Monday, 12 November 2012

Dahlia's Day Out with AD !!!

I was so happy when Papa told us he will not be working on last Sunday...wehuuu!!!!It was another family outing for both me and Dahlia indeed!!yeay!!!!! So on that early Sunday morning, Dahlia woke us up at 7+ AM and off we get ourselves ready for the road!!! I hope these pictures speaks it all!! :) *malas to think of the wordings ;p

Pit stop for Nasi Lemak Kukus + Nasi Ayam + Kuey Teow Aunty Gemuk FAM...

 Then straight we went to Empire, Subang. And the fun begun...



After about an hour in there, we then headed to Toys R Us before we stuffed ourselves at Serai,Empire...

And we headed home and live happily ever after....insyaAllah :)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Today marks 4 years

my dear husband, I took a little of time off this morning to write this letter...I would like to express it in here so that you are able to read it when ever and where ever you are...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Istanbul,Turkey - Sept 2012

Our Istanbul trip recently was the most tiring trip Ive ever experienced. I guess its true when the folks says "traveling with kids will trigger your temper even more"..~sigh~ But having had it with my family,any trip will always turn out to be a pleasant one no matter how (accustomed to it agaknya. Or telan je segala yang hati ni rasa) . Anyway,about Turkey, I dont mind visiting Turkey again in the future. Istanbul city is full of historical stories that mainly have connections to Islam. I was drifted away with the overwhelming stories about Istanbul with all the landmarks and monuments,it sometimes gave me the spooks though. I have to admit, my knowledge on histories of Islam aren't at a satisfactory level at all. Its just like.. I only know on the headlines tapi to answer your q's about the detail of each myself pun have to open the encyclopedia and am still learning...or for my fast reference,my husband :)

15th Sept 2012 - Day 1 - Arrival at the airport about 6am TR time, Topkapi Palace
16th Sept 2012 - Day 2 - The Blue Mosque,Byzantine Hippodrome,Basilica Cistern,Hagia Sophia,    Dolmahbache Palace,Taksim, Spice Market
17th Sept 2012 - Day 3 - Miniartuk, Pierre Lotti, Spice Market (again)
18th Sept 2012 - Day 4 - Grand Bazaar, Bosphorus cruise
19th Sept 2012 - Day 5 - Flight back

*will post the daily info soon.( bila la agaknya ni ). But these are the main must-see places if you ever visit here..

 My fav photo from the trip :)

Summary and some learning points : 

1. Traveling around Istanbul via metro, tram, funicular,bus is very convenient. They have similar to our 'touch-n-go' card called 'istanbulkart' that you can use to almost every transportation (even fees for the gondola) . You have to purchase the 'istanbulkart' over the counters near the metro stations and get it topped-up at a machine called 'biletmatik'.Using this card is much more easier/safer rather than 'token' (per entry payment). We bought 1 card for the use of us both.

2. Riding the buses were also very easy.There is an electronic board (on the bus itself) that will show you the list of stops the bus rides to in sequence. How easy is that!! With that we had no trouble at all getting to Miniaturk and to Eyub!

3. Do lodge at Sultanahmet (old city) where major attractions are within walking distance. Our budget Burckin Suites is just 5 minutes walk to the Blue Mosque (Hagia Sofia is just next to it,and so is the Basilica Cistern,and so is Topkapi Palace). *Do bring along your traveling power adapter.

4. Topkapi Palace visit is a must. You wont regret it.Entrance: TL25 / person. Go there early as the queue can be very long by 930am. Since we are travelling with infants,we got the privillege to go to the fast lane. *terasa sayu seeing the exhibits. mangkuk minum nabi muhammad saw, pedang2 para sahabat nabi saw and many other stuff that if there were not so many people on that day, maybe I would hv tumbled into tears.

5. Do take a cruise and cross the straits to the Asian side (Uskudar).Witness those handful of old fine-art buildings,forts,mosques straddling along one of the world's busiest waterways,Bosphorus.

6. The locals were quite friendly..It was the Arabians that on my personal view,that have zero manners.They can simply cut the queue and make that blur-innocent faces.But being me,I rebuked on their actions.Sila ada hormat  and timbang rasa sikit okay!

