Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Car accident and insurance claim

*post dated entry*

Orang langgar belakang kereta saya!!!!For the 1st time I was hit this bad...memang clueless on what to do....seriously!!!!Dengan husband was on his way to Phuket that morning..dengan hujan lebat selebat alam...I was practically alone... The first thing I did was...called up my husband, nasib lah his flight was at 9AM ..kalau gamak time accident he was already on board....
agak menangis and berpeluh ketiak jugak kot...  
*parents memang ada, tapi segan pula nak kacau pagi-pagi buta..*

How la did it happen Lela oiii?!?!?!....It was clearly not my fault. She was the one who did not hit the brake while the cars ahead were all stationary. ...and furthermore, she was driving fast..60km/h..and at that speed for a Kelisa is considered fast kan?I presume je ni...

My birthday gift  from hubby kena langgar on 24th Feb 2012 at 0705 hours  :'(
Her Kelisa was badly 'injured' juga la. Her whole front bumper dented, both her lights were bonet was at a toll too..

A primary teacher driver-nya..."Akak tak pakai cermin mata.." ..I was like.."Duuuh...dah tau rabun,pakai la mata..nak nye time hujan lebat macam ni". Made my blood go up stairs je tau minah ni...Dah la I was rushing to the office to catch a meeting.

The police officer took our statements for him to draft out the car accident report. Was an approachable policeman I would say..was polite ...and soft spoken..sangat polis di-raja.

Policeman A: Ok puan, saya sudah siapkan report ni, cuba puan baca dan beri pengesahan
Me : Im ok with the statement. Asalkan butir-butir penting ada dinyatakan.
 Cikgu : Encik...ejaan 'kerosakan' tu ada satu 'k' je, bukan 2...

I was like....adddooyaaiiiiiii.......tang ni kisah, tang mematuhi undang-undang jalan raya dan potong kiri di traffic light tak kisah pula.....~haih~ lawak pun ada,geram pun ada...all mixed feelings.

Calling up her husband...Sometimes I wonder, dah berkerja bertahun-tahun and bergaji tetap setiap bulan pun still guna prepaid ke? She had to use the station's telephone to reach her husband..turned out si husband ni tak bawa pula handphone nya....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lagi...

 A little background about them ni...
both husband and wife are government servants. Seorang pengajar, seorang kerja with LHDN. Hmmmm...wife was ok..husband was a bit rude..

1st scene - As he arrived at the station, typical tak-de adab punya malay guy...he asked me where his wife has gone....tiada salam,tiada senyum..

2nd scene - While both of them were in a discussion, of course la I strayed a little bit further from them...kang kata kepoh pulak kan...Then tiba-tiba..."Lela...come" eh..panggil aku macam aku ni siapa je pada kau ha?!?!!

3rd scene - He was literally scolding and raised his voice the car mechanics who came to the rescue to tow his car.."Berapa lama boleh siap?".."Kalau tak siap macam mana?"..."I tak kisah,kalau tak siap kereta,apa you nak buat"....

Sarcastically, mechanic cina tu pun jawab la .."kalau tak siap you angkat balik jumaat la" ..

Haa...padan muka..kurang ajar sangat...orang tu dah datang jauh-jauh to help you, kira bagus la jugak...

Arrghhh...Enough said lah..malas nak cerita scene kurang ajar laki nya tuh lagi..just so inexplicable!!!!

So how is the procedure if your car is hit like in my kes ni? 

Based on my recent experience la ye.....

Step 1:  Take as much pictures of your vehicle and all the vehicles involved. Such as the damages and the car registration number.

Step 2: Take pictures of your surrounding juga. This may come in handy to prove to the investigators where the accident had occurred. Bukan apa, di Malaysia ni,little did I know ada undang-undang macam ini. Kalau you accident dalam district A, you kena report to police station A even though police station B is much much nearer to you right now.

Contoh macam ni la..meh I draw sikit..

Example: Accident (marked in red) di District Turquoise vicinity..and the nearest police station ( dark green square) is located in District Blue.But have to go allll the way to the one in District Turquoise tu unpractical. Takde centralized system kah? Meh bagi budak-budak univeristy I buatkan (eh eh..ter-promote sikit) ...Wallahualam...

So back to the steps eh..

Step 3: Make a police report. All victims at 1 station. Jangan la sorang sana, sorang pergi station lain pula ye..You'll be given a copy of the police report for your insurance claims.

Step 4: Present your IC, Lesen memandu to the police man. Depa nak tengok gambar hangpa kat dua-dua cards ni..Jangan lesen memandu over due sudah..

Step 5 : Array(s) of tow trucks will be there juga,stand by for the right time to ambush and start offering their services. Politely reject them. Apa-apa hal,buat report dulu.To which workshop to get your car fixed,later...

