Monday, 28 April 2014

Dahlia is a big 3 year old now


After few subsequence months of business travelling, I never felt so home-sick leaving my daughter for far too often now especially at her critical age phase.. My baby Dahlia has just turned 3 early of the month but I could feel that Im getting further away everyday from her because of my work!!She is incredibly growing and MasyaAllah, her brain is 'glowing'! Witnessing the miracles of Allah s.w.t depan mata memang makes me cry each time... MasyaAllah..

Darling Dahlia,

 Im not holding any super degree in anything
 but with you we are captivating...

You are our princess indeed 
Although mami and papa are not the king and queen

Neither we are perfect chefs 
but you still adore your meals and eat ....

I could still remember the 'sup ketam' conversation we had. 
Mami : Sedap kan sup ketam ni Dahlia
Dahlia : Hmm..(nodding your head)..Jangan cakap tak sedap tau..
Mami : Eh..x sedap ke? 
Dahlia : (almost motionless you shook your head)

Your fine motor skills are amazing,
 inherited from papa not mami 

Perhaps, your wittiness and cheekiness,
those are from me....

When ever papa is off (like 2 times in a month), 
you are the most happy..

Chocolates or candy, 
you know well that you have to brush your teeth..

We dont have much money to get you a pink horsy,
 but InsyaAllah  mami and papa will enroll you the riding lessons at D.A.R.C..

You enjoyed your first movie with Cloudy,
 which papa missed that 'first' movie

Thank you for helping me with the vege,
there you go, your reward spaghetti 

I know you'll go wild entering our walk-in pantry,
that gives me more reason to let you try was nyummy..

You learn so much words and stuff from the TV, im not denying, 
It was from there you admire the art of archery..

You have so much of 'akal' menyakat papa and mami,
that is part of growing and you know what darling,
 you are already fully diaper free at the age of three!!!

but above all of who you are, we are so happy ,
that at your little age, you already know who is our priority,


...yes Allah...thats our Creator sayang, yang beri kita nyawa dan mati...

Papa: kaki dahlia cantikla
Dahlia : (sambil belek kakinya) cantik colour pink,papa nak macam ni ke?
Papa: nak nak
Dahlia : nanti papa solat nanti Allah bagi k...

Alahai sayang :')

Mami and papa

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Ira said...

skejap je dahlia dah 3 tahun.
semoga membesar dgn sihat dan semoga jd anak yg solehah, taat pada kedua ibu bapa..
Happy birthday..