7. Communication could be a barrier as their English command can be quite limited (more to 'irritating' to be sangat honest). We found not many locals/tourists that can converse properly to the extend when I asked where is the ablution section for women pun they were not able to understand..memang kesabaran)

8. Do go to the Spice Market instead of the Grand Bazaar. The same items can reach up to tripple the price compared to the same items sold at the Spice Market.Trust me,you'll go crazier at the Spice Market.(Eminonu). And a little advice here. Dont worry on excess baggage or etc, just buy what ever you desires..

9. Dont worry about halaal food. You can enjoy arrays of Turkish delicacy there without any doubt. However, prices in Sultanahmet is a little bit more expensive than from those restaurants in Eminonu or Sirkeci. Beside their famous kebabs and fish sandwich,do try their variety types of sweet nutty baklava, their famous turkish delights,simit, and gosh!!their freshly squeezed orange juice ( I should have try their pomegranate juice too!!!). So makan was easy.Anyhow,I brought along my traveling cooker with me to cook some white rice ;) Tekak melayu kan katanya.. Its so convenient especially when you are traveling with kids.

10. Turkey to me have a lot more to offer other than Hagia Sofia,The Blue Mosque,Basilica Cistern etc...InsyaAllah, for our next Turkey trip, we would love to visit Cappadocia ,Troy,Ephesus that holds great ancient stories. InsyaAllah  ;)

11. Dont get yourselves cheated with the on-the-streets sellers.They claimed cheap perfumes lah,cheap socks lah,cheap umbrella lah..just dont get it from them.You might end up paying even more than the actual cost/quality.

12. I wont say it is safe to wonder about alone (for ladies) in Istanbul. But if I were to travel there alone, I will not mind at all..After all,its a beautiful place.Furthermore, you can hear the adzan (The Muslim call to ritual prayer) at almost every corner of Istanbul that makes you feel safe :)

13. Cats are everywhere!!!!!!!And me like!!! *enough said* :)

14. And lastly as usual, sharing our  roughly financial budget on the 5D4N trip excluding airfares for YOUR trip plannning!!!!Wait no more!!!! Go and explore the world!!! ;)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Feeling blue

Alhamdulillah...we are still here breathing given the chance to perform our ibadah. Soon to welcome Syawal as a new beginning...

Sedih juga untuk meninggalkan bulan Ramadhan ini..terasa sayu mengenangkan segala dosa yang lampau..I was a foolish young girl back then..if I could rewind back the time,if I could undone it all, I swear that I would make it up.. terasa meremang bulu roma memikirkan balasan dari-NYA oblivious was I back then..should I have known how precious we are to HIM...I would have been more careful on my doings.

Anyway, not to remorse too much on that, Im making a vow to be a better person in all aspect. InsyaAllah,with the guidance and du'a from my darling husband,dearest parents,family and friends..

Nothing much for our Aidilfitri preparation..saving the dough for our Sept 2012 holiday...insyaAllah...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ramadhan Kareem..

Mixed feelings...happy, anxious , scared..but holding myself and may this year of  Ramadhan will make me a better muslim, a more responsible daughter, a more caring wife and a more loving mother....

Lets take this opportunity to prosper ourselves with as much ibadah starting from this glorious month of Ramadhan..

Selamat menyambut bulan yang mulia and maafkan saya zahir dan batin...halalkan makan minum saya sekeluarga..

Note : Ibadah does not necessarily by performing solat or by fasting and reading the holy Quran..Ibadah is subjective..And only HIM alone to decide :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

The most terrifying 5 minutes

Its hard to put into words on how grateful and thankful I am to THE GREAT ALLAH s.w.t. Terasa sangat terharu dengan pertolongan-NYA di masa yang amat kritikal ini ..walaupun DIA tahu diri ini tidaklah setinggi mana ilmu agamanya. I could not think straight and my body was shaking. I could feel warm tears on my cheeks but I could not care less..just kept on reciting ayatul kursi again and again comforting my darling Dahlia. I couldn't even construct a proper sentence while texting my husband wanting him to fetch us from the clinic. It was all so blur and all my focus was on Dahlia.

