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Umrah : Days in Madinah Al Munawarah


It was almost midnight by the time we reached the hotel and alhamdulillah we settled down by 0130 hrs or so..Manakan tidak, we were 7 buses in total but the segregation were done excellently...200 in total we were ( under the Tabung Haji Travels)!! Terharu lagi hati ini..bersyukur ramai yang dapat menjadi tetamu Allah s.w.t. Itu tidak dikira lagi dari lain-lain agensi .masyaAllah..

Early that Saturday morning , for the first time , anxiously, I stepped on the red carpet in awe.The exterior architecture of the mosque is as much exquisite as the interior designs. Beautiful tall pillars positioned in a very systematic manner with the zam zam water dispensers along the pathways. Rows of shelves filled with quran and alot of wakaf stools neatly organized by the separator walls...Sungguh indah ilmu yang Allah s.w.t berikan kepada manusia...As you can see from the first photo , there weren't many people was 2 AM in the morning then..I made my first solat and was in tears....

Makam Nabi Muhammad s.a.w:
There are a few must-visit areas when we are at the beautiful masjid nabawi..first and foremost, is the makam Nabi Muhammad s.a.w and his two companions.Unfortunately,we the females are restricted to get close. There must be a reason why the females are not allowed to get near by the makam, what ever the reasons are, we ought to respect that law.

*Dikhuatiri emosi para jemaah wanita tidak dapat dikawal especially those from non Asian countries...

But even being 100 meter away and berjengket-jengket jugak la I outside of the mosque tu to take a peek at the makam enough to make me weep and it hit me directly in my heart bahawa ..there he is!!!!.my leader!!!my leader who taught me many things!!!who showed me how to live my life the right way!!!..Sayangnya I pada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w !!!...He (pbuh) grew up without a mother and a father's love.He lost his wives and children at the peak of the islamic course..He received immense rejections from his (pbuh) own people and from many others..he (pbuh) fought hard in many battles, he(pbuh) suffered a great degree of physical not to mention emotional pain to convey the message to us ...betapa sedihnya he (pbuh) must have been melihat kita sehinggakan banyak firman Allah s.w.t telling him not to be sad..Allahuakbar......nevertheless, with his hardship and the strength of iman, the message sampai to me till today..sampai kepada kita semua..

Makam Nabi Muhammad s.a.w and his two companions ( Saidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq r.a & Saidnia Umar bin Al-Khattab r.a) are beneath the green dome. Could you see the extended pathway? From that entrance, you could see the gold gate (makam).

"Without a standing army,without a bodyguard,without a palace,without a fixed revenue,if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by a right Divine, it was Muhammad s.a.w;" - [Mohammed and Mohammedanism,London,1874,page 235]

Tips: I saw this from Ustaz Don's show. Each time we pay a visit to makam Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, it is best for us to recite this ayat from Surah An-Nisa , verse 64

Followed by giving salam to him(pbuh) and make supplication similarly like how Nabi Yusuf's brothers had uttered to their father,
Surah Yusuf ,verse 97

'Talk' to him as if he is there in front of polite..and humbly and with respect,make conversation with him..the angels will lift your words to him by the will of Allah s.w.t .insyaAllah...Well, as for me, I could not stop thanking him for all of that he had done for the course of Allah s.w.t..All the stories about him were wandering in my mind...his sufferings, his sadness, penat letih beliau..his mukjizat yang Allah s.w.t berikan to open the eyes of the people masih tidak cukup to some...aduhai.. :'( ..It felt so close as if he was there in front of me watching me crying was grief mingled with words were all jumbling up and down.....but deep inside, I knew Allah s.w.t knows best of every single thoughts and questions in my heart..Subhanallah..

Anybody yang pernah ke sini, none were without thanking Allah s.w.t  and mengenangkan perasaan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, kerana through him (pbuh) we are who we are muslims..and even so, we still felt it was not enough..we were all in tears on our last day there..ziarah wada'. Sebak and sayu ..we never met him, but the love towards him is so strong ...itu lah nikmat yang Allah s.w.t pinjamkan pada kita...syukur alhamdulillah...

