Friday, 25 October 2013

Kids and our tolerances


Ramai yang berkata kanak-kanak perempuan tidak lah selasak/sedegil/senakal kanak-kanak lelaki..well, Im not sure sejauh mana kebenaran itu, but look at her..."dah macam rambo dah", her father commented on FB.

And yes, sometimes Dahlia memang seperti rambo..bila ditegah, lagi dibuat degil,lagi dibuat pekak, maybe on purpose to annoy me agaknya...mengenangkan baru hanya 2 tahun sahaja my baby di bumi ini, itu yang sometimes I telan menahan sahaja marah...especially when we are out of the house. This part memang I jaga, insyaAllah I will not scold her in public. I will try my very best untuk menjaga air muka my baby(ies). insyaAllah. Kita juga tidak suka jikalau dimarah ditengking di hadapan khalayak bukan? Same goes to toddlers..

But if we are at home, hmmmm...memang macam tarzan juga kadang-kadang jadinya I. Ada this one day, she showed some tantrum. Ntah apa lah kehendaknya at that time, she refused to budge, threw her toys sana sini,refused to be hugged semua. Helmi tepuk sedikit tapak tangannya tanda mengajar. Menangis bagai kena dera...

Sudah la masa itu we were about to leave the house.dibuat pula perangai...Pujuk tidak mahu, peluk tidak mahu...tanda protes tanda merajuk...I pun apa lagi, left her there,shut the house door. *belum lock lagi*

Bertambah kuat meraung menangisnya but still, bila diintai,she was still there at her spot. After a while she knocked on the door from the inside minta dibuka..again...kesian nya...tetapi both me and husband tahan kesian..dengan harapan she learn her lesson.

Helmi then started the car engine,bertambah kuat anak I meraung...kesian lagi. Hati I sudah mula hiba hendak menangis, papa then slowly opened the door :'(  and saw her peeking at us through the sliding door.

Alaaaaa...sian anak mami..keluar air mata menangis...sedihnya la hai....hati ibu mana yang tidak luluh ? As soon as she saw me at the door, dia lari meluru towards me... I terus peluk cium her and told her to apologize. And she did say sorry eventually ;') ..She fell asleep in my arms on our way to the mall that day.. ;) bahagia rasanya looking at her chubby face in my arms...

Memang kan , menjaga ahli syurga ini mesti banyak bersabar..

Sometimes kalau mereka memanjat badan kita sedang kita sedang solat memang geram, tetapi ingat lah, baru 2 tahun umur akalnya..

Sometimes kalau mereka tertumpahkan air ke lantai, sengaja atau tidak memang geram,tetapi  baru 2 tahun akalnya untuk membezakan tindakannya..

Sometimes kalau mereka tidak mendengar kata memang menguji kesabaran, tetapi baru 2 tahun telinganya mendengar bunyi-bunyi dunia...tidak erti lagi ertinya..

Sometimes kalau mereka tidak mengikut kata, baru 2 tahun sahaja akalnya berkerja....baru masuk tadika sahaja andaianya..

Therefore, let us all kuatkan sabar...Sebagai peringatan pada diri I and to all parents out there....

"kita yang meminta anugerah ini dari Allah s.w.t satu masa dulu, now that she's here with us, treasure her and care for her well"

"Inilah aset untuk kita suami isteri menuju ke syurga Allah pabila mulut kita ditutupi tanah nanti.."

....and I selalu berdoa supaya kami suami isteri diberi peluang untuk dikurniakan zuriat lagi tidak kisah la sesusah dan sepenat mana pun.... kerana kita ada Allah...

Doalah pada Allah s.w.t yang dapat membantu kita yang bergelar ibu bapa supaya terus bersabar mendidik amanah ini....insyaAllah...

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Denai Alam Recreation Centre (DARC)


Hehehe...thats a big picture of Dahlia riding a pony alright...It was on a hot sunny Sunday after her medical checkup at DEMC that day.