This was how I texted him that morning : "FaST.SAWAN.NEED TO WARD" . Dah tak tau bagi salam hello semua dah..terus bagi points. And "need to ward"??!?!?..apakah?!?!?

It was the most horrifying 5 minutes of my life when Dahlia was attacked by a SIMPLE FEBRILE FIT 2 DEGREE TO ACCUTE BRONCHOLITIS ...or most commonly known as "seizure" (demam sawan).

It all started during the bad haze recently whereby Dahlia developed a minor cough and flu. Slightly feverish on a on and off days..but it was not until last Wednesday (4th July 2012) that her body temperature was close to 39 Celsius.

My poor baby girl was helpless..exhausted and somehow I could feel the body aches she had to endure. The 1st episode occurred at 10:40 AM and lucky me, we were still at the pediatrician's clinic when it happend. (in Rahmah Putra, Sg Buloh)

Kejang separuh badan Dahlia.Tangan kaki dan muka sudah berkerut kejang,air liuh meleleh tanpa sedar,meronta-ronta kesakitan...Sayu melihatnya menangis menahan kesakitan dari ketegangan otot membuatkan I panik,menggeletar seluruh badan,tapi digagahkan juga mendukung anak comel ,amanah dari Allah ini..."Ya Allah, Kau sembuhkanlah anakku ini dengan segera..", doa yang tidak putus-putus dimohon dalam hati  walaupun kedua-dua mata sudah bergenang dengan air mata .

I rushed Dahlia back into the examination room and Dr.Serena came to aid.I admired the support given by Dr Serena. "Its ok mummy, she is going to be fine..its ok mummy"...she kept comforting me while sponging Dahlia. Thanks doc! :')

With a very wet towel she sponged Dahlia head to toe continuously for 5 minutes. Slowly her seizures subsided and as soon as she was awake, she cried "Maa" (thats how she calls me , puas ajar MA-MI, tapi MAA juga yang keluar ) Lantas bertambah mengobak (crying) I masa ni.

Mau taknya, any mother who witnesses her baby in a state of: unconscious, both eyes focusing upwards, muscles strain on face,arms and legs, who would not,kan? It was Dahlia's first experience, and Dr Serena highly recommended Dahlia to be monitored in a hospital.

Syukur alhamdulillah it was a brief episode. Else, it would have impacted her braincell. Checked in at DEMC (Darul Ehsan Medical Center) that noon and was warded at room 604 for 3 nights.

Darul Ehsan Medical Center (DEMC, Shah Alam (landmark : Bluewave Hotel)
Checked in - 4th July 2012
Checked out - 7th July 2012
Doctor: Dr Fadzilah 
Note :Thank you to all the doctors and staff nurses that had attended to Dahlia during the stay.

While waiting for our room to be ready

 Her 1st drip experience

She was a little bit energized that evening

Seizures may happen again if she ever develops fever again. And that is why I have these with me all the time to at least avoid the episode to even strike.*kalau boleh tak mahu jadi lagi :'(

1. Body Thermometer
2. Antibiotic called Zinnat ( ubat punggung)

Important info about seizures in children here  and here.Do read them if you have the chance. It may come in handy.

I could still vividly see the scene in the examination room on the day Dahlia was attacked. And I dont plan to get it erased or forgotten. With that memory, it will be an inspiration for me to be better muslim and to be more thankful of the unconditional rezeki (gifts) , love and chances HE had given us. Alhamdulillah.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Slightly a bigger home - Part 2 of 3


If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would have known what we've been up to lately ;)

So, here is the update from the last post...

We were over the moon when our ballot number was called!!! We were the 3rd family to be called in and yes this was rather important for us coz the selection of units were based on the names called in sequence. ..syukur sangat... alhamdulillah ;p Albeit there were not many units left. All the corner and the end-lots units were taken. Corner units kalau ada pun takut, we did not even dare to take a look how much was it. ..end-lot maybe but ada rahmat agaknya, all taken out.. Left us with the intermediates ones. Syukur jugak sebab front rows nearer to the guard house units are still available.
One of those orange-dots is ours ..*wicked smile*

Few reasons why we are aiming for the house..

