Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rotorua - Day 5

Two main itineraries planned for this day. The Auckland Zoo and the Auckland Aquarium named Kally Tarltons. We had an early breakfast, checked-out from Rotorua and drove 3 hours back to Auckland. We headed straight to the zoo.

Was a hot sunny day indeed. Panas dia sudah seperti panas di KL..

Now that Dahlia sudah pandai mengenal animals ,memang agak teruja untuk kami bring her here..

 "See" - Seal

 "Arf" - Giraffe 

 "Baa ..Car" - Zebra ..Madagascar ..
she's making the sound tu yang muka duk macam tu ha..

 "Tan" - Orang Utan

 "Tis" - Tortoise. This is one giant tortoise!

  "Fern" - Elephant

Ha...ini namanya mami sudah penat berjalan under the sun dengan anak yang hendak menolak stroller sendiri..

Bila dimarah pun, masih lagi disenyum..*cair

 "Beed" - Bird . She did the "Rio" cartoon dance..Papa and Mami as the musicians..

It was a huge zoo...we went round and round masih lagi tidak habis animals nya...Penat!!!! Told hubby, we will not be able to make it in time kalau cover the whole area..Takut the Aquarium tutup pula..

Then off we headed to the Kelly Tarltons' Aquarium ...

Penguins encounter...not!! hehehe..

"Uin..ek ek.." - Penguin...bunyi nya 'Ek' 'Ek' (yang sengau-sengau tu tau)
 Due to tireness, I did not bother to read the name of these fishes...


We did not stay long at this aquarium. I did not quite like it. Not as many marine creatures as it was at Cape Town.

We then headed back to the city and did our shopping. Papa wanted to get more NZ T's. Auckland City is so crowded that each time Im there, my temper will be like merapu-rapu...kesian darling hubby. The parking facilities sah-sah sangat mahal..NZD7 per hour! But we dare not pula to simply me-Malaysian-kan that city by parking ikut suka hati jiran. We parked at "Wilson Parking"..As papa was about to make the payment tru the vending machine, ada makhluk Allah swt gave us his ticket that was to expires in 4 hours. Syukur Alhamdulillah..Rezeki Allah bagi..May Allah buka hati mamat itu untuk embrace Islam ..aamiin.. ;)

Crossing our fingers, we headed to the same take-away shop where I bought the luscious pizza during our honeymoon. *sempoi honeymoon makan pizza jalanan ;) . It was superbly lembut and nyummy! The soft dough fully stuffed with spinach and cheese ...topped with alot of cheese spread pula...yummmieeyy!!!

You might want to try some..its the name of the street..ahh..the city is not that huge..
pi mai pi mai tang itu juga..Tapi I remember it was on the same street as the LV shop. No I did not get any of the items from those elite lines..

There are a lot of chinese here in Auckland!Terasa macam kat China pulak (eh never been to China pun kau tu Lela..jangan perasan!!)....Harus mereka ini ialah tauke tauke besar for some firms di sini or something..they drive REALLY handsome cars compared to the locals..kalau hendak dikata they all sewa sahaja those expensive rides, at least mampu juga mereka..dari Pn Lela..sewa kereta cinonit sahaja...heheh...cinonit pun berpuluh kilometer sudah happiness Mazda ni bawa ;) Thank you Allah...

So there...our New Zealand - North trip this time..Alhamdulillah ..plans were executed without any hickups..You should come here..and if possible straight away to the South of New Zealand...its even more breathtaking :)

Happy holiday!!!

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