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Travelling with an infant

Dont get me wrong la tau..I dont do much of traveling pun ...Nothing to shout about.After all I came from a solidly middle class background.And when I travel, I make sure I dont splurge on high class trips and stuff.Anyway....back to the compliment given di atas itu ( *sangat terharu )...I would like to share some tips on how do I manage things up effortlessly when traveling with Dahlia .. experience traveling with an infant.

1. At the airport

Allow plenty of time at the airport for check-in. You know best on how much longer it takes to achieve anything with your kid(s) in tow and do apply the same formula to your travel plans. Make a pretty face at everyone and you may get some assistant and be able to queue jump ;) Tapi dont lah grin or make that puss-in-boots' face pulak. And yes, Im planning to get a harness for my Dahlia when she's able to walk steadily on her feet. This will keep her close to my hands ;) A bonus to me nanti when I try to pick luggage from the carousel or present documents to the customs and immigrations officials later on kan.

Her passport for the 20th July 2011 Maldives trip

2. Flying - On board

It really was an experience when I first get Dahlia on board to Maldives back in July 2011 (alone!!!). First thing first. Check with the airline if you could pre-book a baby bassinet (sky cot) before the day of travel. They would probably tell that the seat with the bassinet hooks are already been booked. If this happens, you can try requesting from the in-flight crews directly. They will do the arrangement as best as possible. Or, try consulting with the check-in officers,sometimes they would block out the seat next to you in a less full flight or offer you the option of seating next to a vacant seats. This happened to us once.Get on the plane first and off the plane last to get better chance of assistance from the cabin crews.

p/s: If your baby seems to be experiencing ear pain from air pressure changes during takeoff and landing, do encourage or sumbat je a pacifier or suck on a bottle,or at least the sippy cup. There are no firm medical guidelines on this tapi just try, it works most of the time. Alhamdullilah Dahlia need not to be rescued from ear pain ( she was forever smiling je, so should be she was ok la kan)

So you see, only those seats are with bassinets hooks.

3.Changing diapers

Me in particular travels anywhere with wet tissues. Be it for a short distance traveling or to a longer ones. And being such a lazy-to-caryy-bulky bags, I usually pack 2 diapers,1 change (a jumper selalunya coz senang, sehelai je), nappy rash cream, a small bottle of baby oil and perhaps,a napkin serves as alas kepala or towel. All of these items neatly placed in a big zipper bag. I used the large size zipper bag yang for meat/fish freezer storage tuh je...jimat and water resistant ;) .
I labelled them accordingly. Even to 'Pakaian Kotor'. Lantak la apa orang nak kata. ;)

4. Eating and meals on board and around.

Having Dahlia fully on formula milk was not a bad move after all. Beside her body adapting to the nutritious meal, me on the other hand did not had any problem finding a nursing room or such. But for those who are still nursing their babies, keep two diaper pins attached to your diaper bag. If you can get a window seat ,you can take any blanket and attach it to your seat and the seat in front of you for a privacy screen. Oh yes, you may ask the cabin crews to get the bottles and meals warmed in advance of when you need them too. As far as I know, aircrafts dont have microwave and have to heat using hot water in the gallery. Which takes time lah. Hmm...I will not talk about milk/food compartment pack la eh,this is quite widely used by parents.

 Biscuits for snacks, Susu every 4-5 hours, Pureed rice+ayam masak halia + lots of broccoli for bfast , Heinz - organic vegetable for lunch, Cerelac - fruits/prunes/honey for her tea-time

5. Getting around

We purposely bought another stroller from Combi on top of Dahlia's initial Maclaren stroller. Reason wise was, this Combi is indeed much much much lighter and compact, travel stroller, which is yes, easy to carry it all around. It  is so light that when you fold it, you may carry it like a backpack. And it can fit in the small trunk of your hired car. (Well, we usually rent a small sized car when we travel. Jimat minyak kan). But again, this depends on where you are traveling to.Oh yes, and a carrier. This has helped us A LOT. See, when you are visiting foreign places,you would want to be mobile right,so this carrier is the best way to get around. Tak payah nak lipat bagai stroller when you opt for a hop-on-off buses or trams.

Up to 11 kg. Dahlia is now 9.1kg ...boleh la sumbat Dahlia in lagi :)

6. Packing her bag

Ha....this is the most crucial part of my entry...Learning from my pass experience, I know now what and how to pack her stuff. Some of the important items are:
(a) Diapers / baby wipes / nappy rash / baby oil / shampoo / vicks
(b) Her 'wardrobe'
(c) Bottles / Bottle brush <---  I selalu lupa to bring this along.
(d) Baby neckrest / Bantal busuk / blankets
(e) Baby bibs / napkins
(f) Hat
(g) Bacis drugs ( Paracetemol, Sulbutamol, Mucoflux , Sterimar (nasal spray) + shringe
(h) Her biscuits ( Amat membantu ketika waktu makan kami)
And all of these into her cool funky pinky trunki. (I first saw this cool thing when we returned home from Cape Town last year. The next day tu,terus I scouted on the net and bought it without any hesitation. Even though lama lagi Dahlia will be able to ride on it,tapi Mami sangat teruja ;p )

Okay lah..not all..perhaps two sets of change, few toys and her bantal busuk and her blanket..and all her basic toiletries .

So, there...Dahlia is ready for any trip!!!

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