1stly, for its proper township by a trusted developer. Jadinya re-selling price will be at an advantage.*Mana tau kan..ada rezeki dapat berhijrah ke negara  luar pula selepas ini,ada value should we want to let go of this house...amin..

 2ndly, for its guarded / gated community:
With all the horrifying stories of home breakages , at least this is a little comforting. Especially during the time when my husband need to fly away.Besides, gated community looks more organized and neat.And its nearer to my office in Glenmarie juga! ;)

3rdly, fot its modern yet contemporary design:
I could see most developers nowadays are incline towards a simple boxy designs yet with a little bit of modern touch. Tidak perlu digobek banyak rasanya... For some owners who loves to temper so much usually ends up looking like a shambled groceries stores.

4thly,for its spacious and a little bit of green model design:
With a simple design and a little of green from the spacious internal courtyard differentiates this model with the other models yang ada di denai alam ini...  Boleh la kiranya hendak merasa in-door garden sambil nak ke dapur ..Dahlia will be the one yang ke hulu hilir using the link agaknya.. :) we'll see about that...

With a size of 24'x80', and a build up area about 2700 ++ sf, it is way  more comfortable space area than our current puncak alam house's space, we are overwhelmed...never was in our plan anyway.. serious gamblers we were...

Front view (Type X)

 Rear view (on the left)

*For my easy online look-up when I do my what-ever-house-planning ;) . I swapped the picture because this is the layout of our unit ...
4thly, there are decent schools nearby:
Kalau sebelum ini, we thought of being near to our parent's house, now that we have Dahlia, we are more concern of which education institute/center/school for Dahlia. Balik to my parents house boleh diusahakan over the weekends,insyaAllah. Tapi seriously, this is the major reason why we wanted to move out from Puncak Alam. Sorry to say, but seeing the kids there really gives me the spooks..those types of parents who lets their as young as 4-5 years old to play unattended by any adults. Seriously dont they learn from the news?

One good thing that this house of ours, will only be ready by 2014. This will give us super extra ample time that we need to sell off our current house and furthermore, we shall have more time to do some savings balik... ;)

Learning points:

1) Choosing a lot
Little did I know that any house next to the corner lots ones will have a higher margin price in re-selling. So, for you who would like to purchase as an investment, its a good choice.
Do consider where the sun rises and sets. Some 'fengshui' tips would be helpful. Do consider on the traffic of your street too. Well, with a less traffic , at least your children are pretty safe to play around on the street..

2) Choosing a bank
Alhamdulillah. All 3 banks that we approached for a house loan had approved our applications. But, always..always.. always bargain and choose for the best offer. As per in our case,we sealed a deal with Maybank Berhad,from the Klang branch. Among the 3 branches, this branch offered the best deal!!! If you are planning to get a house loan or a hire purchase loan, do contact me, I know somebody there at Maybank Klang that could help..unless he resigns la ha... ;) *seriously. InsyaAllah he can get it approved. Kita usaha saje harm..

3) Its never wrong to just take a peek
  Kalau ada rezekinya, apakah salahnya, right? So people,just pay a visit to these kind of carnivals or promotions, they usually offers a great deal to get your cash spent... ;)

I guess that is all that I can think of on the tips..last but not least, I read this from the internet and yeah...I second it!!!!

".... preparing a house is much more fun than preparing a wedding!! :) "

Notes : Sorry.There arent many photos that I can share and to product-promote in here since they all baru pacak tiang. And there were no show houses either...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Slightly a bigger home - Part 1 of 3


There is a saying .."Nice things are hard to get"...Well..indeed...The model house was our love at first sight...buying a "sell-then build" houses memang sangat annoying as you need to ballot for it..

Hitched with the housing location and its future prospects, with high hope and doa, off we went again to the Sales Gallery for the ballot on Saturday, 9th June 2012. Brought Dahlia along. As we entered the compound,we were ushered to the buffet section before we got to queue for the registration yang start-nya at 8:30 AM...

Picture Google-ed
By 10 AM the ballot was then in session ....  those who registered were the only names who will be written on the S&P agreement document. Pretty fair I guess...wallahualam..

