Friday, 30 December 2011

Twenty 12 and better...

Wow....we are almost done with 2011...and I can see from my Facebook wall,many are sharing on their celebration plans,some still planning,some already had their new year countdown planned and so forth. As for me, hmmm...maybe a visit to The Curve or to the Empire during the weekends would suffice since my husband will be working through out the holidays (again). 

I saw this on some article this morning :
"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in,
A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves."-Bill Vaughan

Hmm..which one am I? A little bit of both I guess. Im sure going to miss the history Im about to leave. The day I first held Dahlia in my arms, the days when I was fat,the sleepless nights,the days we had family outings,the days me and my husband had cold wars,.. But hey, dont look back to the past kan...all the ups and downs will remain in our mind as learning experiences and checkpoints.

With only few days left as we usher in the New Year,we are all going to be bombarded with lists of things to do and not to do kan..And most of them pun will contain the same tired rhetoric new year resolutions.

I have my own list of resolutions too.For the past 1 year,I could see my self struggling with the family balance especially since Dahlia came into our life. Im combating with time to be precise. Sad but this is the truth. Taking another role bears a heavier load on your shoulders. Take me for an instance. Being a wife to Helmi; no issue, after all he married me for who I am and what ever I do pun kan,being a daughter-in-law , hmmm..very hard indeed especially when you are expected to be a totally opposite kind of person from who you really are, and thirdly, being a mother; this is totally blissful despite all the tiredness.  

Work vs family. Did I worked too hard for my career?Hmmm. I did get the recognitions for my diligent work though.Twice, this year alone.Alhamdulillah.But,come to think of my constriction,was it because am I living into the myth that success in the workplace will create happiness at home?!?!?!Hope tak lah.Tapi I doa banyak-banyak to be a better wife,mother,daughter to both my parents and my inlaws.That is my second aim for next year.Mana yang fisrt?

Point # 1 - Semoga diberi kesihatan dan umur yang panjang supaya boleh menjaga diri dan keluarga

For the rest of the points in my list I know would be similar with yours, vacation and places to go la, things to buy la, things to do not going to list them all in here, but I just have to write these 2 since these are totally new in my life.
Point #n -  Dahlia's bedroom+bathroom make over 
Point #n+1 - One local/international family vacation with my girls, Soraya, Iman and Amirah

kalau plus 1 lagi...
Point #n+2 -  Rajin sikit beli paperless gold for invenstment

"Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to...hehehe ...Happy New Year my dear readers, wishing you a great year ahead."

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