Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dahlia's way of saying 'Tak Nak'

In conjunction with the initiatives from the Ministry of Health to bring into senses for smokers out there about the downside of SMOKING, with such television adverts,notice boards (where some with gruesome organ pictures)along the highways,those extremely unpleasant pictures on the cigarette packaging,and not enough with that, with many workshops held throughout the years,they are TOO, and AGAIN organizing a 'TAK NAK'  campaign this year around. Well, Im neither going to brag more on the negative side effects and its definitions and whats not, what more to talk about it scientifically. I bet you've seen and heard stories about it.After all, if you can read this, meaning to say you are mature enough to crimp your thoughts towards the word 'SMOKING CIGARETTE' it self ..just to ring the bell in your head,does SMOKING bring any good to our environment and to our children?  What does that portrays you as? You forbids your kids to smoke but yet you are a smoker yourself? Can you afford the hospital fees when things get worst? Or are you planning for an entry to 'TV3' or 'Bersamamu' to gain sympathy and donations from us the passive smokers? never think that far did you?
Yaa..please take a while to think beyond....

*mind me of being TER-EMO*

~long sigh~

Enough with the EMO.What Im about to write in here is about 'TAK NAK' too but not to SMOKING. Lets have a more relaxing entry ya...Its going to be about our little baby girl and her 'Tak Nak's.

*Ok. EMO mood is slowly subsiding*

This cheeky daughter of ours is now even more cheekier.. her new 'ragam' of saying 'Tak Nak' in many faces caught us each time.Ohhh  I cant wait for more of her 'Tak Nak's .Wonder what and how will she express it. 

Here are some of her recent images that I managed to capture.

Screen Test 1 : One of her cheeky way of 'Tak Nak' susu and 'Ok-lah-Dahlia-minum-sikit' face

Screen Test 2 : Her ''TAK NAK' take any more photos' face


 Screen Test 3 : Oh and this one..Im not sure if she really TAK NAK to take the shot or she was just being cheekily naughty.

Our little cheeky Dahlia and her cheeky smiles. 
She makes our life a  "Gaya Hidup Sihat"  life.

Say 'Tak Nak' to cigarette because smoking kills.
You better Say 'Yes' to smile for the camera for this photo contest by Nuffnang and who knows ..
you might get duit free!!!!



deqnoor said...

hi lela... dahlia is really cute & i am surprise u hav her coz i though u single mingle like me on my 1st sight of u. good luck for TAKNAK contest! nice knowing u dear... ^_^

lela nasir said...

deqnoor: hehe thank you.taking that as a compliment..nice knowing u too!we shall catch up again next time okies. ;) *crazily kekenyangan smlm*

madammondoq said...

hye dear.. nice meet u semalam. ;)

lela nasir said...

madammondoq : yup yup ..vice versa!! :)