Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rotavirus & Similac LF


 Shot 1

 Shot 2

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Shot 4

Yup...4 shots I sempat capture while I was driving home. 4 shots that shows how tired Dahlia was after many rounds of stool passing. My poor little baby.

It was since last Friday that my time was mostly occupied caring for Dahlia. Morning Noon Evening it, I couldnt get my mind and body to settle sebab kesian melihat anak sakit. 

The moment I perasan Dahlia's stool was too watery last Saturday, terus I went to see Dr.Serena. And adoiyaiii...punya la ramai orang....we were patient number 28th if tak silap at an hour after the clinic was opened.

Questions lingered in our minds.Worried.Anxious.What could it be? Bubur basi ke? Susu basi ke? Food alergies ke?Or could it be Rotavirus. Even thou Dahlia has completed her Rotavirus vaccines, tapi kalau benda nak jadi, tak mampu I nak tegah. Its all on Allah's will and I shall wholeheartedly take it as a dugaan yang diberi kepada seorang ibu.

Memang agak debar-debar seeing Dahlia's stool tersangat watery sampaikan bertakung najis in her diapers. Kesian anak mami. She spent most of her time terlepek sahaja depan TV. Very unlikely kan??Kalau tak  semestinya dia memanjat tangga atau pun berlegar-legar tak reti erti penat.

Alhamdulillah, after 5 days, she is now recovering from that severe pain. It was not Rotavirus as per confirmed by Dr Serena. Some term she told me but tak boleh ingat lah. Masa tu duk pikir,cepat la bagi ubat untuk my baby ni...

Why did she say it was not Rotavirus

1. Dahlia has no FEVER. This is the main check point.
2. Dahlia did not vomit as much. Baik on the frequency nor on the quantity. Kalau ada pun hanya sedikit. Mungkin kerana terlebih susu or bubur. 

So remember parents, if those 2 things happen the other way round, do rush to the clinic/hospital asap. Seems such a small  matter kan? Tapi, take it this demam, your senses are all hay wire, your appetite decreases..tambah pula with stomach cramps and cirit-cirit lagi..manakan ada mood untuk makan minum kan? So this leads to dehydration. And death may follow. 
Note this well, Its not due to the virus spread all over your body yang cause the death, 

For Dahlia's case, it was uncertain what caused her to have watery diarrhea. But as soon as Dr Serena saw her watery diaper (kebetulan time Dahlia jumpa Dr, dia cirit,so timing agak bagus), terus she prescribed us with some remedy and macam biasa lah, she explained things out.
She drew us a table for us to monitor Dahlia's eating ad discharge progress. This was to give an average how much liquid has Dahlia passed. If Dahlia's input was less than 2 oz within an hour but still passes watery diarrhea, she must be admitted for water drip.Tapi alhamdulillah sekali lagi, after taking Dr.Serena's PEK LIN, Dahlia was much better.  

This was how watery Dahlia's stool were. In fact, there was one where it was almost 3 oz of watery stool I would say. Gross but sampai meleleh keluar dari diapers. :( Kesian baby I...dengan muka dia yang terkebil-kebil tengok Mami cuci montot dia...

Memang as all are well known, if kita sakit perut cirit-cirit, the 1st step is to avoid dairy products where the content of lactose is high. Same applies to babies jugak, Dr.Serena provided us with boxes of Similac LF (lactose free) milk for Dahlia to consume for this 1 whole week. Do I need to continue giving this even she has fully recovered nanti? Hmmm.. Im not sure. The info on the net says, we may switch it back which I would certainly love to lah to be frank.

She gave us 6 boxes of Similac LF, tapi tak sempat seminggu, dah habis licin. I bought a small tin from Guardian pharmacy recently and it cost about RM26-RM27.. (I cant recall how much exactly ...)

SMECTA ...Also known as ORS macam tu...Vanilla flavour...8 oz every 1 sachet .Nasib baik Dahlia minum

Ubat Pemekat Najis = PEK LIN I mentioned earlier..rasa kelat-kelat. Manis.

I pun tak nampak whats the name of this ubat. Tapi this must be given each time after Dahlia muntah. Bukan ubat makan, tapi ubat masuk at the backside. This is to prevent Dahlia from feeling loya and hence tak mahu makan.

Last but not least lah, cream sapu on her private part. To prevent dari melecet.

Cost? Hmm..jangan la ingat I mau show off ya, pasal anak tiada apa yang perlu di show off kan. This was our bill. So there's no reason for parents to be cautious about fees for something like this.

Dahlia - doing much much better...drinking her vanilla flavor Smecta.

Of course, harus with her cartoon channel.

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