I have to admit, I enjoyed our day at the recreation centre.A nice relaxing family hangout place.They have huge roofed open-air concept shelter/tent,an ample space area where the cafes, the main stage,and the reception counters are. And its fully equipped with high ceiling fans too ( i think....tak perasan pula because it was very windy pun on that day)..

No entrance fees charges and its open for the public, bukan for Denai Alam residents sahaja. And as you can see there,there is an annual membership for all too. Again, not for Denai Alam residents sahaja. Every family are welcome to be part of the DARC family.

The enlarged photo of the benefits...

Can you spot a little girl with the pink cap? ;)
Price and schedule as per below.Applies for both kids and adults. 

If im not mistaken there are 3 spacious bathrooms (toilets n showers)..But i dont see any shower cream or any other toiletries gotta bring your own..unless mandi kerbau lah kan ;p So,after lenjun berpeluh-peluh boleh la freshen up before you quench your thirst with some iced lemon tea ke apa...nyum.

Its like a mini club pula ;) And how convenient .They have clean surau for the muslims ..together with the ablution area for each.. :') . You can never miss the prayer times ..the beautiful melodious azan (muslim prayer call) can be heard like sangat dekat and sangat kuat ..The horses pun will be able to hormat the waktu ... :) .

Basic safety rules are adhered. They are many warning posters on the premise as reminders etc. They also do have these basic facilities for the guests (minor injuries sahaja) ..nothing fancy at all but clean and tidy and not rotten. DEMC is rather near (about 15 mins) for them to ambulance you there kalau you are badly injured.

I guess I ve shared out every info Ive got from my visit lets have a walk through to the main attraction di kandang kuda ini..

I saw banyak juga seating area like this...

To the horse stable

Lesson is in session 

There are quite a number of horses and ponies there...easily 15 to 20 in total ..

Saw this beautiful tall horse

Workers were all very friendly with warm smiles 

He/She was waiting for her 'high-tea' snacks

Smokin' name ..

Ciptaan Allah s.w.t :')

Clean and tidy..but the barn smell memang ada at this horse stable.. ;)

Be it human being or animals...if its a female...harus kurus and rambut mesti bergaya ;)

The little one was the most 'becok' one...

 Dry,clean and tidy .Very well maintained. 

Shades !!!! An evening walk would be nice..

Dahlia.. *oh my..look atthe clouds now..

She insisted for another round...but no..with that kind of clouds..nanti she will be under the weather pula..

Patting her pony before getting off.

You are allowed to feed the horses but with only these carrots..A good concept to 'teach' Malaysian be honest ;)

"mami..BIHHHGG peacock", she said 

And some fun for the boys ...and ladies too perhaps? ;) I did not get the chance to scout around at the splash pool and outdoor trampoline all google or better still datang sahaja sini eh ;).

Ended our day there with some ice cream seringgit .On a summary level, I dont mind coming here again :). After all, its only RM10 spent on the joy ride plus couple of ringgits for some drinks and ice cream...once we move into Denai Alam next year insyaAllah, boleh la enroll Dahlia for the horse riding lessons pula.. Horse riding is no more hobi or permainan orang berpengaruh sahaja in this Klang Valley..everyone can learn to ride a horse now.. After all it is one of the sunnah of  Nabi Muhammad s.a.w ...

Dan Rasulullah SAW bersabda, maksudnya: “Kuda itu ada tiga jenis: kuda Allah, kuda manusia dan kuda syaitan. Adapun kuda Allah ialah kuda yang disediakan untuk berperang di jalan Allah, maka makanannya, kotorannya, kencingnya dan apanya saja – mempunyai beberapa kebaikan. Adapun kuda syaitan, iaitu kuda yang digunakan untuk berjudi atau untuk dibuat pertaruhan, dan kuda manusia pula, adalah kuda yang diikat oleh manusia, ia mengharapkan perutnya (hasilnya), sebagai usaha untuk menutupi keperluannya.”  (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

You too should come and hang out here some times..just Garmin in 'Denai Alam' drive along the Guthrie highway and you are on your way for a cowboy cheap and easy outdoor activities awaits!!!!

Denai Alam Recreation Centre ( DARC)