Thursday, 16 February 2012

Akikah Project - Part 1

My project timeline is now back on track..Alhamdulillah...So far here are the check-list

# 1-  Daging akikah is taken of by Papa..There is this one friend of his that offers this service in Mekkah. So this is checked.
# 2 - Dahlia's happy cakes are all reserved with my desired designs ...thanks to my dear friend Nadia ;)
# 3 - Im soon to close a deal with one canopy company once I receive the revised quotation. Hopefully by   end of business today.
# 4 - I have emailed out few quotations to couple of caterers across Klang Valley. Pending for their respond je la sekarang ni.
# 5 - Invitation list / cards - Pending to be printed and distributed ..Tentatively to get this out by mid of March 2012.
# 6 - Party planner. Well..Im not engaging them for an end-to-end party planning. Just a little piece saje. Total cost should not exceed RM700 .Pembaziran it may seems, tapi ...emmm...I have no time to get the 'secret' thing realized. So, upah orang la buat..

 This little girl is soon to blow off her 1st candle ;)
So basically that is all lah...I like to get this planned and agreed as early as possible so that I can kick off for my next project's planning ;)

Oh ya...I did ask for another quotation on food catering. And to my surprise, the respond was rather in a blink...senang.... The caterer even replied with questions that did not even crossed my mind..first time la katanya...dulu majlis kahwin Umi handled ;p

This is a good sign indeed.... The caterer is not too far from my house and further more,no food tasting needed sebab my company where Im working right now (Avon) will usually engage with them for any functions held and so far .... the food kena pada anak tekak I. Tak tau la orang lain ;p

I dont know kenapa the pictures macam blurred..Due to ScreenPrint32 ni ke?ke mata I? But for sure I will share out more in days to come :)

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