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Umrah : Days in Makkah Al Mukarramah


Truly I am astounded looking at the grand Masjidil Haram.Not only it is already huge, it is still expanding to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims.MasyaAllah... :') A whole lot of pilgrims putting their heads on the ground for Allah s.w.t, The only Creator of all creations.. It really is THE mosque you would want to be in after Masjid Al-Madinah...

Alhamdulillah, both husband and I completed our first umrah and syukur to Allah s.w.t to have made ease on us from the beginning till the end of our umrah wada' ..walaupun badan mengandung penat, indeed Allah s.w.t helps who ever He wants, and who ever calls for Him.. :')

Well, nothing much to account for our days in Mecca besides the ibadah mainly Tawaf and Saie..I hope with my little experience sharing, you are able to gain meaningful umrah in your heart, insyaAllah.. :')


This is how the kaabah area usually looks like in the wee hour from the upper deck..Although with that crowd, the view was such a tranquility dont you agree?..a great feelings and the high determination to put your hands on the kaabah robe..what more to touch  the hajar aswad, the rock from heaven..

Personally I dont mind the crowd down there.Making tawaf on the upper deck was more challenging if I would to say my opinion. The upper deck is meant for the elderly and those aided with wheel chairs. You might not get nudged, but you worry more of getting hit by the wheel chairs.Sakit ok. I kena few times.

Dah nama pun manusia. Gelojoh .Perhaps this is how it will be like during the day of judgement where none others matters anymore... Wallahualam..

But with our way of up bringing agaknya, we the Asians are less aggressive and we are most likely the ones who are giving way to others. Alhamdulillah. To my rational mind, not hurting others would make a worthwhile ibadah bukan? I believe that Allah knows best and His rewards are just.

We were advised not to get over excited and to sustain our niat during tawaf, else that round of tawaf will be nullified. On an average, for each umrah, we completed all 7 rounds of tawaf in about 20-30 minutes..One might ask, did I manage to touch the kaabah? The answer is yes, alhamdulillah. Although I have to admit, it is nothing but a structured blocks covered with rough-suede-like robe. But keep this in mind, it is not the kaabah that we are worshiping. It is nothing other than just as a symbolic of unity.

So what is so great of touching it? I dont know about others, but my intention was solely to touch the most protected structure on earth and to touch where our prophets (pbut) used to touched , to walk where our prophets (pbut) used to walk, and to visualize the surroundings of those times..throughout the tawaf, I kept telling myself, maybe just maybe this was where our Nabi Muhammad s.a.w had sit down and rest, maybe just maybe this was the spot he (pbuh) and companion Abu Bakar As-Siddiq was resting when the lady wanted to persecute him (pbuh) but Allah had protected him by covering the lady's sight from seeing Nabi Muhammad s.a.w walaupun she was standing very near to him (pbuh)... Allahuakbar :') Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pelindung...And yes, pegang the kaabah pun I boleh menangis *sedih*

Did I manage to kiss the stone from heaven? Alhamdulillah :')

A mixed feelings it was. Upon completing the umrah ,we then consulted with one of our ustaz and how relieved we were when the verdict was 'no dam penalized'...Alhamdulillah...I was so sure I touched the kaabah after completing the 7th round. Thats the main check point.

Making tawaf was not so hard seperti yang kita dengar..."make sure bahu kiri mengadap kaabah tau walau apa pun jadi,kalau tak batal tawaf"....well allow me to say, Allah s.w.t Maha Mengetahui bukan? With that crowd , MESTI your left shoulder akan tersasar sedikit dari facing the long as it was unintentionally, you may proceed completing your tawaf..

Just to share with you, we Malaysian, are prostrating mengadap the hajar aswad specifically :') one of the most mujarab spot untuk berdoa...


A long distance walk but an easy one. About 15 mins walk from Safa to Marwah. Again, if you read the purpose of us making the Saie, you will burst into tears...whilst walking back and forth, selalunya I akan bergenang air mata mengenangkan kisah Hajar yang berlari between these 2 points for a drop of water for her baby  ..I dont know about you, but setelah bergelar ibu ini, I semakin terasa pengorbanan seorang ibu terhadap anak-anak, I semakin terasa dalamnya perasaan sayang kepada makhluk Allah s.w.t yang diberi pinjam pada I....Ya Allah...bayangkan sahaja kita tinggalkan anak pada suatu sudut and left him/her there alone...hungry and crying..hati ibu mana yang tidak luluh dengar tangisan anak kecil... *sedih*

The first yellow box (bottom right) is Safa and the other yellow box is Marwah

"Sesungguhnya Safa dan Marwah adalah sebahagian daripada syiar lambang agama Allah, maka sesiapa yang menunaikan ibadat haji ke Baitullah atau mengerjakan umrah maka tidaklah salah ia bersa'ie (berjalan dengan berulang-alik ) di antara keduanya dan sesiapa bersukarela mengerjakan perkara-perkara kebajikan maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pemberi Balasan lagi Maha Mengetahui"

The picture above and down here are us heading back to Marwah.

