Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another visit to Dr.Serena

My poor baby girl had a severe fever over the last weekend. Oh how my heart breaks each time she cries.  If only I could understand what she's trying to tell me. Her body temperature hits up and down from a normal 37.5 °C to a sizzling 39 °C every now and then. She was restless most of the time. How was it not? With her fever and her poor appetite..and her vague of being unwell ...answers it all.

I first noticed some rashes on her left hand (near to her thumb) last Friday, but knowing that my little Dahlia is an active baby, she sweats quite dramatically. It was only on the next day when I saw small red spots that looks like blister on her whole left arm and some on her right arm too.One 'popped' spot on her backside. And her rashes developed even more over the night. Without further due, we consulted with Dr. Serena.

Her restless sleeps. And bertambah menjadi juga ngigau nya..*anak papa sangat

It was a relief sangat-sangat when Dr.Serena confirmed that it was not 'Chicken Pox' nor 'Measles'. BUT, her spots were suspicious and was suspected a Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD). Yet to confirm on that, we were to observe more for another couple of days. Especially if Dahlia develops any red spots in her mouth. No special treatment was given pun. Just some cream for her rashes.

Day 1

HFMD? According to Wikipedia, this is pretty common for infants and children. More keen to those exposed among children themselves. It is a contagious and the virus spreads easily via coughing and sneezing. Had Dahlia been confirmed with HFMD, the nursery had to be quarantined for 3-7 days and get the premise sterilized.

Important note #1 : HFMD is not to be confused with foot-and-mouth disease (also called hoof-and-mouth disease), which is a disease affecting sheep, cattle, and swine, and which is unrelated to HFMD (but also caused by a member of the Picornaviridae family).

Day 1
Question #1 : So what were the check points did we observed for the last 4 days?
Check point #1 : See if Dahlia tires easily - Only on her 2nd day
Check point #2 : Check her throat - Checked . Doktor kata ok.
Check point #3 : Fever of around 101°F (38°C) to 103°F (39°C) - Yes especially during night time
Check point #4 : Blisters on hands, feet,mouth and sometimes buttocks. - Yes to all except none in her mouth.
Check point #5 : More skin rashes. - Alhamdulillah her rashes started to diminish after several application of the cream
Check point #6 : More blisters and they break open and crust over. - Alhamdulillah it was not a blister after all. Just red spots.

Day 1
Question #2 : What did we do?
I was told that it is not alarming. But, tau saje lah hati seorang ibu, you will make sure your kid is really really really free from any sicknesses kan. According to various resources pun, there are usually no need of any treatment and in most cases, they would go away in 7 to 10 days. Here are some of the home care I practiced to help relieve Dahlia's symptoms.
# 1 - I forced offered Dahlia plenty of fluids. Her pureed rice dah jadi soup. 
# 2 - No ginger or acidic foods in her meal
# 3 - A 2.7 ml of paracetamol for every 5-6 hours to ease her body ache.
# 4 - Papa's all sickness-remedy : Pat 'air assam jawa' gently on her forehead and soft massage on her head too (air assam jawa : mixture of water and some tamarind paste )

Important note #2 : Do not give your child aspirin. It has been linked to Reye syndrome, a serious illness.

"Stay with Dahlia eh Mami"

:') My barely 10 month old baby is very attached to me. Although different people have held her from birth and she never had a problem,but recently she cries if Im not the one holding her. Very very tiring nak nya time-time dia sakit ni. Dugaan.But a relief to me jugak lah. Risau je anak tak kenai mak sendiri. God is great, our babies kenal who their mothers are walau you tak nurse her most of the time due to work responsibilities. As for Dahlia, she hears my heartbeat, the same one she heard in the womb. Perhaps sense of smell jugak la kot. 
I love you so much my little cheeky girl. And so does Papa. Get well soon okay darling..amin..


Siti Fatimah said...

GWS dahlia amin...

lela nasir said...

Thanks Siti Fatimah :) First time Dahlia dapat dot dot ni..but she is getting much better. Sudah kembali lasak macam anak jantan ;p

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

moga dahlia cpt recover ye,sayang...kcian bila ank2 boy pn just recovered from ulcer :( really wish it could be 'transferred' to us..suka ur blog as we go thru almost d same journey..jom follow sy jgk. ..:)tq

lela nasir said...

Thanks QA's ..Dahlia dah ok dah...Sekarang bapa dia pulak yang jangkit..thank u jgk sbb follow my blog.Glad ada mommies yang seangkatan..boleh tukar2 opinion..:)