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Sabah, Malaysia - June 2013


Sabah is one of my favourite places that Ive ever been to..the lay back city with its beautiful Mount Kinabalu background memang sangat sesuai to those who has been a 'workoholic scientist' , work work work and more work... *kesian scientist..sorry

The bottom line is, not only it is considered a budget tourism center, ia adalah sangat dekat!!! Furthermore,you got to indulge its mouth watering seafood galore and experience the wide blue sea..

Anyway,our short weekend trip to Sabah this time was a very brief one, mainly untuk makan seafood.But,if we have had the extra time, we would have hiked the Mount Kinabalu again agaknya.. ;)

Day 1 - 29th June 2013 :  Arrival & seafood dinner
Day 2 - 30th June 2013 : Departure & picnic at Sapi Island

 My favourite picture from the trip :)

Summary and some learning points :

#1. We stayed a night at Hyatt Kinabalu. Thats the best place that could compliment well with our missions there ;)
(1) Paling dekat dengan tempat seafood bakar : about 5 mins walk sahaja
(2) Nearer to the port : *We went to Pulau Sapi
(3) of the most reliable/recognized hotel daripada hotel-hotel yang nama pelik-pelik di sana..

#2. Flying with Malindo Air was not too bad. Nasib baik tidak delay as usual..The plane itself was nice with its modern look interior designs ..but the on board services memang out of my expectations..Its a budget airline after all bukan...You got what you paid for lah juga..One thing for sure, professionalism shown by the staff/flight attendants was not up to the international standards .Cara mereka mengambil order makanan juga agak tidak professional.( Maybe Im too used to MAS's hospitality standard) . Communication skills totally zero...batas pergaulan lagi lah...below zero..enough said, lain customers,lain reviews bukan...just take it it to improve the company's reputation or to improve harga diri sendiri..

#3. For non-residents of Sabah, do keep the slip that will be given by the immigration officer as you passed through the arrival gates. You would need to present it during your flight out from Sabah.

#4. I hardly see the common mini/ supermarkets like those here in Selangor such as Speedmart 99, Giants, Tesco during my stay. Mungkin ada, tetapi jauh sedikit dari hotel kami. But they do have couple of shopping malls there. ATM machines, Guardians are within the reach..nasib baik . Not much of muslims stalls sepanjang kami di sana. So,do look out for Halal logos too when you are in search for makan-makan in Sabah  ;)

#5. Each time Im in Sabah, I will not miss the 'PhilippinesMarket'. There are several markets there, those that sells the keropok-keropok ikan and udang kering, ikan bilis, ikan masin semua....and another one is those that sells the artcrafts..Sila bawa cash yang mencukupi ya..even though bagi orang yang kurang memasak seperti saya pun, I ter-beli ikan bilis sampai RM100...inikan pula saudara saudari?

#6. Weather was beautiful. Sceneric was wonderful.. Despite on the recent haze...agak lega,because we were planning to bring Dahlia to the beach. Entrance to Pulau Sapi cost us Malaysians few ringgits sahaja..tak banyak pun..just some funds collection to keep the island clean.

#7. Boat rides for the island hopping boleh dikatakan quite frequent, and ada beberapa juga companies that offers the service.Cumanya, its better that you get your tickets (over the counters) before they are all sold out (by 10am max)

#8. Seafood bakar is a must!!!!!Dont ever miss this!!! The ikan bakar eateries yang kami pergi dibuka after 5PM...such a perfect time to have your dinner... landmark : Nearby Hyatt Kinabalu Hotel + roundabout with a big ikan todak statue

#9. If you are looking for a short cheap trip and looking forward for that family bonding space and time, I would recommend Sabah as one of your destination list.Its just few hours flights away and the place is magnificent!

#10. Again..last but not least..daripada I keep on replying your messages about our trip cost (thank you sebenarnya kerana sudi membaca), here it is, as usual..sharing our cost allocated lebih kurang for this weekend getaway:...

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