The gardens of heaven (Raudah):
Another restriction area for the women. However, unlike the makam Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, the raudah area are permissible for the female at 3 different slots hour. Each slot were given about 2-3 hours if Im not mistaken..and yes, ramai sangat orang!Tetapi janji Allah itu benar bukan? At least sekali mesti you are able to solat on the green carpet :) And pasti ada ganjaran yang hebat juga bukan atas kesabaran yang kita endure ini?

"Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah dan janganlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah orang-orang yang paling tinggi darjatnya jika kamu orang-orang yang beriman.” (Ali-Imran:139)

The waiting area in stages. We were facilitated by serious looking guards in black abaya which is good. They are the one controlling the crowd and give permission who will go into the raudah next and all.. .I admire tahap kesabaran these ladies, having to control jemaah from various countries. Ada yang mahu dengar kata, ramai yang enggan..hanya Allah yang membalas kesabaran mereka..ameen..

This is just a quarter of the crowd in the area!!!But having a muttawif yang sudah "kam-ching" with the garang guards, on a limited space on the green carpet, on the front row lagi, Allah s.w.t gave me the chance to make quite a number of solat-solat sunat....Alhamdulillah..And of course, kita the asian ini tidak tamak, we give way to others too as soon as we finish with the solat..we usually will move to another spot (with less people) to supplicate...biarlah sekiranya mereka-meraka enggan berkongsi kawasan raudah atau hanya mementingkan diri dengan mencederakan jemaah yang lain....Allah knows best bukan? :)

Green carpet - raudah .The picture is blur due to husband kena halau with the guards agaknya..disuruhnya beredar secepat mungkin....fair enough...we had our turns, now its time to return...

The white plastic separators (are only there for the female raudah sessions) will be pulled out to open up the male praying area.

The interior...Aint it jaw dropping? :') . Yes, I was allowed to take photos in the mosque..remember when I told you I was with a lady muttawif yang sudah 'kam-ching' with the garang guards.. =)

Not one time I was here that nobody was cleaning something..ada sahaja yang sedang membersihkan..terima kasih pada meraka...the mosque is so clean you hardly see/feel any dust...even the carpets..

A savoury biscuit yang sedap!!!Giving sedekah is the most easiest ibadah. Terasa segan pula when they kept offering their between-solat-snacks while I tidak ada apa untuk dimakan...hmm..offer tissue papers pun jadi lah  ... ;p

Perkuburan Al-Baqi:
Again,the ladies are restricted to get a closer visit to the cemetery. Dont get too emotional and engrossed with all the gain nothing if not less... All these restrictions to these important places may sounds as a bombshell, but ladies, look into the bright side of it..Allah knows your intentions and you shall receive an equitable balance of reward...insyaAllah..

Hendak seribu daya bukan? As long as we do not violate any rules, there is always other way... You may walk to the outskirt of the mosque to get the view. Took us about 15 - 20 mins walk to get to edge (me in the photo - outside of the mosque compound - by the busy road side) from the nearest gate and Im so thankful to my husband  to walk with  me there. He could have just gone in by himself into the al-baqi if he wants :')

As all of you may have known, the cemetery here places more than 10,000 muslims including para sahabahs Nabi Muhammad s.a.w..By just looking at it , a sudden gloomy feelings arouse in me...As I supplicate the doa (appropriate supplication are given in the Tabung Haji  red note book) , tears shed down *again*.

Among the famous ones, Saad bin Muaz yang hanya hidup as a muslim for 6 years if Im not mistaken..but his death menggegarkan Arasy Allah s.w.t and it was narrated , semasa his jenazah was brought to the cemetery, ramai malaikat berebut-rebut untuk mengusung...masyaAllah... :')

Another person that I think highly of and would love to be as strong as, is Ummu Salama....She was among the first to entered into the fold of Islam and among the first too intended to make the hijrah to Medinah...and Allah's great test upon her is enough to me realize that we, the woman in  this era are living a charmed life...Her prominent story taught us all a big lesson of being sabar and always have faith in Allah all began when she wanted to follow his husband for hijrah but was held back by her own family (non-believer). Reluctantly her husband proceeded, leaving her and their child, Salamah. That was not the end of it, her son was then been taken away from her in-laws and this resulted her cryng for almost 12 months or more ...Do we even dare to imagine how would that be like? Being separated 3 ways at the acute phase of Islam...

