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Dahlia circumcised..

Berkhatan. Sunat. Circumcision. These terms simply means a small surgery that removes the foreskin covering the glans of the penis or clitoris. In Malaysia, it is widely performed by most muslim for religious purpose.But dont get me wrong, the Quran itself does not mention about circumcision. This ritual sebenarnya dates back in the time of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, where he was born without a foreskin. And symbolizing the emergence of Islam into the community,many of his followers were circumcised. Agian, as I said ar, since its absence from the holy Quran, circumcision is not a WAJIB procedure but it has been maintained as a  sunnah ( not obligatory but highly recommended).

Lets look at it from the medical perspective shall we?Here are some of the main benefits.

1. Newborn circumcision diminishes the risk for cancer of the penis
2.It also lowers the risk for cancer of the cervix in sexual partner.
3. Besides those two,it decreases the risk of urinary tract infections
  4.My last point,it should lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases,especially HIV.

Ok now, how is it conducted? Cut off? Like how? When they said 'small surgery', how small? Will my baby feel any pain during the procedure? Any special care for a circumcised baby? 
These were the questions lingering before we had Dahlia circumcised.

- conducted by Dr Fadzilah from DEMC, Shah Alam

It really was a small and a brief procedure (for a baby girl lah). Seriously. After Dahlia had her 2nd dose of Influenza (FLU) <-- this is the optional vaccines, we proceeded with the sunat procedure.

Baring baring dulu
One - As shown in the next picture,the nurse and Papa had to secure both of Dahlia's hands and feet. Kang terpotong lain pulak if she was not secured.
Two - The doctor used her two fingers (the thumb and the index finger) to widen out her labia (outer side of the vagina),
Three - a sleek fine sterilized needle was poked into the anterior end of her vulva.
Four - Done!!!


So you see, it was not that bad after all kan?
She did cry a little though.And there was a slight blood spot on the cotton ball placed in between of her labia.But still nothing serious. Within the same day itself, Dahlia crawled and cruised cheekily macam biasa without any difficulties. Alhamdulillah.

How much did this cost us? Hmm...not sure how much exactly due to the bill's 'itinerary-yang-i-tak-faham ni' inclusive of the 2nd dose of Influenza (FLU) jab tu..Anyway,according to a friend of ours, DEMC charged him RM150 + outpatient fees RM3, for his daughter's circumcision procedure.I guess its better that you direct call the center yourself je la. The fees might change from time to time.

Furthermore,Im not sure how the procedure would be like for a baby boy. But mesti ada some resemblance kan.Lagipun, there are many modern techniques nowadays that simplifies the procedures. And yes, it has been confirmed by many researchers eh,that circumcision doesn't effect the length of your kid's penis as what has been contested by many.After all, circumcision makes it easier to keep the end of your penis clean

Despite all that, not all procedures will turn out as expected. The most common are local infection and bleeding. Still,not to worry much lah, most of the studies indicate that the rate of complication is low. And what is this thing I heard about 'death due to circumcision'?This is really really really really a rare case fact, I never come across of any news pertaining case macam ni..penis husband kena potong sebab gatai ngan pompuan lain pernah lah.. ;p Itu memang padan muka..

 Well, in regardless of the risks that may arise, the procedure is normally performed carefully using a sterilized technique. And only to  be performed by a trained and experienced practitioner lah. This should be one of the points you need to look out for when looking for one. Last but not least, it is best to circumcise your newborn while she/he is in a good state of health. Make sure she/he is as happy as ever macam my little Dahlia ni...even though they know the harsh realities of life..hehehe.

Still not buying the fact.....

*********************************** 40 minutes later ********************************

(Papa and Mami were not kidding rupanya)

My darling cheeky baby girl.... fast asleep after rebelliously cried for few minutes

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