Friday, 6 January 2012

Dahlia and Nani's Apple

Ha..kecik-kecik dah ada apple? Yes.but not that Apple hijau beli kat cina jual buah tu haa...But I would LOVE to have one latest gadget for ONCE in my life...*ni ayat ngendeng yang direct kat Papa* . Im not sure what is the market price of this gadget but reading from many many many reviews, this Iphone 4S , really is THE in thing ...

Husband : Yang,sure ke you know how to use Iphone?
Me: Alaa...papa belikan  dulu baru lah mami tau how to tech about...

Hmmm...not promising langsung soalan Papa. Takpe lah.I terpaksa je la contend with my Nokia yang kadang-kadang application-nya hang lar ,kadang-kadang tak jumpa SIM card lar, kadang-kadang alarm bunyi even though I did not set any alarm pun. I even lupa what model my Nokia ni..and the best part is.. this is not even mine sebenarnya.Ini adalah telefon turun temurun sebab they all bought trendier phones.

Yes, Im the only person in my family using this kind of phone...both parents and brother are using beri-beri hitam, my younger sister yang tak cukup umur untuk mengundi tu is with her Iphone 4..hmm..
Even husband pun is using a canggih-er phone..mami and dahlia?  Lets just have an apple je la Dahlia...murah pun murah...

See Mami,no hands no hands..

Still ain't letting go
Grabbed the bitten piece from Nani

Granny and Dahlia having a Granny Smith's apple

 Dahlia and Nani's apple

How she loves food. Tapi gigi satu pun talak. I dont know, but this is pretty normal kot. *sedapkan hati sendiri* .But generally, a baby should start sprouting her first tooth when she is at around 6 to 7 months of age. This is the general pattern of emergence (usually in pairs):

1.Lower central incisors (2) at approximately 6 months
2.Upper central incisors (2) at approximately 8 months
3.Upper lateral incisors (2) at approximately 10 months
4.Lower lateral incisors (2) at approximately 10 months
5.First molars (4) at approximately 14 months
6.Canines (4) at approximately 18 months
7.Second molars (4) at approximately 2-3 years

However,its an obvious different case la kan with Dahlia.And glancing at the calendar now,
whereby 1st April is not that far away for her first birthday, Im getting more concerned.I just hope my late bloomer ni will start teething by the time she is one.

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