Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The beautiful Surah Yusuf

Quran Al Karim...It is the only trustworthy and reliable script that is left for us, the humankind.One of the best gift ever!!!The more I read and try to comprehends it, the more Im filled with such remorse. More tears shed, more guilt felt, more repentance acted!!!..Im not such a reader, but I made a promise to myself , that I would want to read Quran over and over again as long as I live. You will never get bored with me..Through the noble Quran, you could behold stories and lessons from the past that can guide you in this present and prepare you of the future...complete!

I have to admit that it was not until I got my new smartphone (quarter 3 last year 2012 ) that I started on reading the Quran ( Reading as in like trying to comprehend the tafseer as well...and baca quran time sekolah dulu tak dikire la ye..sebab pergi kelas ngaji pun coz parents yang suruh..tak faham apa pun..).

This iQuran Pro apps really pushed me into it. I know some of you mungkin terkejut .."umur dah tua macam ni baru nak baca quran?" tapi yes, thats a fact. The urge to read and understand the Quran was too long overdue..too many excuses given to myself..nak beli tafsir la..tafsir tulisan kecil la..tafsir susah nak dibawa kemana-mana la...astagfirullahulazim...

"Ya Allah, ampunkan hambaMu yang hina ini..sesungguhnya aku adalah hamba yang lemah lagi rugi..maka pimpin la aku kepadaMu...aamiin.."

Im now at 30 years of age..and I have not even completed from page to page?!?!?what more to understand about it??!?!? Menyesal. Menyesal sangat :'( I have wasted so much time...what if I die while Im writing this? What can be my 'lawyer' to represent me in the akhirat? O foolish I was ..

I need to catch up..I thought to myself..but how can I do that? How? When? This was(is) what I did(im doing).My way of understanding the Quran.

Step #1. I listened to Mufti Ismail Menk - Stories of the Prophets
Step #2. I listened to Mufti Ismail Menk - Life Of The Final Messenger -Muhammad (pbuh)
Step #3. I downloaded iQuran Pro apps. (Samsung user)
Step #4. I read along as I play the audio of the iQuran Pro.

p/s : Thank you Kak Azma for acquaint me with the mufti's,ulama's,speaker's names and apps... ;)

Why are the steps as so? Because you will feel good and you will be smiling when you recite the Quran and then you'll say..."Oh..this is the part where Mufti Ismail Menk says the story is like so and so..." .."Oh this is where the rules of nikah..." .."oh this is the stories of Nabi Yusuf as how Mufti Ismail Menk told us...". And all of this .."oh.." will make you even more eager to dive in about the Quran.. :)

inn sya Allah...

I know many may have have this app or something similar on your phones or tabs, but for those who are looking for a good app, here is one of them. What I love about this app is that they have like a whole list of translation..from English, to French, to Melayu, to Indonesian, to Dutch, to Japanese, to Romanian and so on..

 Mohsin Khan's English is the direct modern - daily used English for me to understand :)
And you can also select the reciter!!I downloaded Mishary Rashed. His melodious recitation makes me cry almost each time :)

Color coded tajweed. How cool is that? And the explanation of each tajweed rules too..

I hope by giving you this sneak peek, Allah swt will give your heart the sparks to start reading the Quran...for those who have started,dont stop...And may He not take back the hidayah which he has given to us ...aamiin...

I know some may say.."Lah kecoh, baru baca quran sikit dah nak preach orang"...This is how I look at it.."Im posting stuff like this not to say Im perfect, but at least I started somewhere to improve myself, and Im sharing what I know hoping Allah swt will be pleased with me.and perhaps He will give me even more in everything.."

Im in competition with no one.I run my own race.I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone,in any way. I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before.

Here is a 30 minutes recitation of Surah Yusuf by Nasir Al-Qatami...emotionaly moved by the surah.. :'). I heard its good for pregnant moms too ;) wallahualam...


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