Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Nov 2013


Took me 2 hours to get this photo out...graphic designer sangat! Such a crazy 'marve-laugh' weekend. My 3 days 2 nights trip to Ho Chi Minh this time was quite a memory challenging one. Hehe, nothing serious, just that, this time, Im the one who navigates...ingat-ingat lupa on the streets and landmarks but alhamdulillah, berkat doa suami and parents masing-masing, selamat perjalanan pergi dan balik kami. Perjalanan belum pun mula kami sudah plan untuk yang seterusnya..this time kena cukupkan quorum the euro r wives.

Our main agenda (click on each link) :

Sun 3rd Nov 2013 - Day 3 : Benthan + Handbags + Depart

Summary and some learning points :

1. Turned out, USD500 is not enough when you have no intention to shop. Nafsu hawa ada sembilan katanya...

2. Getting a sim card is advisable when you are in quite a big group. If Im not mistaken, the girls bought them at USD9.50 for an unlimited internet access. Expires within a month from activation date.

3. Being able to get connected to the google map is very convenient. Thats how we managed to get to Hard Rock Cafe there ;p ..hehehe..

4. Bring one or two extra bag(s) whether or not you are planning to shop. Extra padlocks from home if you dont mind getting 1 tiny small one at RM4 from the shop in Ho Chi Minh.

5.Halal eateries are almost everywhere nearby the famous Ben Than market. No worries. Most of the owners are Malaysian's themselves.

6. Walking around in Ho Chi Minh is not as complicated as it seems if you can remember certain landmarks such as buildings. Me particularly is bad at memorising the street names, hence buildings and shop names are my other options.

7. Perhaps due to the unstable stock rates of the USD this time around, the locals prefers Ringgit Malaysia or just their Vietnam Dong for trading.

8. Unlike those years, the locals can be very rude at times now. Maybe sebab sudah ramai sangat Malaysians datang and shop there, the locals sudah bertambah sombong. You just have to be FIRM and STERN whenever dealing with them. Thats the only way to show them the meaning of respect. Expect small arguments during bargain.

9. Cotton ela are still very cheap. Those that are sold here in Malaysia for RM60/ 3.5 mtr, you can get it around RM13-RM15 there from Ben Than. I accidentally bought some sets for myself too  ;) aside from some cotton quilt cover that cost me RM50-RM60 for a kind size bed.

10. Entering and emerging out from the country (Vietnam) was relatively hassle-free, the only slight hiccup encountered was that the customs/immigration officers in Malaysia. Yes. Any flights from Ho Chi Minh is a HOT flight. Hence, you need to carefully and be smart packing your purchased items so that it will not look so obviously alot!...Tapi if the officer has his eyes on you,or saje menggatal nak mengorat you, then no choice la kan...our beautiful friend Eva terkena juga RM50... ;p

* over 10 sets of Telekung, over 10 sets of kain cotton is considered a lot.
* do take off any plastic wrappers, boxes etc. They will assume you nak berniaga.
* Arrange used clothes / lingerie etc on the very top layer. Hoping the officer would malas to check your bag further. Biar baju-baju yang busuk pekong atas-atas..

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