Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dahlia is a healthy Enfalac A+ baby

Long before I knew I was pregnant, I was sure of one thing: that I would  be breastfeeding. 
Although Im sure,many of us mommies yang menangis over kesusahan/kesakitan and all the struggles with breastfeeding. Plugged milk ducts lah, engorgement lah,nipples so thrashed and bloody that they looked like raw hamburger lah,or babies who couldn't latch on lah and all other painful stories...

Ultimately for me,i cried over my poor milk supply which resorted me to go for formula milk saje....But to some mommies, those who'd had no problems nursing, kept insisting that kita kena try harder. There are some pula who call formula-feeding ni "stupid," "selfish," and "lazy", some even call formula as "junk food" and dismiss women who bottle-feed as "the nanny crowd." 
Mind you, but butch up . Didn't we all want what was best for our babies?

It is a well known statement that breastfeeding continues to offer health benefits into and after toddler hood whereby benefits include:
1-  decreased likelihood of contracting middle ear infections, cold, and flu bugs,
2 - lowered risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS),
3 - increased intelligence,
4 - a tiny decrease in the risk of childhood leukemia, 
5 -  lower risk of childhood onset diabetes,
6 - decreased risk of asthma and eczema, 
7 - decreased dental problems,
8 - decreased risk of obesity later in life, 
9- decreased risk of developing psychological disorders. 

And.. the top most common reasons mommies pursues in breastfeeding are for  : 

"Your baby will be smarter" and "You will lose weight faster." 

No doubt, memang betul ...But unfortunately, some memang tak boleh nak extract the susu how??!?! nak perah sampai lebam2,melecet-lecet pula ke breast nih???

It crushed my heart that I had to start Dahlia with formula when she was about 4 months old. I just couldn't supply enough milk. Tak kira ubat dah, and with so many supplements - Malay herbs,Chinese herbs and home-made Jamu that I had tried consuming,still couldn't suffice. 

Not to mention on the aid that is now "the-keep-it-in-the-store-je-lah" electrical Medela Swing that I bought (mmg tak berkesan juga), the ice packs,the milk storage plastics that I had bought in dozens..konon ingat susu banyak sangat...

but hmmmmm....

I'm one of the unfortunate one . Sedih . Tapi I redha, and Im so thankful anak I dapat kenyang juga with susu formula. Elok je aku tengok growth dia..alhamdulillah..

Reason :
Reading on articles,there are many reasons a mother may not produce enough breast milk. Some of the most common are an improper latch (i.e. the baby does not connect efficiently with the nipple), not nursing or pumping enough to meet supply, certain medications (including estrogen-containing hormonal contraceptives), illness, and dehydration. But Im 100% confident my poor supply was not due to the Sheehan's syndrome (minta dijauhkan dari penyakit ni.Amin).

Knowing this fact (yang I tak banyak susu),I made a vow to myself to provide her with the best just so she can thrive as steadily and healthily like other breastfed babies, Dahlia's main source of nutrition ever since has been the Enfalac A+. 

We started with the free sample given from DEMC and we are sticking to it until the very day.
Alhamdullilah no allergies nor hard stool so far. She is a healthy happy baby ,yes she is :)

In fact,I find Dahlia prefers Enfalac A+ better than Anmum (we tried her with the free sample of Anmum earlier). Perhaps to its less sweeten taste. Although Im not a milk-o-holic, but I find Enfalac's texture is much more smoother and less oily compared to Anmum. 

To top it up, Enfalac A+ contains all the essential things ;
(1) Triple ProGard, 
(2) two essential fatty acids that contains in breast milk - DHA & ARA, 
(3) Dwi-serat, and 
(4)  Zinc & Vitamin A,that Dahlia need for her growth.

*nak faham sangat theses terms pun tak berapa nak faham, as long as anak I sihat kenyang, membesar Im a happy mother

But of course, DEMC is not going to keep giving out free samples for life especially on milk. Enfalac for example, is residing on the quite costly group of formula compared to other formula brands.

Little Not So Secret Note : We usually stock up from Speedmart99 where that's the only store we could find, selling Enfalac A+ at a much cheaper price. RM61.90 per 650 gm.

But again,dont be too fussy on the pricing ya mommies, bare this in mind, good quality promises adequate levels of nutrients that helps to improve body's resistance and support the well being of the respiratory and the digestive system of your child.

To wrap this up,let's acknowledge that bottle-feeding mommies like me need encouragement too. Cruelty helps no one — not babies, not mommies.

Be positive, as per succinct by a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine says, "Formula is closer to breast milk now than it used to be"

and this is my quote..."and it doesn't stop my baby to bond happily with her mami"

My happy cheeky flower


bellabelon said...

Hi Lela, I came across ur blog when i search for Enfalac. I just has breast abscess surgery n the doc had to dry my milk in order for me to heal. I was sad at first cuz I cannot bf anymore, but reading this made me relief n happy :) what most important is for mummy n baby to be happy. Thanks for making my day :)

Lela Nasir said...

dear bella, Yup!!dont bother what ppl say about us not able to bf..each person in this world is unique..make the best of it or out of it :)

hugs2 happy mommies out there!!

bellabelon said...

Hugs :) and 99speedmart still sells the cheapest enfalac!

wafa azman said...


mula2 stress jg dgn mak2 full bf..
memang kite je yg faham ape yg kite dh korbankan sebelum decide nk bagi baby formula milk..
my doughter pn minum enfalac A+ ;))