Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rotorua, New Zealand - Feb 2013

12 hours of long flight followed by another 3 hours of drive from Auckland to Rotorua memang sangat memenatkan tahap merajuk(sangat)!!!! Ditambah pula with our flight yang delayed for almost 2 hours..*bengang ok* Tapi alhamdulillah I dapat jugak control my emotions during our trip this time..sekejap je time kat Auckland ..hehhe..sebab city tu serabut tu yang jadi hangin  :P..hehhe..keep blaming lela !!..sendiri emo..

Tapi hendak dijadinya cerita, cut off time for check in at our hotel di Rotorua was at pukul 9pm. From Auckland to Rotorua was estimated to take another 3 hours!!Sudah la arrival time delayed..Supposedly touched down at 1pm, jadi 3pm... Lagi cerita tamilnya pula, as soon as we all sampai di airport Rotorua, kami laki bini sakit perut..Had our trips to the toilets ..another hour spent there....FYI,here in NZ, toilets adalah jenis yang tiada paip air tau....tapi learnt from our last visit many years back, we bought a bottled mineral water and menggunakan secara patut.. ;p

OK enough on that part. Sibuk dikisahkan pasal toilet..muntah pening pulak terbayang-bayang..
Lets continue our journey shall we..

Day 1 - Thur 7th Feb 2013 : Free and easy
Day 2 - Fri 8th Feb 2013 : Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, Taupo Bungy, Huka Falls
Day 3 - Sat 9th Feb 2013 : Skyline , Zorb
Day 4 - Sun 10th Feb 2013 : Waitomo Glow-worm Cave, Hamurana Springs
Day 5 - Mon 11th Feb 2013 : Auckland Zoo, Auckland Aquarium,
Day 6 - Tues 12th Feb 2013 : Flight back

Huka Falls

Summary and some learning points :

#1. Locals are approachable and very friendly. Agaknya mereka lihat kulit sama gelap kot.. :p Tapi not to worry, they are ok. Tidak perlu risau dibuli or etc. In fact, ramai Malaysian di sana to back you ke?!?..*megah ok jumpa melayu kat tempat orang..rasa bangga!!*

#2. Signages boards are comprehensive and everywhere! You wont get lost. As for us, since tempat yang we all nak pergi ni required driving to the north  and to the south, so maps are rather important. Initially I pi la print out maps berhelai-helai..tapi mana tau my mom pinjamkan her Garmin device my print outs macam tidak la guna double confirm minah Garmin's directions..tapi seriously said..senang jalan di sana..tidak takut..tetapi perlu dijaga speed limits la..

#3 . Makan pun quite ok. We stayed at a fully basic equiped motel. Pinggan periuk cuma perlu dibilas and diniat sahaja elok2. Makan memang senang.Lagi pun our motel betul-betul depan lagi la senang  kami makan.Halal eateries pun hendak kata banyak sangat kat Rotorua ni, tak jugak. But we found a few :

1.Ali Baba's Turnisian Cuisine
2. Mecca Kebabs
3. Nandos (yes , the Nandos at this branch is Halal. Almost worldwide but u have to check with the branch manager)

#4. Cuaca wise, Feb is the last month of summer..jadinya not too sejuk not too panas mencucuk. Sunny but windy at times. Tapi boleh berpeluh juga ketiak kalau lama-lama berada under the hot sun.

#5. Plan your visits. Tempat nya banyak yang menarik. Cukup or tidak cukup sahaja masa untuk cover within the 5 days. Check out our excel sheet. Its better for you  to mark the distance from your hotel , location north south ect to avoid waste of time and fuel !! ..As for us,we noted the entrances time juga..takut juga, jauh-jauh drive, tiba-tiba close pula..

#7. For the entrances kali ni, we all didnot book any online tickets like we did  in Cape Town. Semua entrance fees were paid over the counters. Some accepts credit cards, some does not.

*Just a little advice : Do not swipe ur credit card so frequently while you are across the oceans. The total credit deducted from your credit card will be based on the currency of the POSTED DATE. NOT THE TRANSACTION DATE. Kalau jatuhnya POSTED DATE tu is the most highest currency buying rate, memang terlebih banyak Ringgit Malaysia will be deducted.. and vice versa...

#8. We rented a medium sized car for 5 days from Hertz. Pick up and Return at the Auckland Airport. Dont be fooled by the cheaper / not so famous car rentals agency , sama sahaja harganya kalau dikira. We got ours at about RM90 per day (cant find any cheaper and decent than this) + 1 baby car seat. I cant remember if hubby did took the accident insurance coverage or not..sekiranya ada pertanyaan baru I tanya him ok ;) . Oh and yes, its a right hand drive sama seperti di Malaysia.. ;)

#9. Rotorua to us is a very beautiful place (even tho Queenstown lagi cantik..masyaAllah). Very easy going town. Not too crowded comparing to Auckland. And  Hamurana Springs and Skyline is a must to go ok!!! Menyesal nanti sekiranya terlepas. The forest, the lakes, the wide green land..memang tidak terkata..Sebak melihat ciptaan Allah ni..

