Sunday, 22 April 2012

A little promise

Hello there...just to let u know that i have few entries to be published soon...i just dont have the time to upload the pictures ito each one of the post while attending to my work and little are some of the entries that i've drafted so far :

1. About Dahlia is now on Flixotide Evohler ..yeap..i bought the yellow aerochamber too!
2. About Dahlia kena gigit kelkatu ( agaknya) that her whole body had these red rashes
3. About my little part time business preparation - yeah...decided to start on selling attire such as baju kurung wish me luck ya..some extra pocket money for my Dahlia..
4. About our day trip to Sungai Inki

Yeap..thats pretty much of what has been going on stay tuned for the whole stories ya... ;)

Thank you for stopping by !!!!!

A shot at Oasis Square - Ara Damansara for the LifeStyle Collection Expo

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