Thursday, 2 February 2012

One Two Three Four...Hi 5 !!!!

She conquers the house..Ok Im kidding..she is just getting hold of the TV and she is like only 10 months old...!!!!!Most of the recorded programs are hers. Hi-5, Hi-5 and more Hi-5 ..Yes...she adores Hi-5 a lot!!!! She would sway away from what ever thing she was doing and turn to the TV screen and do her tummy dance each time she hears the intro songs...hehehe...cheeky little girl!!!Thanks to Astro with its Beyond product, these has been keeping her entertained  and sit still while I do the house chores.
How would I manage without it!!!

And the recorded list of Hi-5 continues...

Being a first time mother, Im still learning which program suits best or amuse her much. We started off with Disney Junior's programs such as Dibo the Gift Dragon, Timmy Time, Handy Manny, and all the animated cartoon shows but none seems to catch her attention as much as Hi-5... 
Well..not only hers, the shows caught me in the act as well..

Lauren singing... "Tip Tip Toes....Tip Tip Toes"

Stevie and Tim in "Fit Bit Tips"

"Sing , sing a frog song, not too short, not too long,
Deep deep and low, not too fast not too slow,
Its a golden song, lets sing along,
Wibbit Wibbit Wibbit"...

She has been playing the show all over for the abundance of times, that I could memorize the lyrics!!!

 Watching Casey and Chats making Alpha toast...

A little info : Hi-5 is an Australian children's musical group formed in 1998 created by Helena Harris, who was also the creator of "Banana in Pajamas". Aiming at children,Hi-5 includes educational trends as fun and games, and features music and movement that attracts children's attention.

Gotcha!!!!She did not even notice I was snapping this.

We tried Dahlia with some of Sesame Street's Elmo shows too...the verdict? hmmm...A little interest shown there but again,not as much. Perhaps when she is a little bit older. Anyhow, I find that such programs that I've mentioned,do have their own unique approaches in educating our children. Each are all impressively good and I believe child-development experts do work together with the writers on every script to assure the the gist of each message is delivered in the most simplest way for a child to understand.

One of  Dahlia's favorite dance song...from Hi-5's  'Discovery' theme.

 For an instant, Hi-5 shows are built around with a simple theme like colours, music, animals, or numbers. whereby each show is segregated into segments that teach the concept different ways. And music is their key of joining the segments of the program together besides highlighting the concepts and theme of each program.

My little cutey pie adoring Fely's fruits learning segment

Speaking of Fely...We missed her last appearance on Hi-5 on the eve of last Christmas. Little did I know that she was leaving the colorful world of Hi 5 until I google-ed about Hi-5 recently.. Im sure it was the most emotional farewell episode. Fely was one of my favorite cast. Her charm and witty smiles captivates viewers especially this little one. 

On behalf of baby Dahlia, Fely,I wish you well in your future endeavors. And to Dayen, looking forward to see you in this wonderful world of Hi 5 .

I hope Dahlia will grow up together with Hi 5 and hopefully, we would have the chance to fly to the studio and watch Hi 5 show...LIVE..

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