Thursday, 12 January 2012

Safety gates....finally!!!

My baby's first wobbly steps. :') 

My oh Dahlia has grown smarter and cheekier over these months. How such a baby had evolved from a little helpless 3.0 kg infant to a beautiful healthy darling before my eyes. Having seen this miracle on how Dahlia figured out how to work herself all the way around from lying on her stomach,to sustaining sitting position, steadily cruising using sideways shuffling steps, carefully  moving along the edge of what ever piece of furniture she is holding on to, really really amused me and at awe thanking almighty how wonderful HE has created human beings with such a perfect process.

Aside of her accomplishment ni, we recently realized that Dahlia likes to release one hand from her support. I dont know if this gives her greater freedom of movement or freedom to play while cruising or just simply showing off. She will usually holds on to only one hand, where by with the other hand, she would do sort of a 'baby-dance'. Sometimes, when she is so absorbed in play, she even let go of her support with both hands. Mau tak luruh jantung mak?!?!.Anak sayang, you are not able to stand and maintain your balance yet, so please, jangan la menari-nari 'mami-no-hand-no-hands' sangat okay...

Anyhow,no matter how many times I scream out at her to be extra careful, or when I startle my baby into falling, I am actually admiring her with pride.In fact,we are encouraging her to cruise from one support to another by moving the furniture closer together in the dinning area.But again,supervision at all times become even more important nowadays.Trying as possible to steer her away from danger without sending the message that the world, even the house is unsafe or threatening. That was why we bought these for her.

The safety gates

The one to the kitchen

The stairways. No drilling needed. Just extend the louvers to the desired length and make sure the gate is not wobbly.

Got them at RM120 each if Im not mistaken. Beli murah-murah saje, nothing fancy. 

SEKSYEN 9 40100 SHAH ALAM. Phone No: 03-55238817

 At a shop called GK baby store in Shah Alam (near by Plaza Masalam). I dont have the picture of the shop but it is located on the same row as this corner lot restaurant named Cili Merah.
First check point --> at the traffic light in front of the Concorde Hotel, turn right.
Second check point --> The hotel should be on your right while the Plaza Masalam should be on your left. Drive over to the housing area behind the hotel and you should be seeing rows of shop lots on your right again.
Look out for this restaurant.

Since the gates were installed, husband and  I feels more comfortable 'freeing' Dahlia into the living hall. We are trying to not to overreact when she falls. Unless she is really hurt, we would shrug it off with a "Oooops..tak sakit lah..come..lets try again" . Psychologically, this will builds up her self esteem and when she successfully able to walk according to her own timetable, her confidence in herself will skyrocket.

My little cheeky baby


Unknown said...

puan nk jual 2nd hand x baby gate ni?

lela nasir said...

maaf...saya masih menggunakannya lagi :)