Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rotorua, New Zealand - Feb 2013

12 hours of long flight followed by another 3 hours of drive from Auckland to Rotorua memang sangat memenatkan tahap merajuk(sangat)!!!! Ditambah pula with our flight yang delayed for almost 2 hours..*bengang ok* Tapi alhamdulillah I dapat jugak control my emotions during our trip this time..sekejap je time kat Auckland ..hehhe..sebab city tu serabut tu yang jadi hangin  :P..hehhe..keep blaming lela !!..sendiri emo..

Tapi hendak dijadinya cerita, cut off time for check in at our hotel di Rotorua was at pukul 9pm. From Auckland to Rotorua was estimated to take another 3 hours!!Sudah la arrival time delayed..Supposedly touched down at 1pm, jadi 3pm... Lagi cerita tamilnya pula, as soon as we all sampai di airport Rotorua, kami laki bini sakit perut..Had our trips to the toilets ..another hour spent there....FYI,here in NZ, toilets adalah jenis yang tiada paip air tau....tapi learnt from our last visit many years back, we bought a bottled mineral water and menggunakan secara patut.. ;p

OK enough on that part. Sibuk dikisahkan pasal toilet..muntah pening pulak terbayang-bayang..
Lets continue our journey shall we..

Day 1 - Thur 7th Feb 2013 : Free and easy
Day 2 - Fri 8th Feb 2013 : Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, Taupo Bungy, Huka Falls
Day 3 - Sat 9th Feb 2013 : Skyline , Zorb
Day 4 - Sun 10th Feb 2013 : Waitomo Glow-worm Cave, Hamurana Springs
Day 5 - Mon 11th Feb 2013 : Auckland Zoo, Auckland Aquarium,
Day 6 - Tues 12th Feb 2013 : Flight back

Huka Falls

Summary and some learning points :

#1. Locals are approachable and very friendly. Agaknya mereka lihat kulit sama gelap kot.. :p Tapi not to worry, they are ok. Tidak perlu risau dibuli or etc. In fact, ramai Malaysian di sana to back you ke?!?..*megah ok jumpa melayu kat tempat orang..rasa bangga!!*

#2. Signages boards are comprehensive and everywhere! You wont get lost. As for us, since tempat yang we all nak pergi ni required driving to the north  and to the south, so maps are rather important. Initially I pi la print out maps berhelai-helai..tapi mana tau my mom pinjamkan her Garmin device my print outs macam tidak la guna double confirm minah Garmin's directions..tapi seriously said..senang jalan di sana..tidak takut..tetapi perlu dijaga speed limits la..

#3 . Makan pun quite ok. We stayed at a fully basic equiped motel. Pinggan periuk cuma perlu dibilas and diniat sahaja elok2. Makan memang senang.Lagi pun our motel betul-betul depan lagi la senang  kami makan.Halal eateries pun hendak kata banyak sangat kat Rotorua ni, tak jugak. But we found a few :

1.Ali Baba's Turnisian Cuisine
2. Mecca Kebabs
3. Nandos (yes , the Nandos at this branch is Halal. Almost worldwide but u have to check with the branch manager)

#4. Cuaca wise, Feb is the last month of summer..jadinya not too sejuk not too panas mencucuk. Sunny but windy at times. Tapi boleh berpeluh juga ketiak kalau lama-lama berada under the hot sun.

#5. Plan your visits. Tempat nya banyak yang menarik. Cukup or tidak cukup sahaja masa untuk cover within the 5 days. Check out our excel sheet. Its better for you  to mark the distance from your hotel , location north south ect to avoid waste of time and fuel !! ..As for us,we noted the entrances time juga..takut juga, jauh-jauh drive, tiba-tiba close pula..

#7. For the entrances kali ni, we all didnot book any online tickets like we did  in Cape Town. Semua entrance fees were paid over the counters. Some accepts credit cards, some does not.

*Just a little advice : Do not swipe ur credit card so frequently while you are across the oceans. The total credit deducted from your credit card will be based on the currency of the POSTED DATE. NOT THE TRANSACTION DATE. Kalau jatuhnya POSTED DATE tu is the most highest currency buying rate, memang terlebih banyak Ringgit Malaysia will be deducted.. and vice versa...

#8. We rented a medium sized car for 5 days from Hertz. Pick up and Return at the Auckland Airport. Dont be fooled by the cheaper / not so famous car rentals agency , sama sahaja harganya kalau dikira. We got ours at about RM90 per day (cant find any cheaper and decent than this) + 1 baby car seat. I cant remember if hubby did took the accident insurance coverage or not..sekiranya ada pertanyaan baru I tanya him ok ;) . Oh and yes, its a right hand drive sama seperti di Malaysia.. ;)

#9. Rotorua to us is a very beautiful place (even tho Queenstown lagi cantik..masyaAllah). Very easy going town. Not too crowded comparing to Auckland. And  Hamurana Springs and Skyline is a must to go ok!!! Menyesal nanti sekiranya terlepas. The forest, the lakes, the wide green land..memang tidak terkata..Sebak melihat ciptaan Allah ni..

My husband once said, kalau di dunia ada benda secantik ini, di syurga ntah bagai mana .. :')

#10. Jangan lupa to bring along your universal electrical power adapter.

#12. Do opt for a campervan if you are looking for a more adventurous trip. There are alot of camp areas for pits stops etc. Hmm..maybe we will try this out on our next trip..I have few friends with this experience ,and it sounds exhilarating!!! inn sya Allah...

#11. Last but not least, sharing the budget spent lebih kurang for your budget estimation (excluding airfares)  for your planning :) happy holidays readers


eLLe said... zealand...mmg ni tpt dlm list nak gi, tu pon sbb tengok citer lotr lawa sgt kawasan die..huhu..

tp bile pk travelling hrs die tu, hrm..x larat la..p yg 8 hrs pon cam nak nangis dah, ni lebih..hrm..pengsan *sign*

lela nasir said...

pergi!!its a nice place..meh i jaga the girls.. ;)