Step 6 : A special police traffic officer will come over to capture some pictures. BUKAN gambar u,tapi gambar kereta-kereta yang terlibat for insurance claims purposes. U tak perlu nak pose macam all those car models tu jangan risau..

Step 7: Memang secara automatik si pelanggar akan dikenakan kompoun.So,the teacher kena RM300. 
 But nothing surprising....
 "Saya ada kelebihan sebab dulu saya pernah berkerja di Balai Polis Sri Aman.Saya boleh settlekan nama puan dengan segera lah.Puan bayar RM150, tapi dalam resit nanti jumlahnya akan kurang dari RM150 lah ye"

And dengan mengikut  kata-kata itu, si pengajar yang mengajar anak-anak kita tentang nilai-nilai murni, amanah dan jujur pun dengan segera membayar RM150...CASH.

*hhmmm...cant say much..suka hati cikgu lah..Anggap I was not there saje*

Step 8 : Selesai with the police report. Hal kereta pula. Kalau diikutkan, bayaran CASH lagi cepat dan mudah, tapi si pelanggar insisted to use her insurance..I nak hantar to my favourite workshop pun tak boleh since the workshop BUKAN AGENT INSURANCE plus he only accept CASH and si pelanggar did not want to fork out her purse...jadinya, terpaksalah opt for the workshop yang di-rekemen oleh police traffic ni tadi (she sent her car to the same workshop too)...

So make sure, KALAU terjadi pada u,kena cari workshop di mana ia adalah agent insurance or what I've been told,check out for .."Approved Repairer bu PIAM"

Step 9 : All you need to produce to the workshop ialah  (1) Your photocopy IC, (2) Photocopy lesen memandu . (3) Photocopy geran kereta (4) Photocopy front page of your car insurance.(5) the photocopy of the police report tadi.

Macam I, my car is under Kurnia Insurance, whereby the Kelisa is under Takaful Maybank. This is not an issue,boleh juga kita claim .Technically,by providing the documents I mentioned di atas itu, this will not impact on my car insurance langsung. Just as an acknowledgement to my car insurance company saje..NCB semua tak kacau.

Step 10: You need not to do anyhthing else payment at all from your side...just wait for your car to be ready.

There...10 lengthy learning points that I gained accidentally  ;p ....I hope this will give you (especially the ladies) a rough idea on what to do if you are in this situation...well....kan nya kita selalu rely on our husbands/dads/brothers ( in sequence)..but what if they are not around..

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Akikah Project - Part 2

At last...Mami can now lay back and enjoy the rest of the month till Dahlia's day my previous entry, I was doing all the listing..and scouting for which vendor should I may read it here
 alhamdulillah all reservations and design arrangement are firmed and settled. Just in time for our family trip this coming Thursday....
*************** Lunch meal - checked ***************

Vista Saji
No. 54, Jalan Bulan BN/U5BN (U5/C), Seksyen U5,
 Subang Bestari, Shah Alam  Selangor, 40150

***************Canopy - checked***************

Madetill Event Management Sdn Bhd
No 2, Jalan Taming 2A, Kaw. Perindustrian Taming Jaya,
43300 Balakong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8961 5751/5752/9076 Fax: 03-8961 5320

***************Sweet table - checked  ***************

Email :
Contact : 017 308 7573

*************** Birthday cake- ***************

My long long friend from university ..Nadia Rosli

*************** - Kambing Akikah - checked ***************

And yes.....our 1st trip of 2012.....pun checked ;)

We will be splashing our hearts out here at Thailand's third largest island - Koh Samui this weekend, 
 Will blog about our short weekend getaway trip for sure.

Note: Pictures are all from Google

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rotavirus & Similac LF


 Shot 1

 Shot 2

 Shot 3

Shot 4

Yup...4 shots I sempat capture while I was driving home. 4 shots that shows how tired Dahlia was after many rounds of stool passing. My poor little baby.

It was since last Friday that my time was mostly occupied caring for Dahlia. Morning Noon Evening it, I couldnt get my mind and body to settle sebab kesian melihat anak sakit. 

The moment I perasan Dahlia's stool was too watery last Saturday, terus I went to see Dr.Serena. And adoiyaiii...punya la ramai orang....we were patient number 28th if tak silap at an hour after the clinic was opened.

Questions lingered in our minds.Worried.Anxious.What could it be? Bubur basi ke? Susu basi ke? Food alergies ke?Or could it be Rotavirus. Even thou Dahlia has completed her Rotavirus vaccines, tapi kalau benda nak jadi, tak mampu I nak tegah. Its all on Allah's will and I shall wholeheartedly take it as a dugaan yang diberi kepada seorang ibu.

