Sunday, 22 January 2012

Reminiscing the years in UMP

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to FSKKP in particular,Dr. Adzhar Kamaludin for the invitation extended to this scholastic event . By all means, Im truly honored. Thank you for giving me the chance to feel the belonging of FSKKP of UMP again,even for a day.

My day trip to Kuantan recently was a tiring trip indeed. The early-in-the-morning 20 minutes Firefly flight,departed from Subang Airport landed safely at Kuantan Airport at about half past eight. Still considered a very early hour to the locals I presumed.Anyway..the last time I was at the airport was way back in the year of 2005. Itu pun I cant really recall on which month pun.~deep sigh with a smile... Hailed a cab and off to Gambang. Felt a little strange for a second to see the light traffic along the way to University Malaysia Pahang. Totally the opposite of Kuala Lumpur..ok lah tak payah nun in the middle of the city...let me rephrase.--> Totally the opposite of Puncak Alam(my house)!!!Nevertheless, it was good jugak.At least I was able to enjoy the view and spot the shops,kiosks,kedai goreng pisang,pasar malam and all the so-called hot spots for 'lepak that I've carved the memories in. *tiba-tiba teringin jadi student balik.

All who were involved on that day.Spot me?
I was there for a competition. No no no.not as a contestant.Me and couple of my ex-course mates were invited to judge..hmm..I wouldnt want to use that 'judge' word,after all I dont think my 7 years of working experiences suits best to judge ones work.Not for this particularly.We were there to peruse and share opinions and suggestions onto the students' projects...or what FSKKP(Fakulti Sistem Komputer & Kejuruteraan Perisian) called it as "Pertandingan Karnival PSM/PTA Semester 1 Sesi 2011/12"

There were over 40 number of booths for us to review. And the time allocated was like berapa eh....hmm...from 9AM till 12:30PM as per stated in the itinerary. Heeee...You guessed it right, we couldn't managed it all within the time range. Mana taknya..One booth took us a minimum of 5 mins for the candidates to present.Another 3 minutes taken for Q&A. 10 minutes senang kira lah for one legs were killing me!!!I should have just pakai my flats!!!!

Overall view and review  on the 'products' presented:
#1.The idea was there,but the execution was half way saje..or not even half,perhaps just one quarter.

#2. It would be very helpful if students are able to speak out clear and loud. Ada yang berbisik while la people nak dengar?!?!And it does not matter if you 'rojak', but dont la...'rojak' lebih lebih on Bahasa Malaysia but very sikit on English. Setakat greetings in English je tak cukup dik...Please keep this in mind ya, brighter opportunities if you are able to converse (speak and understand) in ENGLISH. Seriously!Trust me on this! *There was this one student, I saja pusing the words tapi dia main "Yes" saja...bila my partner bagi subtitle in malay baru dia cakap "No".

#3. Avoid the usage of the word 'ah' in presentations or better still, in daily communication...example,"My system is to manage online hotel reservation ah"...Adik, in the corporate world, it is not professional to practice that slang eh...sorry to say, but it just sounds so 'mat rempit'. We do want to maintain our UMP standards kan :)

#4. Tutup mulut with your hand while presenting?!?!?!I noticed this many times when I evaluated the students...girls especially..I mean...why?You have garbage breath kah?Kalau itu reason-nya, makan la gula-gula hacks ka..chew some candy gums ka.. Let me be frank, I was annoyed.Both me and partner had to bend over(sebab adik ni sangat la petite kecik molek) and approached her nearer to listen to her.  How would you expect to be hired if you don't secure your self esteem?Think about this ok. You have the brain.Dont let your communication skill kills it all!

#5. No doubt Im very proud of the technical skills on 80% of the students. Thanks to all the lecturers!!!They were able to answer 'em all when questioned.The balance of 20%?!!?!Hmmm...a simple knowledge based webpage macam power point slide as your final year project?Not a good idea my dear adik-adik. You were trained to do great stuff..explore your skills deeper :)

#6. My next point ..preparation for the presentation. I still cant figure it out. How la? are about to be evaluated, and yet you went off wandering leaving your booth unattended?!?!!I will not state any names but time delayed were caused by those who did not get their props ready. *ada yang tak on laptop pun lagi.

