Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Day Trip To Singapore Sept 2011

My trip to Singapore with my mom was a very last minute plan and a very short one.infact, we even requested to take an earlier flight since 'barang' yang diidam sudah dapat... Umi called me on Tuesday asking if I would like to join her to Singapore for shopping..So,there goes my RM100 for my return flight ticket purchased on Wednesday,and off we flew on the next day.. :) . Yes seratus sahaja..50 bucks for the seat the rest was  the airport tax dan etc..Jangan la jeles,privilege untuk hasil titik peluh suami saya yang kerja di airlines tu.

So I took EL from work ..emergency sangat :p ...Singapore sahaja pun..but wait..listen out..

Since both of us were longing for the KitchenAid mixer,  walah!!!TANGS Singapore held a 1 day member sale on 1st of Sept 2011. Exclusively for TANGS Singapore members only. 

View from the road by the Changi Airport @ 9am

But we are Malaysians.How did we managed to passed through the guards at the mall entrance?Well,lets just say we are on our way to become a Hollywood stars..hehheh..nayyy..We have a Singaporean friend with TANGS Singapore membership card lah...

So,early morning we departed from KLIA and arrived at Changi Airport around 9AM ..and yes,it was on Thursday, working day,people getting hitched off to work while these two Malaysians here made their ways to TANGS.

TANGS doors werent open yet,but the queue literally has started since the dawn even started to shine. It was a very big day. It was a crazy sale. Up to 90% off if I could remember. The shoppers included us,waited eagerly at the doors and as the doors open,like the flocks of sheeps we rushed in  and you could imagine how crowded it was in each department especially the kitchen department. These sales items were as-is items and most of the stocks were limited.It was sardine packed I tell you.If it wasnt for the so much cut cut cut down price, I wouldnt want to go here either..We didnt shop for much,macam mana la nak hangkut segala TV Kipas Fridge bagai kan..,We went there for 1 and only 1 purpose only. To get this..Initially I wanted to take the chilli red color, but looking at the grey rough surface and really-old-fashioned look alike mixer, I changed my mind.
The selection...rambang mata!!!!

There were multiple choices of mixer types. For beginners,and intermediate and there are also for professional use. The price of course is following up the graph as the purpose extends. *I sudah macam mau gila looking at these. Macam la terer sangat baking* . I bought mine at a price of RM1500+ agaknya...

An advantage for Singaporeans or who ever that resides in Singapore, KitchenAid Singapore branch organizes cooking classes for free or at a discounted price each month for its customers. dont have to bring along your heavy mixer to the classes each time. All you need to do is just register online once you have the invoice number. *I forgot to do this though,thinking alah...jauh la nak pergi kelas memasak
Mine mine mine
After the loooong queue,we finally purchased our goods, and refueled our energy back by having lunch at the mall nearby. Again, I forgot the name of the building. We had nasi campur. Quite a costly eatery place there I would say. Takashimaya was our next short visit. Spent a few hours there and it was already time for us to head back to the airport hoping to get an earlier flight. 10 hours of walking up,walking down,and walking up again from floors to floors and to one mall to another mall. We were exhausted!!!!

Ms Lai Yue & Umi (they went to Assunta High School together)
The bubbly Ms Lai Yue ;p

At Changi Airport on our way home to KLIA @ 7pm

We had a good girls day out!!!!!I love you Umi!

Singapore to me has so much more to offer. Its same climate with Malaysia makes it easier for me to bring Dahlia along kan. I dont have to worry about she getting sick of the too cold or too humid weather. Few main attractions that I would like to passport in are the The Underwater World ,The Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari, the most famous Universal Studio to name afew. Hmmm...So much things to see yet so little time to cost. InsyaAllah one day ok Dahlia. Perhaps on any of the weekends next year around. 

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