Memang agak debar-debar seeing Dahlia's stool tersangat watery sampaikan bertakung najis in her diapers. Kesian anak mami. She spent most of her time terlepek sahaja depan TV. Very unlikely kan??Kalau tak  semestinya dia memanjat tangga atau pun berlegar-legar tak reti erti penat.

Alhamdulillah, after 5 days, she is now recovering from that severe pain. It was not Rotavirus as per confirmed by Dr Serena. Some term she told me but tak boleh ingat lah. Masa tu duk pikir,cepat la bagi ubat untuk my baby ni...

Why did she say it was not Rotavirus

1. Dahlia has no FEVER. This is the main check point.
2. Dahlia did not vomit as much. Baik on the frequency nor on the quantity. Kalau ada pun hanya sedikit. Mungkin kerana terlebih susu or bubur. 

So remember parents, if those 2 things happen the other way round, do rush to the clinic/hospital asap. Seems such a small  matter kan? Tapi, take it this demam, your senses are all hay wire, your appetite decreases..tambah pula with stomach cramps and cirit-cirit lagi..manakan ada mood untuk makan minum kan? So this leads to dehydration. And death may follow. 
Note this well, Its not due to the virus spread all over your body yang cause the death, 

For Dahlia's case, it was uncertain what caused her to have watery diarrhea. But as soon as Dr Serena saw her watery diaper (kebetulan time Dahlia jumpa Dr, dia cirit,so timing agak bagus), terus she prescribed us with some remedy and macam biasa lah, she explained things out.
She drew us a table for us to monitor Dahlia's eating ad discharge progress. This was to give an average how much liquid has Dahlia passed. If Dahlia's input was less than 2 oz within an hour but still passes watery diarrhea, she must be admitted for water drip.Tapi alhamdulillah sekali lagi, after taking Dr.Serena's PEK LIN, Dahlia was much better.  

This was how watery Dahlia's stool were. In fact, there was one where it was almost 3 oz of watery stool I would say. Gross but sampai meleleh keluar dari diapers. :( Kesian baby I...dengan muka dia yang terkebil-kebil tengok Mami cuci montot dia...

Memang as all are well known, if kita sakit perut cirit-cirit, the 1st step is to avoid dairy products where the content of lactose is high. Same applies to babies jugak, Dr.Serena provided us with boxes of Similac LF (lactose free) milk for Dahlia to consume for this 1 whole week. Do I need to continue giving this even she has fully recovered nanti? Hmmm.. Im not sure. The info on the net says, we may switch it back which I would certainly love to lah to be frank.

She gave us 6 boxes of Similac LF, tapi tak sempat seminggu, dah habis licin. I bought a small tin from Guardian pharmacy recently and it cost about RM26-RM27.. (I cant recall how much exactly ...)

SMECTA ...Also known as ORS macam tu...Vanilla flavour...8 oz every 1 sachet .Nasib baik Dahlia minum

Ubat Pemekat Najis = PEK LIN I mentioned earlier..rasa kelat-kelat. Manis.

I pun tak nampak whats the name of this ubat. Tapi this must be given each time after Dahlia muntah. Bukan ubat makan, tapi ubat masuk at the backside. This is to prevent Dahlia from feeling loya and hence tak mahu makan.

Last but not least lah, cream sapu on her private part. To prevent dari melecet.

Cost? Hmm..jangan la ingat I mau show off ya, pasal anak tiada apa yang perlu di show off kan. This was our bill. So there's no reason for parents to be cautious about fees for something like this.

Dahlia - doing much much better...drinking her vanilla flavor Smecta.

Of course, harus with her cartoon channel.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Akikah Project - Part 1

My project timeline is now back on track..Alhamdulillah...So far here are the check-list

# 1-  Daging akikah is taken of by Papa..There is this one friend of his that offers this service in Mekkah. So this is checked.
# 2 - Dahlia's happy cakes are all reserved with my desired designs ...thanks to my dear friend Nadia ;)
# 3 - Im soon to close a deal with one canopy company once I receive the revised quotation. Hopefully by   end of business today.
# 4 - I have emailed out few quotations to couple of caterers across Klang Valley. Pending for their respond je la sekarang ni.
# 5 - Invitation list / cards - Pending to be printed and distributed ..Tentatively to get this out by mid of March 2012.
# 6 - Party planner. Well..Im not engaging them for an end-to-end party planning. Just a little piece saje. Total cost should not exceed RM700 .Pembaziran it may seems, tapi ...emmm...I have no time to get the 'secret' thing realized. So, upah orang la buat..

