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Slightly a bigger home - Part 2 of 3


If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would have known what we've been up to lately ;)

So, here is the update from the last post...

We were over the moon when our ballot number was called!!! We were the 3rd family to be called in and yes this was rather important for us coz the selection of units were based on the names called in sequence. ..syukur sangat... alhamdulillah ;p Albeit there were not many units left. All the corner and the end-lots units were taken. Corner units kalau ada pun takut, we did not even dare to take a look how much was it. ..end-lot maybe but ada rahmat agaknya, all taken out.. Left us with the intermediates ones. Syukur jugak sebab front rows nearer to the guard house units are still available.
One of those orange-dots is ours ..*wicked smile*

Few reasons why we are aiming for the house..

1stly, for its proper township by a trusted developer. Jadinya re-selling price will be at an advantage.*Mana tau kan..ada rezeki dapat berhijrah ke negara  luar pula selepas ini,ada value should we want to let go of this house...amin..

 2ndly, for its guarded / gated community:
With all the horrifying stories of home breakages , at least this is a little comforting. Especially during the time when my husband need to fly away.Besides, gated community looks more organized and neat.And its nearer to my office in Glenmarie juga! ;)

3rdly, fot its modern yet contemporary design:
I could see most developers nowadays are incline towards a simple boxy designs yet with a little bit of modern touch. Tidak perlu digobek banyak rasanya... For some owners who loves to temper so much usually ends up looking like a shambled groceries stores.

4thly,for its spacious and a little bit of green model design:
With a simple design and a little of green from the spacious internal courtyard differentiates this model with the other models yang ada di denai alam ini...  Boleh la kiranya hendak merasa in-door garden sambil nak ke dapur ..Dahlia will be the one yang ke hulu hilir using the link agaknya.. :) we'll see about that...

With a size of 24'x80', and a build up area about 2700 ++ sf, it is way  more comfortable space area than our current puncak alam house's space, we are overwhelmed...never was in our plan anyway.. serious gamblers we were...

Front view (Type X)

 Rear view (on the left)

*For my easy online look-up when I do my what-ever-house-planning ;) . I swapped the picture because this is the layout of our unit ...
4thly, there are decent schools nearby:
Kalau sebelum ini, we thought of being near to our parent's house, now that we have Dahlia, we are more concern of which education institute/center/school for Dahlia. Balik to my parents house boleh diusahakan over the weekends,insyaAllah. Tapi seriously, this is the major reason why we wanted to move out from Puncak Alam. Sorry to say, but seeing the kids there really gives me the spooks..those types of parents who lets their as young as 4-5 years old to play unattended by any adults. Seriously dont they learn from the news?

One good thing that this house of ours, will only be ready by 2014. This will give us super extra ample time that we need to sell off our current house and furthermore, we shall have more time to do some savings balik... ;)

Learning points:

1) Choosing a lot
Little did I know that any house next to the corner lots ones will have a higher margin price in re-selling. So, for you who would like to purchase as an investment, its a good choice.
Do consider where the sun rises and sets. Some 'fengshui' tips would be helpful. Do consider on the traffic of your street too. Well, with a less traffic , at least your children are pretty safe to play around on the street..

2) Choosing a bank
Alhamdulillah. All 3 banks that we approached for a house loan had approved our applications. But, always..always.. always bargain and choose for the best offer. As per in our case,we sealed a deal with Maybank Berhad,from the Klang branch. Among the 3 branches, this branch offered the best deal!!! If you are planning to get a house loan or a hire purchase loan, do contact me, I know somebody there at Maybank Klang that could help..unless he resigns la ha... ;) *seriously. InsyaAllah he can get it approved. Kita usaha saje harm..

3) Its never wrong to just take a peek
  Kalau ada rezekinya, apakah salahnya, right? So people,just pay a visit to these kind of carnivals or promotions, they usually offers a great deal to get your cash spent... ;)

I guess that is all that I can think of on the tips..last but not least, I read this from the internet and yeah...I second it!!!!

".... preparing a house is much more fun than preparing a wedding!! :) "

Notes : Sorry.There arent many photos that I can share and to product-promote in here since they all baru pacak tiang. And there were no show houses either...

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Assalamualaikum. Dear Pn. Lela Nasir, I believe that you and En. Helmi have received the key to your new house in Aster Grove @ Denai Alam by now. Many owners of Aster Grove, including me, have received their new house keys beginning June 2014 or will be receiving in the next number of weeks or so. I am contacting you as I came across to your blog which stated that you and your husband made a purchase of the mentioned property. Hence, should you (and /or your husband) are interested to join the Aster Grove community WhatsApp group, please private message me via the Low Yat Forum @ (topic 2391111 - page 106) and look out for my handle name: Feelmore. In the private message, please provide your mobile phone number and I will add you on to the group. Thank you. Regards, Feelmore