Our ballot number was "0413" and "0414". One name each :)


About 250 names bid for those 46 units...That alone had put everybody there tak senang duduk...what more to enjoy the array of breakfast feast...

Houses from Sime Darby was selling fast like a hot cake.The first phase that was launched last 26th May 2012 was sold out within couple of hours..and this 2nd one was also sold out on the same day too...

With "Sime Darby Property Lifestyle Collection - from 30th March 2012 till 17th June 2012", that answers all the doubts of why it was selling fast...

The 2012's promotions offered these list of benefits :
1.    DIBS (Developer’s Interest Bearing Scheme)
2.    Low down-payment
3.    Free legal fees (SPA & loan documents)
 4.   Stamp Duty (MOT & loan documents) absorbed by developer
5.    Up to RM10,000 cash rebate

The model  

The mini model of the whole township

Helmi was busy calculating mampu ke idak ni nak bayar umah kat denai ni... elok-elok sudah duduk puncak..mahu duduk denai pula...

Maybank ladies consulting some other potential buyers...

This was how it was on that day at the Sales 8:40 AM..

Budak tu pun busy juga...

Dahlia : "Dahlia penat ni mami..tido jap k"

So, did we or did we not win the ballot? 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Salam menyambut Syaaban

Salam my dear readers...memang bertuah sungguh kita umat Islam, bukan? Meremang-remang bulu roma dengan kebesaranNya tatkala membaca kelebihan bulan Syaaban ni sahaja..Just imagine on the fadhilat of bulan-bulan mulia yang lain..Subhanallah...Lets read this article I found from SecretWhisper

Rasulullah s.a.w telah bersabda yang bermaksud:
“Tahukah kamu sekelian mengapa dinamakan dengan bulan Syaaban?” Para sahabat menjawab, “Allah dan RasulNya lebih mengetahui” Rasulullah s.a.w menjawab, “Kerana dalam bulan itu berkembanglah kebaikan yang banyak sekali.” (Dipetik dari kitab Raudatul Ulama).

Bulan Syaaban merupakan bulan kedua selepas Rejab yang penuh dengan keberkatan. Bulan Syaaban dianggap merupakan bulan yang baik untuk kita meminta keampunan daripada Allah, serta memperbaiki diri dari segala macam cela. Dan bersedia untuk bulan Ramadhan yang menyuci dan membersihkan jiwa kita.

Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda yang bermaksud:
“Keutamaan bulan Syaaban ke atas bulan-bulan yang lain adalah seperti keutamaan aku di atas semua nabi-nabi yang lain, sedangkan keutamaan bulan Ramadan ke atas semua bulan yang lain adalah seperti keutamaan Allah Taala ke atas makhlukNya.”

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda bermaksud:
“Sesiapa yang berpuasa 3 hari pada permulaan Syaaban, 3 hari pertengahannya dan 3 hari pada akhir Syaaban, maka Allah swt mencatat untuknya pahala seperti pahala tujuh puluh nabi dan seperti beribadat tujuh puluh tahun dan apabila dia mati pada tahun itu maka matinya seperti orang mati syahid.”

Sabda Rasullullah s.a.w yang bermaksud:
“Dinamakan Syaaban kerana padanya terdapat kebajikan yang amat banyak, dan puasa yang lebih afdal sesudah (selain) Ramadhan ialah puasa bulan Syaaban” (Al-Hadis)

1 hari berpuasa di bulan Syaaban akan mengharamkan tubuhnya dari api neraka. Dia akan menjadi taulan nabi Yusof di dalam syurga, dan diberi pahala seperti pahala nabi Ayub dan Nabi Daud.

Sesiapa yang berpuasa sebulan pada bulan Syaaban, dipermudahkan Allah kepadanya Sakaratulmaut, dilepaskan kegelapan dalam kubur, dilepaskan daripada huru-hara Mungkar dan Nangkir, ditutup keaibannya di akhirat nanti dan diwajibkan syurga baginya.