My husband once said, kalau di dunia ada benda secantik ini, di syurga ntah bagai mana .. :')

#10. Jangan lupa to bring along your universal electrical power adapter.

#12. Do opt for a campervan if you are looking for a more adventurous trip. There are alot of camp areas for pits stops etc. Hmm..maybe we will try this out on our next trip..I have few friends with this experience ,and it sounds exhilarating!!! inn sya Allah...

#11. Last but not least, sharing the budget spent lebih kurang for your budget estimation (excluding airfares)  for your planning :) happy holidays readers

Rotorua - Day 5

Two main itineraries planned for this day. The Auckland Zoo and the Auckland Aquarium named Kally Tarltons. We had an early breakfast, checked-out from Rotorua and drove 3 hours back to Auckland. We headed straight to the zoo.

Was a hot sunny day indeed. Panas dia sudah seperti panas di KL..

Now that Dahlia sudah pandai mengenal animals ,memang agak teruja untuk kami bring her here..

 "See" - Seal

 "Arf" - Giraffe 

 "Baa ..Car" - Zebra ..Madagascar ..
she's making the sound tu yang muka duk macam tu ha..

 "Tan" - Orang Utan

 "Tis" - Tortoise. This is one giant tortoise!

  "Fern" - Elephant

Ha...ini namanya mami sudah penat berjalan under the sun dengan anak yang hendak menolak stroller sendiri..

Bila dimarah pun, masih lagi disenyum..*cair

 "Beed" - Bird . She did the "Rio" cartoon dance..Papa and Mami as the musicians..

It was a huge zoo...we went round and round masih lagi tidak habis animals nya...Penat!!!! Told hubby, we will not be able to make it in time kalau cover the whole area..Takut the Aquarium tutup pula..

Then off we headed to the Kelly Tarltons' Aquarium ...

Penguins encounter...not!! hehehe..

"Uin..ek ek.." - Penguin...bunyi nya 'Ek' 'Ek' (yang sengau-sengau tu tau)
 Due to tireness, I did not bother to read the name of these fishes...


We did not stay long at this aquarium. I did not quite like it. Not as many marine creatures as it was at Cape Town.

We then headed back to the city and did our shopping. Papa wanted to get more NZ T's. Auckland City is so crowded that each time Im there, my temper will be like merapu-rapu...kesian darling hubby. The parking facilities sah-sah sangat mahal..NZD7 per hour! But we dare not pula to simply me-Malaysian-kan that city by parking ikut suka hati jiran. We parked at "Wilson Parking"..As papa was about to make the payment tru the vending machine, ada makhluk Allah swt gave us his ticket that was to expires in 4 hours. Syukur Alhamdulillah..Rezeki Allah bagi..May Allah buka hati mamat itu untuk embrace Islam ..aamiin.. ;)

Crossing our fingers, we headed to the same take-away shop where I bought the luscious pizza during our honeymoon. *sempoi honeymoon makan pizza jalanan ;) . It was superbly lembut and nyummy! The soft dough fully stuffed with spinach and cheese ...topped with alot of cheese spread pula...yummmieeyy!!!

You might want to try some..its the name of the street..ahh..the city is not that huge..
pi mai pi mai tang itu juga..Tapi I remember it was on the same street as the LV shop. No I did not get any of the items from those elite lines..

There are a lot of chinese here in Auckland!Terasa macam kat China pulak (eh never been to China pun kau tu Lela..jangan perasan!!)....Harus mereka ini ialah tauke tauke besar for some firms di sini or something..they drive REALLY handsome cars compared to the locals..kalau hendak dikata they all sewa sahaja those expensive rides, at least mampu juga mereka..dari Pn Lela..sewa kereta cinonit sahaja...heheh...cinonit pun berpuluh kilometer sudah happiness Mazda ni bawa ;) Thank you Allah...

So there...our New Zealand - North trip this time..Alhamdulillah ..plans were executed without any hickups..You should come here..and if possible straight away to the South of New Zealand...its even more breathtaking :)

Happy holiday!!!

Auckland Zoo :
Kelly Tarltons :

Rotorua - Day 4

The forth day. We decided to take it easy after 2 subsequence days of playing..We departed for Waitomo Glow-worm Cave in Waitomo, as early possible coz we wanted to take the early cruise. Furthermore, its the most farthest from our motel ,almost half way heading back to Auckland..after Matamata  ( the Hobitton's movie set).

