlia.In the view of the fact that Dahlia is now more demanding for attention to play with her and has gotten more lasak-er,oh ya,despites of her proficient from crawling backwards and forward, to now cruising,we decided its already time for her to socialize and play interactively with other children her age and that she needs to be explored to new territories ,and as an activity to encourage or would I say provoke,her capabilities. Thus, we've started to look at several nearby playschools where such activities are not facilitated from her current daycare nursery.

Could you recall from my previous entry about sending Dahlia to a playschool? Gymboree is one of out options.Well,yesterday we tried out the free play session at Gymboree @ Tropicana City Mall.Both husband and I liked the atmosphere. It was spaciously colorful.Jesicca, the administrator was very helpful explaining and answering to our long list of queries and questions and  all of the facilitator's warm demeanor were commendable. Dahlia adjusted her self comfortably during the whole session. *I was a bit worry that she would be thwarted and i-want-mami tantrum yesterday,but Alhamdulillah she bahaved well :) *

So,by 2PM,in we were in the 'playground'. It started with an opening song and some simple warm up exercise for mommies-and-babies. The 45 minutes session yesterday was filled up with fun activities.The kids were made to climb the slide, slide across on a  wooden plank, sit on a rocking soft padded boat to contour body stabilization, sits on a 'merry-go-round' (i dont know what its called) and the parachute game are to name a few..Mami was out of breath!!!hehehe..after the so long overdue exercise  I presume ;p . Anyway,Dahlia seems to have enjoyed the class. She participated in all the activities and was credited  for her achievement. Alhamdulillah.Tapi, just before we stepped out of the class, she was already a sleepy baby. Kepenatan main + kepoh + nanyi bagai, even while I was telling her that Im planning to send her for swimming classes when she is older,she just looked blankly at me with mulut ternganga and eventually terus tertido.

Here are some pictures of our day out yesterday :)

Pekena thosai dulu

-My two darlings-
Ended the day with Nando's

On overall,we were satisfied with what Gymboree has to offer.It was exactly what  we were looking for. For a cost of RM1980 per year for a 54 of 45 minutes lessons, we did not hesitate that long.But still, we are still in the search of other places too.

Monday - Friday = nursery, Saturday/Sunday = PlayGym.Too much for Dahlia?I don't feel so. After all, this is her playtime before she starts her kindergarten

Oh yes,back to Gymboree,as for my personal point of view, I prefer the class to be in a small group like yesterday. Up to 3-5 kids per session is enough. At least at this age / level. And I was told that the quantity of children increases vs the level too.For Level 3, they have around 4-7 kids.To me,this is alright.Coz,I think, the more friends Dahlia mingles around with,the more she know how to behave , to share toys, to stand up on her own, to make friends. InsyaAllah.

For whom are planning for your kids at Gymboree,Here are the offer given from Gymboree Tropicana City Mall. There are many packages offered,but Package A is the most suitable for Dahlia now.
(The cheapest multiple package). Overall total of : RM2200 senang cerita.

Annual Family Membership                           : RM180 / family

Multiple Program Package A                        :  RM1980 / 48 weeks
Entitles :
* 24 Play + 12 Music + 12 GymArt or Yoga/Sports Due to Dahlia's age, GymArt is not suitable yet for a toddler below 18 months, so this is replaced with 12 additional classes to choose. Total of : 48 classes
* FREE membership upon renewal
* FREE 10 PlayGym vouchers. These PlayGym are open to public too. Members Price : RM15.00 / hour, Non-member : RM20.00 / hour. You can claim these vouchers at any Gymboree Malaysia 
* FREE 6 additional classes ( Excluding ART) <--- remember at point 1,Dahlia has 48 classes, now adding up with this, TOTAL OF 54 classes within a year ( main la puas - puas Dahlia, dulu zaman Mami takde kelas kelas ni,duk main kejar2 anak ayam je kat reban)
* FREE Gymboree T-shirt
* RM150 off Birthday at Gymboree. Birthday package includes: Gymboree Play Area,activites,decorations. F&B sendirian berhad. Member price RM400,Non-Member RM600
* 2 FREE classes worldwide
* Special discount on merchandise and promotions.

Isn't these a full plate of benefits? So parents, lets Gymboree-ing!!!!!
As for me, Gymboree is in the list,but I have other places to test out too.

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