Sesiapa yang berpuasa pada awal Khamis di bulan Syaaban dan akhir Khamis di dalam Syaaban, dimasukkannya dalam syurga. (Hadis Rasulullah yang dipetik dari kitab al-Barokah)

InsyaAllah, I will try my very best to fast in this holy month and insyaAllah will persuade hubby to join me ..insyaAllah...

Salam Syaaban to all muslims, may Allah bless us all..amin..

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Makan pun kena tak nak makan pun kena

Last weekend we all balik Ipoh just for the sake of kenduri sepupu Papa. It was a day trip saje. Sebelum we hit the highway, kami kenyangkan perut dengan santapan mee jawa di kedai "JJ Manis Meletup", ..yes..memang meletup mee jawa kat situ...each time datang mesti order benda yang sama.highly recommended!!! Serious..

Besides mee jawa,we ordered lontong for Dahlia and memang dia suka betul makan nasi impit or better still..makanan orang melayu / jawa ni...Alhamdulillah senang jaga Dahlia. Dari lahir sampai to this date, memang tak banyak kerenah dia tentang makanan. Apa pun makan..."mam" "mam" katanya..

The point yang I nak cerita is that, mana - mana orang yang jumpa Dahlia tak habis asyik mengeluh ke puji ke aku pun tak tau lah...."ha budak debab"..."tu dia paha..." ..."Makan apa ni badan macam ni..".."padat budak ni".. .Nak naik muak pun ada mendengar all these comments..menyampah pun ada...Anak aku debab sihat kau ada susah ke? Nasib baik anak aku mau makan..dari anak kau kurus meleding tak mau makan..

Personal view la, biar la budak-budak ni nak makan apa selagi dia ada selera..cumanya,kita pantau saje benda yang dia makan tu..Like Dahlia, yes dia suka mengunyah..tengok tv menguyah, tengok buku mengunyah..dalam kereta mengunyah...tapi makanan yang aku bagi is healthy finger food macam buah, vege and baby biscuits..

Kot ye nak komen anak orang pun..berpada-pada la...rapat sangat ke hubungan kau dengan aku?!?!cakap sekali je sudah la sebagai hiburan, ni kalau dah berkali-kali cakap, aku rasa nak sepak sepak je muka tu..

ANYHOW...dah kata Dahlia is not a picky eater...memang seronok and tak rugi Mami tungkus lumus masakkan baby food ..ha..kan best gitu..dari kau duduk menggelabah anak tak nak makan..

Tengok macam Dahlia ni..happy je..

Sharing : my favorite easy recipes are usually taken from Annabel Karmel.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Memang I speechless dengan akal budak ni....


Rambut tu dah la ciput je...dah tersimpul pula balloon kat situ....adoiiii Dahlia..... She did not cry nor make a big hassle out of it...siap tersengih-sengih lagi ada la....hishhhh....
nanti Papa marah Mami tengok anak dia ada balloon kat rambut...!!!!!

Dah kena marah she went on sorok kat sini...bila ditegur...sengih lagi...

A day with her on my sick day...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A little promise

Hello there...just to let u know that i have few entries to be published soon...i just dont have the time to upload the pictures ito each one of the post while attending to my work and little are some of the entries that i've drafted so far :

1. About Dahlia is now on Flixotide Evohler ..yeap..i bought the yellow aerochamber too!
2. About Dahlia kena gigit kelkatu ( agaknya) that her whole body had these red rashes
3. About my little part time business preparation - yeah...decided to start on selling attire such as baju kurung wish me luck ya..some extra pocket money for my Dahlia..
4. About our day trip to Sungai Inki

Yeap..thats pretty much of what has been going on stay tuned for the whole stories ya... ;)

Thank you for stopping by !!!!!

A shot at Oasis Square - Ara Damansara for the LifeStyle Collection Expo

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dahlia's 1st Owl Birthday

We had a small celebration on Dahlia's 1st birthday last 1st April 2012. Nothing extravaganza, just a simple self deco with a little help, itsy bitsy of arrangement here and there, and wallah...we had fun!

The day started slightly 30 minutes to noon. Did not anticipate that the caterer would be LATE!!!!Adoii...I thought as a professional caterer, they would already knew on the best timing and all to get the food ready.. Sangat fortunate the khemah and meja kerusi was all set the day before...


