Monday, 9 July 2012

The most terrifying 5 minutes

Its hard to put into words on how grateful and thankful I am to THE GREAT ALLAH s.w.t. Terasa sangat terharu dengan pertolongan-NYA di masa yang amat kritikal ini ..walaupun DIA tahu diri ini tidaklah setinggi mana ilmu agamanya. I could not think straight and my body was shaking. I could feel warm tears on my cheeks but I could not care less..just kept on reciting ayatul kursi again and again comforting my darling Dahlia. I couldn't even construct a proper sentence while texting my husband wanting him to fetch us from the clinic. It was all so blur and all my focus was on Dahlia.

This was how I texted him that morning : "FaST.SAWAN.NEED TO WARD" . Dah tak tau bagi salam hello semua dah..terus bagi points. And "need to ward"??!?!?..apakah?!?!?

It was the most horrifying 5 minutes of my life when Dahlia was attacked by a SIMPLE FEBRILE FIT 2 DEGREE TO ACCUTE BRONCHOLITIS ...or most commonly known as "seizure" (demam sawan).

It all started during the bad haze recently whereby Dahlia developed a minor cough and flu. Slightly feverish on a on and off days..but it was not until last Wednesday (4th July 2012) that her body temperature was close to 39 Celsius.

My poor baby girl was helpless..exhausted and somehow I could feel the body aches she had to endure. The 1st episode occurred at 10:40 AM and lucky me, we were still at the pediatrician's clinic when it happend. (in Rahmah Putra, Sg Buloh)

Kejang separuh badan Dahlia.Tangan kaki dan muka sudah berkerut kejang,air liuh meleleh tanpa sedar,meronta-ronta kesakitan...Sayu melihatnya menangis menahan kesakitan dari ketegangan otot membuatkan I panik,menggeletar seluruh badan,tapi digagahkan juga mendukung anak comel ,amanah dari Allah ini..."Ya Allah, Kau sembuhkanlah anakku ini dengan segera..", doa yang tidak putus-putus dimohon dalam hati  walaupun kedua-dua mata sudah bergenang dengan air mata .

I rushed Dahlia back into the examination room and Dr.Serena came to aid.I admired the support given by Dr Serena. "Its ok mummy, she is going to be fine..its ok mummy"...she kept comforting me while sponging Dahlia. Thanks doc! :')

With a very wet towel she sponged Dahlia head to toe continuously for 5 minutes. Slowly her seizures subsided and as soon as she was awake, she cried "Maa" (thats how she calls me , puas ajar MA-MI, tapi MAA juga yang keluar ) Lantas bertambah mengobak (crying) I masa ni.

Mau taknya, any mother who witnesses her baby in a state of: unconscious, both eyes focusing upwards, muscles strain on face,arms and legs, who would not,kan? It was Dahlia's first experience, and Dr Serena highly recommended Dahlia to be monitored in a hospital.

Syukur alhamdulillah it was a brief episode. Else, it would have impacted her braincell. Checked in at DEMC (Darul Ehsan Medical Center) that noon and was warded at room 604 for 3 nights.

Darul Ehsan Medical Center (DEMC, Shah Alam (landmark : Bluewave Hotel)
Checked in - 4th July 2012
Checked out - 7th July 2012
Doctor: Dr Fadzilah 
Note :Thank you to all the doctors and staff nurses that had attended to Dahlia during the stay.

While waiting for our room to be ready

 Her 1st drip experience

She was a little bit energized that evening

Seizures may happen again if she ever develops fever again. And that is why I have these with me all the time to at least avoid the episode to even strike.*kalau boleh tak mahu jadi lagi :'(

1. Body Thermometer
2. Antibiotic called Zinnat ( ubat punggung)

Important info about seizures in children here  and here.Do read them if you have the chance. It may come in handy.

I could still vividly see the scene in the examination room on the day Dahlia was attacked. And I dont plan to get it erased or forgotten. With that memory, it will be an inspiration for me to be better muslim and to be more thankful of the unconditional rezeki (gifts) , love and chances HE had given us. Alhamdulillah.


eLLe said...

alhamdulillah..moga dahlia cepat semboh n sihat walafiat...take care dear..

Deeda said...

Luckily u still dlm hosp lagi masa tu kan..oh mesti panic!
Alhamdulillah..Dahlia is fully rcovered rite? take care to both!