#7 - Last and the most important point. Requirement and feasibility study. It was great to hear some candidates did really well in getting the info before they started scripting/coding their products. Info such as,who are the intended users,what benefits does it bring to the users(customers),when can it be used... and so forth. Not to put all the blame on the students nor the fellow academicians,but as I learned from my own experience when I did my PSM,the basic general questions mentioned above for requirement studies does not suffice at all. Coming from a developer background,we all know, users only cares about what they want,but we are the one who need to tell them what they need. I would suggest,for your next business requirement, not only you need to interview with the users for Q&A sessions, you need to consistently meet up with them from time to time to fully comprehend their nature of business too.Be it if you need to observe on daily basis.For an example,if you are in OMS(Ordering Management System),you might want to observe from day one,or early of the month,until the aging days(usually month end).You then would get to understand all the what,why,when inf.From there, you would be able to crack out your head to think the 'WHAT ELSE' your product can offer to ease them. I should have done these when I did my final year project last time. I learned my mistake. I don't want you to repeat the same.Why do you think the timeline(whole of the semester(s)) were given to complete our PSM?  Again,this is just a suggestion :) Perhaps time and accessibility are your main constraints.

Amboi ..berjela jugak point #7. Enough lah, lets divert to pictures pulak...

The evaluators from Bursa Malaysia, Avon Cosmetics New York,Shell, Alliance Bank as of current.

Impressed with the deco-deco eric!!!!

Miss Hasimah tanya,.."kalau sofa ni letak kat rumah best jugak kan.."

I once walked under this trunk ....

That was all I got from the event. Kalau beriya nak bergambar, lagi tak cukup masa....

Anyway..being at the campus on that day really traveled me back to the old times. Oh my...I really miss those days..Datang lambat to classes, tidur dalam kelas no need to mention lah, ada jugak yang bersungguh menjawab pop-quiz sampai meleleh air liur,ada yang tidak segan ketut sehinggakan berlawan kentut siapa was the loudest and the most 'busuk-est'..Ada yang menyanyi his lungs out while buat kerja..ada yang kuat menangis...macam macam ragam..But despite of all the ragam,we spent most of the time together.Went out for bowling lah,movies lah...had dinners and BBQs lah... visited various places around Kuatan macam rombongan Cik Kiah..sampai habis minyak kereta ...sampai sesat ke kubur pun ada..And mind you, we never clique among the BCS saja.thats the beauty of being in a small group. It was such a bless!!We were like brothers and sisters where we shed tears and laughs together.

Reminiscing those years... :')

A handful first batch of BCS....we were part of about 300 plus UMP's students in total..

Mr Omar,Mr Maui,Mr Zaki...the late comers too ;p

We were given a task to organize a one day seminar led by Dr Adzhar. We were asked to execute the day from A to Z. Thanks to all the lecturers who gave their full support for making the day a success one!Even En Ramiza yang digeruni oleh ramai students pun gave his support!!Thanks sifu!

Us again..The registrars behind the counter in the semi furnished hall..I believe this is now UMP's Jabatan Hal Ehwal Akedemik & Antarabangsa.

Mr Lim Jiin Kang, successful developer cum cameraman ;)

"Apa lah si Lim tu godek cemera Kuktem tu..kang jahanam nama saya jugak naik"

Students were segregated into teams of 4-5
Lovely lecturers yang sampai senget-senget kepala 'me-lecture' the 1st batch  ;)

Then..senyum sokmo Cik Lili..Today..Dr Zalili :) 

with her team...

Didn't I told you guys...either lecturers senget-senget kepala or terbeliak-terbeliak mata mengajar the 1st batch...

Yeah...Pn saw her right!

This picture was taken during our till midnight one of the blocks...

All are now secured with stable positions...

ASTAKA...astaga should be thankful it is now so beautifully renovated.

Astaka..No walls pun boleh lah..asalkan dapat gather together....

some of the out of campus activities....

I cant remember where we tracked but it was sunny fun!!!Mr Buli from Chemical Engineering led the team...

Me with the Electrical Engineering girls...

2D1N stay pun beriya nak masak kari ayam!!


Happy bukan main!!!!'Depa' tak tau lepas tu nak kena pikir pasal bil air,bil letrik, bil sewa umah,sewa kerete..bills bills bills...

En Aziman sandwiched by Miss Nadia and Pn Wani

Rehearsal on the eve of convo

The software engineering and the network engineering boys..

Us again!!!!

Geng jual kerepek di dorm...jadi lah...duit topup credit hotlink and duit bayar sewa kereta kancil sejam RM5. :)

Im proud to be a graduate in Software Engineering from University Malaysia Pahang. Enough said!!! :)

Before I wrap this up...congratulations to FSKKP for organizing such an event and congratulations too to all the students yang showed up on that day...I hope you bear no grudges due to our stern advices ya!
Take it positively cause is a learning has no applies to all of us..including me !!! :)