Thursday, 29 December 2011

Year End Parent Teachers Association meeting

Most educational centers , schools are renowned for its PTA(PIBG). Parent-Teacher Association or Persatuan IbuBapa dan Guru, a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff to facilitate parental participation in the center. And usually, meetings are held out.Well, same goes to Dahlia's nursery too.The year end PTA meeting. We arrived at the nursery as per stated in the invitation letter, and while waiting for the meeting to commence, as normal lah, parents duduk diam-diam not talking to each other. Hmm..but me being not normal as usual, memang suara mak je la yang kedengaran chit chatting with my neighbor. Itu pun laki dia duk menyampuk. Dan dan itu la nak tanya bini macam mana nak guna handphone bagai.

While other parents pulak, sibuk menjaga anak masing-masing..Mak Dahlia saje yang tak jaga anak sendiri sebab anak sudah melilau pergi ke mak orang lain. Gatai punya anak. If you could spot Dahlia, memang marveles!!! (nuuuuun at the farthest lady nun)

See what I mean? Duduk diam-diam je. Masing-masing penat kot,balik rumah from work,mandi ala kadar, pi meeting pulak. Anyway, the meeting started off with Maam Besau's opening speech thanking participants for the initiative and support given. Her friendly approach and warm greetings was commendable.She introduced herself and her staffs with each education and qualifications background. And she made an announcement congratulating one of her staff who had passed the something related to penjagaan kanak-kanak exam recently. Again lah, mak Dahlia sorang je yang tepuk tangan..

So what were discussed?

1. Rekod Kemajuan Kanak-Kanak
2. Re-structure of the teaching program
3. Parents awareness on child's health
4. Last but not least, Fees.

In Taska Umi Setia Kasih Puncak Alam, there are currently 5 + 1 teachers rationing to  25 kids. Their roasters alternates each week to care for those under the age of 2 and those under the age of 6. A good point here is that, your kids will not be intimidated with new faces and besides, kalau seorang teacher sakit, the rest can back her up. Here at Taska Umi Setia Kasih,each activities of our kid is being recorded. Such as, choices of food  Dahlia prefers, what type of toys she like and dislike the most , her sleeping pattern, behaviors, interactions, and so many more are being recorded and itu lah jadinya ada report card like this:

Complimenting too on its reputation, nursery Umi Setia Kasih Puncak Alam is now receiving higher demands from the parents.More and more parents are requesting for an enrollment.Not only that, some parents even requested to just transit their kids here. Hmmm..on this one, I was a bit skeptical lah and I agree with Maam Besau when she said she prefers kids aged 4 years and below. Simple example, kids who are capable and fluent in bahasa may 'teach' this youngsters with unwanted words such as 'B.O.D.O.H' or 'S.T.U.P.I.D' and children being a fast learner will sure process these input not knowing anything.
With these kind of demands and request, they are planning to get more teachers on board.InsyaAllah, teachers with 'Tadika' qualification to teach these little kids with the fundamental preparation for primary school will be in early next year. I just hope they will work this mixture of ages somehow.

During the speech, this boy leisurely golek gelantang 'performing' his 'break dance'. What I like most about this nursery is, they always at all time, keep this place tidy and clean. You could see the shined floors.
Tak melekit unlike some other nurseries or kindies.

Little did I know too that this nursery provide medical checkups for their kids. Maam Besau told us that since last October 2011, the doctor from a nearby clinic does his routine monthly basic check ups and Alhamdulillah, none were detected with critical illnesses. One case shared was, there was this one kid whos skin were spotted with reddish kind of rashes and was informed by the parents that it was eczema , and as known to all,eczema is just another common skin problem that causes skin to become red,itchy,and sometimes develop small,fluid-filled bumps that become moist and ooze.  And it is not contagious like a cold.

Photos of babies with eczema

 But then after several check-ups and recommendations given from the doctor, the parents took him to the skin specialist and was confirmed it was an infection instead.Which IS CONTAGIOUS.
What a relief to know about the quarantine period that the boy had had.

 Alhamdulillah my cheeky lasak Dahlia is free from any skin problems. I snapped this picture to make her sit still but see lah that small chubby hands of hers, nak capai saje kan. This is my Dahlia yang tepuk tangan pagi tadi when I told her that Im going to bring her along to this PTA and listen to what her teachers have to say or report about  her. *tepuk tangan sambil sengih-sengih pulak tuh*

The meeting lasted about an hour je..mak mak and ayah ayah were all tired and sleepy. Oh ya, I almost forget to talk about the Yuran. Yes, for Dahlia's age, I paid RM280 monthly. I dont consider this as expensive nor cheap but hey, Im thankful that there are decent qualified ladies willing to keep an eye on my Dahlia. Price was never an issue as long as jangan la sampai beribu-ribuan.
Petite teacher Ita holding chubby cheeky Dahlia.

Dismissing ourselves. And Dahlia is still not with Mami.

Conclusion : Helmi and I were both quite impressed with this nursery after all. 
Good job Taska Umi Setia Kasih!!!!
And thank you to teacher Linda,Yun,Ita,Dayah,Farah and maam besau sebab jagakan anak kita ;)

Taska Umi Setia Kasih has many branches all over the Klang valley. 
All are registered under the 'Department of Social Welfare' .

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