Monday, 3 February 2014

Umrah - February 2014 (Preparation)

Updated 6th April 2014 : Our umrah journal are here in this post


Looking at the horde of submissive muslims tawaf-ing around the kaabah on TV the other day revitalized my eagerness to step my foot on the holy land...for this reason juga, terdetik hati to share out on the progress with my umrah plan so far...yes umrah ..I typed it correct!! :)

Alhamdulillah and husband and I will be performing our first ever umrah this coming 8th February 2014.  I would say the plan was an injected itinerary ones....rather than to spend it all on the lined out 2014 plans..Allah bukakan hati both of us to belanjakan sebahagian simpanan yang ada untuk menunaikan umrah tahun ini...mudah-mudahan dengan niat mengerjakan umrah ini, Allah akan melimpahkan nikmat dunia dan akhirat kepada kami lagi tanpa henti..ameen...

Among many good agencies available in the klang valley, we opt for Tabung Haji Travels. I percaya each agencies have its own winning points but as for us,not having to travel far for the ups and down to the branch office, without much of hesitation, we made a reservation at the mini tabung haji travel office in Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam..A very convenient location for us indeed ;) ..(ample car parking lots juga) .

On 27th Dec 2013,we locked ourselves the most suitable dates with a booking fee of RM1000 each.

For any first timer, (like me), Im sure you are very keen to know on the available packages, how is the process flow etc...basically these are the steps:

Step 1 : Select date and booking fees payment
Step 2 : Provide all documentations required
Step 3 : Start attending kursus umrah , read and revise umrah notes, watch on youtube etc
Step 4 : Prepare/get your pakaian umrah
Step 5 : One month before departure date, make full payment and collect goodies.
Step 6 : Collect official letter by agency ( flight detail & itinerary)
Step 7 : You are ready to go.
Step 8 : Passport and flight boarding pass collection will be on the date of departure from KLIA.

I guess thats pretty much on the steps..

With here Im attaching the 2014 jadual umrah from Tabung Haji Travel to give you a clearer picture on budgeting ..*hope you are able to enlarge it for better viewing. Save the picture and enlarge the picture locally if theres no way doing it online.

Dates and Period


Picture I snapped at the THT counters - hotels location. 
Notes on the arrangement:

Alhamdulillah, we did the settlement and submitted our passports to the agent early of the month hari tu... May our urusan Visa Saudi dipermudahkan.InsyaAllah...ameen..Make sure you receive the 'Akuan Penerimaan Passport' from the agent.

Like every other agents, there are some goodies for the jemaah. This time,Tbg Haji handed over these items
1. One big luggage
2. One backpack
3. One sling bag
4. A set of telekung for the ladies(pending) and a t-shirt for the gentlemen
5. Buku Doa

Out of the items given, i love this book the most. I would say it is an easy to follow guidebook with du'as on both arabic and bahasa malaysia translation.

I was informed that if we have trouble reading in the arabic, just read it in a language we most will comprehend. Islam is beautiful and it recognizes all bahasa :')

As for the ihram prerequisites, my husband bought 2 sets of kain ihram together with its belt...*pls note that there are many sizes of kain ihram and belts available out there ( Well at least from the shop that we went).

Bought our umrah essentials from a small boutique in Shah Alam PKNS mall - Butik Ilham Jaya , and Butik Asas on the 1st floor . Its like a one-stop-center to get all the umrah stuff you needed and they accepts credit card payment... ;) They too offered to get our jubah's altered for free...In the mean time of the alterations tu , banyak juga tips yang dikongsi oleh pengusaha kedai. Oh my,sangat ramah and humble betul couple ini (sudah baya baya atuk nenek)...A very warm hospitality given..Had a very calm feelings shopping...Semoga tuan puan selalu mendapat rahmat dariNya..ameen..

OK..done with our shopping the most important matter of all..The desideratum mengerjakan Umrah...brief screenshots from a downloaded .pdf file from Nota Umrah (click to download)

Briefly what to sustain before while and after umrah --> click here

Despite the fact that I only have a handful of days to holdup, there are so  many things to recall and learn..nevertheless i cant wait to be there..i cant wait to tell HIM everything.. Selalu sahaja memohon supaya dijemput kesana..selalu sahaja berdoa agar dipermudahkan segala..selalu sahaja berhajat supaya dapat meletakan tangan di kaabah dan dapat berada di raudah serta supaya dapat memegang makam kekasih Allah s.w.t (pbuh) ..Selalu sahaja tunduk meminta ampun dariNya....selalu sahaja meminta diberikan kesihatan yang baik to perfom this ibadah...SELALU... ..semakin sebak mengenangkan nikmat atau peluang umrah yang diberikanNya kepada kita..sebak kerana agama kita ada nikmat /peluang to 'collect' pahala and ada peluang untuk berada 'dekat' denganNya and kekasihNYA s.a.w..

"So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" - Surah Ar-Rahman : verse 13

Last but not least, sebelum kami berangkat ke kota mekah and madinah, kami suami isteri ingin memohon maaf atas segala kesilapan samada yang sengaja atau pun yang datang dari kekhilafan kami. Dari as light as a zarah to the hefty serious ones, dari our utterance,actions mahupun dari our compositions..dari yang zahir kepada yang batin.. yang terkasar bahasa,yang terguris rasa sepanjang tempoh perkenalan,kami susun sepuluh jari memohon maaf...Sincerely, we are sorry. Doakan kami supaya dapat mengerjakan ibadah ini dengan tenang lancar dan sempurna..insyaAllah we will remember you in our du'a there..

I seek for Allah's blessing and guidance by me posting these info. Hanya berkongsi ilmu dan pengalaman untuk informasi bersama. And I know many had performed umrah and many juga yang hoping to go,lantas I have no intention to boast nor to self-praise, just a soupcon aspiration to inspire more muslims to execute the niat mengerjakan umrah...

Note : To dear readers, if you wish to extend any supplication / doa that you would love to bring fwd to the holy land, kindly do email me your full name and your hajat/doa at by 7th Feb 2014 with the subject "Umrah 2014". I will not be able to check my emails later than that ..InsyaAllah I will read them there. Frankly speaking I have no niat to do lots of shopping while Im there.(insyaallah).hence, pls do not kirim any barang ya ...


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