My wishes came true!!! To have those pretty chairs and those paper lantern decorations. Sangat Mami google-ed high and low for those tau !!! ;p Siap ke Petaling Street bagai..

Mind this candid shot of me whining about the caterer... ;p 
I just adore these chubby looking mineral water bottles..reminds me of my padat Dahlia.. hehehhe ...

Nothing fancy...just a simple re-wrapped chocolate bars...

I know now what to serve for the next party...this candy bar not only attracted the kids..tapi the adults too..yang bujang teruna tang tang pun!!! cute !!

Im so happy I called Kak Maria for this...THANX Kak Maria!!!!!
 Nampak gaya I will holla you again next year ;)

The empty treat take-home-zipped-plastic-bag...instead of pre-pack the fillings, we let them to choose what they desires from the candy bar...this will help to clear off the table too...

The 'gummies' was a hit!!!


Since there were no games in our agenda, to keep the kids entertained (sikit je la), I bought them those bubbles to keep them busy....thought of buying some balloons tapi come to think of it..better not lah, nanti masuk mulut je lebih si Dahlia tu...


So, paling selamat was!!

Some of the early ones...Dahlis'a nursery teachers..Yes...that noon was very hot indeed. 

*Breathing in deep and exhaling out softly*...
Satisfied...happy and glad...our pretty little candy personal view...this is sweet & beautiful :')

Dahlia's cute owl cupcakes

 And of course...for the adults too....

AD loves her niece!!!

My ex-uni mates....

With only 42 seats and four 5' round tables, we were glad the traffic was not that heavy...I would be sangat susah hati if all guests ambush all at a time...

It has been years since we last had a family gathering as such..Masing-masing were packed.

Bought those cute candles from a party shop in Bukit Jelutong."Mummy's Party Shop" 

Cake cutting time!!!

Mami loves both of you so much 

We let her squeezed her hands into her piece of cake...

My baby girl....with white yummy 'mustache'

Her cheeky smile exploring....

Her rainbow cake on a blue paper plate...really enhanced the colours dont you think?
Thank you darling Nadie!!!!! Tapi the cakes were too sweet for me ;) and your cake pops offense....but you need more practice on it la darl... ;)

Nani, Opah Zurina,Atuk Sham,Atuk

My small family....

Irdina and her parents poses with Dahlia's.

On overall, both me and husband were glad and satisfied with our small event. This was our first makan-makan we hosted since we moved in last 2010. Thank you for those who came by and thank you too to my lil brother yang tolong up!!!hehehe...
A special thanks to my husband have supported me all the way ,you do know that right?. ;)

My advice to all mummies/daddies out there, arranging parties is not that hard, as long as you line up your desires and wishes, you can make it attainable.
Anyway, do drop me a message if you have any questions on the how-abouts of this party ok, Im happy to help and share my experiences.

Sharing here is the master list that I used through out the party planning....

My learning points:
#1. Since Malaysian ni susah sangat nak RSVP, I would not order so much food next time. There were some who even accepted the invi, but did not turn up pun. Such a waste. I would just order 50% off from the total guests invited or perhaps just finger foods, sate or chicken wings bbq of sort...
#2. Dealing with vendors and made agreement wasn't as much heartache.It was the execution that was a drawback. On my next party arrangement, if im planning for a 12 noon event, I would tell the vendors,my party starts at 10 am. At least 2 hours buffer.
#3. DIY candy bar seems possible tapi, whats with the fuss? Kak Maria did a great job anyway kan...
#4. Perhaps on my next party, instead of having it during lunch hour, maybe next time I'll do it for tea time..kita  main-main tea party shall we? ;)

Info sharing:
#1.You may read on this entry for the vendors I've chosen for my little not so GAH party.
#2.And you might be wodering mana I got thosepaper lanterns kan? From a shop called "The Basket Shop" somewhere near Petaling Street. Got the idea from Arthara but Arthara's price was a little too expensive compared to The Basket Shop..Do give them a call prior walking-in, they might run out of stock-count of the paper lanterns.

Picture google-ed

So ladies and gentleman..lets not wait any plan your party  ;)