Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rotorua - Day 4

The forth day. We decided to take it easy after 2 subsequence days of playing..We departed for Waitomo Glow-worm Cave in Waitomo, as early possible coz we wanted to take the early cruise. Furthermore, its the most farthest from our motel ,almost half way heading back to Auckland..after Matamata  ( the Hobitton's movie set).

No photos were allowed so I could not get it visuallized how it looks like in the cave perfectly..I did googled some photos for you though..

Could you see those strings-look-a-like? Those are the glowworms..prohibited to touch..too high on the ceiling of the cave anyway...

This cave is so magnificent.subhanallah...a private property leased to this tourism company for until the year 2060 sekiranya tidak silap..just look at the pinnacles or should I say limestones..they will develop until the tips may meet up each other ..this will take up thousand of years...

This was how the cruise in the cave was like..completely silence..Memang dunia ini penuh dengan exquisitely beautiful creatures bukan..Allahuakbar... ;')

On our way back to the motel, we stopped by at the Hamurana Springs.

For your info,Hamurana Springs is a recreational reserve where by the main entrance is betul-betul situated next to a golf course. So not to worry if you think you got to the wrong place.. ;)

We had to walk through the Redwood grove to get to the Hamurana Springs itself.A very well managed, clean, with the natural breathtaking thicket. The Redwoods is a type of a very very tall tree (55 meters high)...the tallest redwood found is in America ..mencecah 100 meters high...masyaAllah..

Papa with our lunch :)

She was looking for a perfect 'magic wand' ...

Scolded me for not letting her 'practice' her magic...heheheh...

Not at all ugly ducklings in this clear water 

 There were flocks of ducks and gooses at the premise.

Ok..kami makan dulu before we continue to the water springs...Makan dalam periuk pun periuk la..
Mami malas hendak pack pinggan mangkuk..*should have brought disposable paper plates from Malaysia

"Awer.." "Awer" (flower) 

The cold clear water ni memang memanggil manggil..

The spring water. Look deep at the dark black hole.. the depth is about 15 meters deep..Sejuknya 10 degree constant. Mata air yang paling besar I have ever seen. Water volume about 4,500,000 liters per hour...amazing bukan? And that apa panggil pula benda tu..pangkin? The gap between that floor and the water surface tidak sampai pun sekaki...tetapi the water level maintain perfectly..
*if only I can maintain berat macam zaman anak dara dulu* (oopss tetiba!!!)

The giants ;)

Googled for a professional photo ;)

Arent the water aesthetically very pleasing? I memang sangat-sangat rasa hendak berendam di situ...

Until Dahlia pun wanted to terjun masuk ;)
Dalam hati ada taman...dalam taman ada dua hati? :)

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