Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Cheaper EnfaPro A+ found!!!

 There are many comments on online forums and blogs sharing info about powdered milk prices. Agreeing with them, I used to purchase Dahlia's Enfalac A+ from Speedmart 99 too. Selling at RM60.90 per 650 gm , that was the cheapest we could find. Tapi if you say that is cheaper compared to other commercialized marts,  me on the other side pula has been stocking up Dahlia's milk at this kedai lapuk situated at Jalan SS9A/1, PJ. Dont be fooled by its presentation. Sesungguhnya sangat banyak goods piling up, that you can hardly walk in side the shop. To name a few, powdered milk, beras, all these dried fungus,chinese herbs, instant noodles, canned food, sarang burung products are almost everywhere in the shop..

12 boxes of EnfaPro A+ : Stage 2 ,650 gm, 'fresh' from kotak .
These usually last for...1 week = 3 boxes. So,12 boxes ....

....Do the math,jangan malas... ;p

There...without any hesitation, receipted us at RM668.40 for this 1 dozen set.Agak koyak la for one shot ,tapi kire long term supply, it will still cost you the same .Anymore discount given? Haram!Kau kenyit mata seratus kali kat tauke pun takkan dibaginya .So berape ke sekotak Lela oiii..

I tau you all malas nak kira kan..nah..

RM668.40 / 12 = RM55.70

Murah is it not? The only drawback is that, they dont accept credit cards..hampeh!

Dont put too much curiosity into your thoughts, they are not selling soon-to-expired food. You can check on the labels on the boxes like the example shown in the picture above.
This batch's expiration date is on 21st April 2013 .

'Perniagaan Dan' do sell in a quantity of 24 boxes too, but space is the limitation for me. Tengok lah, this is the view of Dahlia's food section in the pantry, before I even unpack the new box tuh. Bertingkat okay..nanti Papa nak kena guna tangga pulak ;p
(eh ter-sakat papa sikit...hehehe..takpe sayang..orang selalu kata husband shorter than wife ni,keluarga dimurahkan blessed)
So la to get to the shop?

Lets say you are coming from Klang heading to Kuala Lumpur via the most famous Federal Highway. As you pass by the 'Jambatan Pulau Pinang', you will be approaching  a bus stop on the left side of the road. Slightly after the bus stop, there are 2 splits at this point of the road. The first will lead you to SS9, the 2nd leads to a tolled highway. Remember to turn on the 1st one. 


You should be seeing that Jalan tau. Jalan SS9A/1. The place is congested, so be careful with cars coming from the opposite direction and those who double triple parked too. The shop is on your right hand side. It is an end lot shop. I heard there is another shop nearby selling at about the same price too. I will shout it out if the price is radically lower. Or perhaps, elsewhere that you are aware of? Do share with me ya...

:) Happy shopping mommies....and daddies...


Nik Arif NIk Abdullah said...

I stay in kota Bharu & go to Sungei Golok, Thailand almost every week. I got my supply of Infarlac a+ from there where it is easily available. The price for a box of 3 600 grams, I repeat - 600 grams, cost 146rm. You 've to calculate that out fot a packet of 650 grams, but I think it is definitely much cheaper there

lela nasir said...

hello nik, yup,i strongly believe any consumables are way cheaper comparing those selling in the klang valley.thanks anyway,perhaps any reader dari your area boleh tumpang beli from you ;)