Im not sure if her grave is somewhere here or not, none the matter, I believe each one of these muslimin here had had their own grieve and my hair stands each time I imagine the strength of iman in them...

Alhamdulillah, Allah s.w.t gave me the chance to feel/visualize how fortunate these sahabahs were..mereka yang berkesempatan to have lived together with Nabi Muhammad have learned so much from him have fought in battles with have performed solahs led by Nabi Muhammad s.a.w...and how great the iman of these people were..Im so no where near that rank.. *nangis*

Mount Uhud 

A mount renowned among the muslimin...a big lesson that we must all learn from - obedience. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w made it clear for the archers to stay put on the other mount (as observers) no matter on what situation. But they were determined to join their troops to collect the booty from the battle not realizing there were a whole bunch of enemy surrounding and the muslimin were encapsulated like a small seed in a berry.

Allahuakbar...the steadfast leader appointed on that mountain and few other muslimin left on the mountain were martyred..Although the muslimin did not conquer the battle on that day, neither did the enemy, but it was on this day that the 'Lion of Allah s.w.t' , Saidina Hamzah ibn Abdul Mutalib r.a fought bravely and was martyred by a slave man named Wahshi. Although Wahshi gained his freedom from his master by this command, but he was truly repentant for his obliged actions.

There...some part of the rocky Mount Uhud ...a lesson how disobedient displeasure The Owner of small debate can lead to a destruction..

There were many battles during that time, and many of the companions were martyred and left the family members alone, no body to take care of them and no body to protect them from the harm of the non-muslims..During the dark days, women and children were the least taken care of (well maybe until up to today),therefore it was only for this reason , the spouses of the martyred companions were married by the living companions including Nabi Muhammad s.a.w himself. The marriages was done not because of lust and desire but purely to PROTECT the muslim women and children...

I hope this answers your questions on why did our Nabi Muhammad s.a.w had had many wives. Mind you, out of many, he only married 1 women who were still a virgin, the rest was a widow. Think deeply. Speaking of which, one of our mutawwif so happen to be the famous ustaz in Perak, and in one of our usrah session, he mentioned that he is afraid to have more than 1 wife (poligamy)because women these days are so independent. You might ask why bukan?

Simple explanation by him : "Isteri - isteri sekarang sudah ada pendapatan sendiri, jadi barang dapur semua dia belikan..kalau la saya tak sempat minta halal makan minum dari isteri (isteri-isteri) saya, saya berdosa besar..bukan senang berpoligami,kalau orang tahu bagaimana berlaku adil yang sebenar-benarnya, rasanya ramai lelaki takut untuk berpoligami" 

Masjid Quba

Little of entertainment

Berbekalkan on Riyal500 of cash, we did not spend much during our visit in Madinah but made some little are some pictures before we proceed to our days in Makkah..somebody made it to the Hajar Aswad ...lets hear her experience :')

Should have bought more Kurma Ajwa (kurma nabi)..2 kilo for the 3 orang anak beranak seperti tidak cukup pula..sedap sungguh jenis kurma yang ditanam oleh nabi muhammad s.a.w ini...masyaAllah..seriously!!! Check out the story behind'll be amazed :')

Saudara Isa yang selalu sahaja mencium pipi suamiku....ramah penduduk Madinah ini...terbayang kisah hijrah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w and the rest of the companions...while others rejects and intended to persecute them all, penduduk Madinah lah yang welcome them with open arms .... *terharu*

I belajar dari tempat ini la on how to make hotel style omelette..gebu sedap cheesy ..nyummy....

On over all, our stay in Madinah was wonderful complimented by a very comfy hotel , so near , so blessed...Alhamdulillah...

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