 This little girl is soon to blow off her 1st candle ;)
So basically that is all lah...I like to get this planned and agreed as early as possible so that I can kick off for my next project's planning ;)

Oh ya...I did ask for another quotation on food catering. And to my surprise, the respond was rather in a blink...senang.... The caterer even replied with questions that did not even crossed my mind..first time la katanya...dulu majlis kahwin Umi handled ;p

This is a good sign indeed.... The caterer is not too far from my house and further more,no food tasting needed sebab my company where Im working right now (Avon) will usually engage with them for any functions held and so far .... the food kena pada anak tekak I. Tak tau la orang lain ;p

I dont know kenapa the pictures macam blurred..Due to ScreenPrint32 ni ke?ke mata I? But for sure I will share out more in days to come :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bila sudah dapat kaki ...

"I tak tenang tengok cerita hindustan sebab risau where and what Dahlia is up to"

Yeah...that was the exact words I commented on Facebook recently. Sejak dua menjak Dahlia dah dapat kaki sikit ni..Every corner of the house she has ventured dah.

  Bila di tegur beginilah riaknya...

 Sesekali bila dimarah, muka terkejut terserlah

 Tapi untuk hanya seketika

  Lagi di buatnya tanpa kira

 "Ehhhhh....gate terbuka?" ....perhaps that was what in her mind...

  Puas pakaikan dress, tetapi aktifnya macam anak jantan..

 Si bulat buah hati mami and papa...

 "Dahlia...dah dah la..."

 See la...

"Okay mami, I gave up"

How about here mami? Can I?....


Ke dapur pulaaaaakkkkk!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Preparation mode :)

*In the preparation stage of my 1st quarter 2012 trip + Dahlia's birthday party*

shall blog about these soon...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

One Two Three Four...Hi 5 !!!!

She conquers the house..Ok Im kidding..she is just getting hold of the TV and she is like only 10 months old...!!!!!Most of the recorded programs are hers. Hi-5, Hi-5 and more Hi-5 ..Yes...she adores Hi-5 a lot!!!! She would sway away from what ever thing she was doing and turn to the TV screen and do her tummy dance each time she hears the intro songs...hehehe...cheeky little girl!!!Thanks to Astro with its Beyond product, these has been keeping her entertained  and sit still while I do the house chores.
How would I manage without it!!!

And the recorded list of Hi-5 continues...

Being a first time mother, Im still learning which program suits best or amuse her much. We started off with Disney Junior's programs such as Dibo the Gift Dragon, Timmy Time, Handy Manny, and all the animated cartoon shows but none seems to catch her attention as much as Hi-5... 
Well..not only hers, the shows caught me in the act as well..

Lauren singing... "Tip Tip Toes....Tip Tip Toes"

Stevie and Tim in "Fit Bit Tips"

"Sing , sing a frog song, not too short, not too long,
Deep deep and low, not too fast not too slow,
Its a golden song, lets sing along,
Wibbit Wibbit Wibbit"...

She has been playing the show all over for the abundance of times, that I could memorize the lyrics!!!

 Watching Casey and Chats making Alpha toast...

A little info : Hi-5 is an Australian children's musical group formed in 1998 created by Helena Harris, who was also the creator of "Banana in Pajamas". Aiming at children,Hi-5 includes educational trends as fun and games, and features music and movement that attracts children's attention.

Gotcha!!!!She did not even notice I was snapping this.

We tried Dahlia with some of Sesame Street's Elmo shows too...the verdict? hmmm...A little interest shown there but again,not as much. Perhaps when she is a little bit older. Anyhow, I find that such programs that I've mentioned,do have their own unique approaches in educating our children. Each are all impressively good and I believe child-development experts do work together with the writers on every script to assure the the gist of each message is delivered in the most simplest way for a child to understand.

One of  Dahlia's favorite dance song...from Hi-5's  'Discovery' theme.

 For an instant, Hi-5 shows are built around with a simple theme like colours, music, animals, or numbers. whereby each show is segregated into segments that teach the concept different ways. And music is their key of joining the segments of the program together besides highlighting the concepts and theme of each program.

My little cutey pie adoring Fely's fruits learning segment

Speaking of Fely...We missed her last appearance on Hi-5 on the eve of last Christmas. Little did I know that she was leaving the colorful world of Hi 5 until I google-ed about Hi-5 recently.. Im sure it was the most emotional farewell episode. Fely was one of my favorite cast. Her charm and witty smiles captivates viewers especially this little one. 

On behalf of baby Dahlia, Fely,I wish you well in your future endeavors. And to Dayen, looking forward to see you in this wonderful world of Hi 5 .

I hope Dahlia will grow up together with Hi 5 and hopefully, we would have the chance to fly to the studio and watch Hi 5 show...LIVE..