Wednesday, 21 December 2011

South Africa - Oct 2011

Geesh..have you heard on the recent MAS announcement? Its about them revoking some of their routes.Aside of its plan to in line with MAS' focus on thriving to the what they called it 'hub-and-spoke' approach with KLIA as its premier hub of its global network, this was commented to stem its losses anticipated in 2011 and as a rationalization exercise as part of its business plan. Well, what ever your plans and public/discrete intentions are pun, I wish all the best for Malaysia Airlines and to all its associates. And I hope Malaysia Airlines sternly remain its title as the national carrier lah.

Anyway, the withdrawal routes from the following loss-making routes are:
·         Effective  7 January 2012: Daily Langkawi – Penang – Singapore vv B737 route  
·         Effective 12 January 2012: Twice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Karachi – Dubai vv A330 route  
·         Effective 13 January 2012: Twice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Damman vv A330 route   
·         Effective 30 January 2012: Daily flights Kuala Lumpur – Surabaya vv B737 route
·         Effective 31 January 2012: Thrice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Johannesburg vv B777 route
·         Effective 1 February 2012: Twice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Cape Town– Buenos Aires vv B747 route
·         Effective  2 February 2012: Thrice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Rome vv B777 route

A reality that we 'travelers' have to subdue.."few minutes of silence* (sakit perut,sambung later). I was flabbergasted when my husband came home telling me this rumors. And a few days after, he emailed me with this news.Arrhhh...berkecai luruh hati ini..further more,Rome is in the list!!And Rome is one of the places I aimed for 2012 trips. Now I have to re-visit all the plannings again.

Hmm..lets get a grief of that no more flying to Rome nor Cape Town with MH again...its not like we are never going to get there anyhow. There are many other airlines that are almost as equivalent standard service as MH..Emirates,Qatar.Ethihad..and who knows,maybe just maybe AA too.Speaking of MH and all these other airlines, lets just sway away to the adventure we had in ZA recently shall we..

We were fortunate that we had our ZA trip last Oct 2011 with MH. Landed at OR Tambo International Airport, Cape Town on early Wednesday morning. Felt a little groggy after the 12 hours flight. Our body hadn't adjust to the new time zone yet. As soon as we cleared the customs, checked out our luggage and collected our rented Avis car, we headed straight to the highway finding our way to the Bickley Terrace and our adventure started there after. Im not so much of a narrator kind of person, so bear with me on the very simple dimple itenerary ok.

5th Oct 2011 - Day 1: Easy day. We purposely freed out this day for our get-to-know day. We familiarized ourselves around the city and at the Waterfront it self. Ventured around the hotel area until the coastal residential area nearby.
6th Oct 2011 - Day 2:   Table Mountain
7th Oct 2011 - Day 3:   Robben Island
8th Oct 2011 - Day 4:   Cape Point & Boulders Beach
9th Oct 2011 - Day 5:   Bo-kaap & Two Oceans Aquarium
10th Oct 2011 - Day 6: Greenmarket Square & Hout Bay
11th Oct 2011 - Day 7: Safari Adventure
12th Oct 2011 - Day 8: Bryani at Biesmiellah
13th Oct 2011 - Day 9: Departure date. Nothing much on this, we checked out early morning, returned the car and waited at the airport for out flight home.

My favorite photo :) 
Summary and some learning points : 

#1.Is a very nice country to visit.
#2.Easy whereabout.We rented a car for about R100/day,but fuel price is rather expensive.About RM5/liter
#3.Halaal food is almost everywhere.Nandos,KFC and most of their fast food restaurants.
#4.It was a 12 hours long flight KUL CPT on MH.
#5.Six hours behind from MY time.That gave us a jet lag,yes.Oh,and they are using US plug type.So,do bring ur adapter.
#6. Main attraction places are online reservation friendly. Highly advisable to avoid long queue.
#7. Souvenirs are quite pricey to me.If money is no object to you, splurge on ostrich skin products(2nd strongest after the crocodile skin).A small handbag can cost about RM5000.Did I get one?NO NO NO.
#8.Some picturesque places such as Table mountain n the Cape Point are a must go!!
#9.Locals were very warm and friendly.They will even invite you to their home for dinner or even stay!
#10.VAT are claimable days before departure date.Just keep all your receipts.
#11.Passport is required to do currency exchange.There's one in waterfront that opens daily from 9am-7pm if im not mistaken.
#12.Going to safari is quite expensive since there’s no safari in Cape Town itself, the nearest one is about 2 hours drive away. We went with Aquila Game Reserve for a day trip safari, which cost ZAR 1,950 (RM 975) per person inclusive of hotel transfer, breakfast and lunch. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!
#13. Its impossible for you to get lost in Cape Town. But if you do, all you need to do is , get to the Waterfront, and you'll get to your way.
#14. In total,excluding airfare,we spent less than RM10K for our 9 days adventure. Since Im very kedekut particular about our cash flow, on every trips, I would have my excel calculation table to manage our budget allocation.

Why wait any longer,plan your trip to Cape Town!! :)

Note: Many had asked me where did I got my stripey syria cotton scarves from..well..I bought most of my collection from my beautiful bubbly friend, Safura.You many google or FB her at Safuralifestyle ... ;) . She do have her booths open on every weekends at The Curve...Do check her stall out..Ada macam-macam, you'll go crazy!!! 


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