No photos were allowed so I could not get it visuallized how it looks like in the cave perfectly..I did googled some photos for you though..

Could you see those strings-look-a-like? Those are the glowworms..prohibited to touch..too high on the ceiling of the cave anyway...

This cave is so magnificent.subhanallah...a private property leased to this tourism company for until the year 2060 sekiranya tidak silap..just look at the pinnacles or should I say limestones..they will develop until the tips may meet up each other ..this will take up thousand of years...

This was how the cruise in the cave was like..completely silence..Memang dunia ini penuh dengan exquisitely beautiful creatures bukan..Allahuakbar... ;')

On our way back to the motel, we stopped by at the Hamurana Springs.

For your info,Hamurana Springs is a recreational reserve where by the main entrance is betul-betul situated next to a golf course. So not to worry if you think you got to the wrong place.. ;)

We had to walk through the Redwood grove to get to the Hamurana Springs itself.A very well managed, clean, with the natural breathtaking thicket. The Redwoods is a type of a very very tall tree (55 meters high)...the tallest redwood found is in America ..mencecah 100 meters high...masyaAllah..

Papa with our lunch :)

She was looking for a perfect 'magic wand' ...

Scolded me for not letting her 'practice' her magic...heheheh...

Not at all ugly ducklings in this clear water 

 There were flocks of ducks and gooses at the premise.

Ok..kami makan dulu before we continue to the water springs...Makan dalam periuk pun periuk la..
Mami malas hendak pack pinggan mangkuk..*should have brought disposable paper plates from Malaysia

"Awer.." "Awer" (flower) 

The cold clear water ni memang memanggil manggil..

The spring water. Look deep at the dark black hole.. the depth is about 15 meters deep..Sejuknya 10 degree constant. Mata air yang paling besar I have ever seen. Water volume about 4,500,000 liters per hour...amazing bukan? And that apa panggil pula benda tu..pangkin? The gap between that floor and the water surface tidak sampai pun sekaki...tetapi the water level maintain perfectly..
*if only I can maintain berat macam zaman anak dara dulu* (oopss tetiba!!!)

The giants ;)

Googled for a professional photo ;)

Arent the water aesthetically very pleasing? I memang sangat-sangat rasa hendak berendam di situ...

Until Dahlia pun wanted to terjun masuk ;)
Dalam hati ada taman...dalam taman ada dua hati? :)

Rotorua - Day 3

Semalam sudah melompat, today we did gondola ride pula...not only that...we all luged!!! I highly recommend you to go here when you are here!! JANGAN TERLEPAS untuk bermain LUGE .....

We are both ready with our gear!!!

She refused to luge with her father..*grrrr...sibuk*

Papa enjoyed his time the most ...hmmmm...jealous..hehehe..

Queuing up for the second round!!! 

The down the hill track...superb!!

threw some kisses for Papa 

The so-obvious excited face bukan? Niat hendak luge lebih laju, tetapi si Dahlia sudah terlentok-lentok mengantuk..agaknya sedap tidur with the mountain breeze yang bersepoi-sepoi itu....I luged so fast pun dia boleh tertidur ?!?!? 

We did 3 laps sahaja luge ini..kalau diikutkan hati bujang, boleh sahaje go got few more laps..but we rather not, takut tidak cukup masa pula untuk the next activity...

Few miles drive away from the Skyline , we all stopped for zorbing pula...Melihat rakan-rakan sekolah berpusing tunggang terbalik..kami pun did not want to miss the fun ...

Ada a couple of companies yang buat this Zorbing business ..we chose 'ZORB' kerana thats the first site that I got when I googled for zorbing..the trail looked more challenging perhaps ...
*orang berlagak kan..mesti la pilih yang paling terror kononnya*

We went for the NZD45 per person per ride package.. You can choose which trail would you want to experience..ada yang lurus..ada yang zig zag..ada yang bergolek dengan air,ada yang bergolek kering..pilih sahaja pilihannya..we all took golek basah zig zag..*ha..gasak..I gelak sekuat hati sorang-sorang di dalam bubble tu..bukan ada camera pun... ;p

Budak ini jadi spectator ..kira ok pe mami pakaikan seluar bulat-bulat macam bubbles...

Waiting patiently

 The conveyer sedang convey the giant bubble to the top..

Basah lencun...nasib baik it was summer..

Our next activity of the day and easy...enough for the day. Takut juga sekiranya Dahlia terlalu penat...we went for lunch..did a little of groceries..and went back to the motel...

 Re-energize balik for tomorrow's plan :)

While I prepared for dinner - masak kecepeng...

Bag Avon yang sarat dengan food ;) 
We declared dahlia's dairy powder milk sahaja during the immigration check. The rest, we zipped up..