Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Feeling blue

Alhamdulillah...we are still here breathing given the chance to perform our ibadah. Soon to welcome Syawal as a new beginning...

Sedih juga untuk meninggalkan bulan Ramadhan ini..terasa sayu mengenangkan segala dosa yang lampau..I was a foolish young girl back then..if I could rewind back the time,if I could undone it all, I swear that I would make it up.. terasa meremang bulu roma memikirkan balasan dari-NYA ...how oblivious was I back then..should I have known how precious we are to HIM...I would have been more careful on my doings.

Anyway, not to remorse too much on that, Im making a vow to be a better person in all aspect. InsyaAllah,with the guidance and du'a from my darling husband,dearest parents,family and friends..

Nothing much for our Aidilfitri preparation..saving the dough for our Sept 2012 holiday...insyaAllah...

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