I teringat I was watching a chinese family with one little girl about 2 years old were making Saie as well. At some point the little girl was cranky and did not want her father to carry her. From her mother's gestures, I knew she was exausted..ini kan pula henadak mendukung budak..but you know what..hati ibu kan...penat sakit pinggang pun she carried her child all the way until the end of the point..*sedih* terbayang kisah yang Allah s.w.t hendak mengajar kita tentang teguhnya sabar and iman seorang ibu bernama Hajar sebagai teladan kita....Allahuakbar :')Sememangnya Allah s.w.t created women ni with a special strength..

It was during this time that Hajar saw the zam zam water was gushing our miraculously. I could not imagine more how happy she was then.. :')

Selain mendoakan apa yang dihajati, berdoalah juga untuk kesenangan di masa hadapan :

"Ya Allah, Ya rahim, hilangkan lah dahagaku sewaktu di padang mahsyar nanti ya Allah. Sesungguhnya nikmat rezeki adalah segalanya dengan keizinanMu"

Our 'gang' in Mekkah sebabnya semua satu kepala and we live nearby back here in Kuala Lumpur. We had so much memories there. Some occasions yang I cant forget and I believe if we were to gather once again sometimes in the future, we would still laugh our hearts out.

Scene 1 : Was about us taking the cab for our first miqat. Im not able to describe it in detail but Im sure kalau this 'gang' read these points suffice dah to recall on the event.

Taxi - no aircond - fare was not confirmed - traffic jam - driver asked to drop us up or down - finally had to walk to masjid - due to road block.

Scene 2 : I texted husband on how happy I was touching the hajar aswad - guilt because was still in ihram - worried about money since cash was very limited - confirmed with ustaz no dam - helmi told he got conned to Pak Indon to kiss the hajar aswad the next day- was very hard to put his head INSIDE the hajar aswad - I was confused when he told me getting his head INSIDE the hajar aswad because I did not encounter any place to enter my head - I was puzzled lagi...diam sejenak and everybody was asking why....After describing the "stone" yang I pegang cium, turns out NOT the hajar aswad rupa2ya..!!! It was the rukun yamani that I kissed!!! kalau la kena bayar Dam, bayar Dam sebab kiss batu yang salah pulak!


The view inside the mosque

Usually after performing tawaf and saie, most pilgrims will stayback at the mosque to save a spot for the solat fardhu. As you can see from the picture below, massive people came as early as 3 hours prior the adzan.MasyaAllah...memang seronok and memang tenang hati because while you are there you tidak langsung memikirkan hal dunia...NOT ONCE!! Bahagia sungguh walau penat badan..

The kaabah area will be closed for the female to make room for the male jemaah. Alhamdulillah, my husband was given the chance to perform solat directly in front of the kaabah, one of it was for the friday prayer..Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Amazing picturesque kan? :') ..

Before departing to Mekkah, hati I tidak henti berdoa agar diberi peluang to see the kaabah and to make ease of every move...while true enough bila kita mendengar kisah-kisah some jemaah yang ditutup pandangan melihat kaabah. According to our ustaz,a miracle incident happened not to long ago related to this kabaah ( 2 - 3 years back).

It began when a little boy could not see the black kaabah structure. This young boy and his parent were there for the first time to perform tawaf but the boy kept asking his mother why they are walking in circle as matter how many times the parents tried to show him the kaabah, the boy could not see it. They then went to consult with the 3 imam of the Masjidil Haram and one of the imam instructed the father to pluck one grape from the supermarket and feed the child prior paying for the grapes.

After having the grape, the boy could now see the kaabah clearly. They learn that before this, the boy could only see white light coming from the earth like a laser pointing straight up to the sky...masyaAllah..Kebesaran Allah s.w.t kan :') The imam concluded that the young boy terlalu suci and was brought up in a very halal manner..dari pemakanan dan seluruhnya..MasyaAllah...such an inspiration :')

Memang tidak jemu mata memandang kaabah..bukan sahaja dengan the architecture attraction, tetapi mengenangkan kisah-kisah nabi-nabi , rasul-rasul Allah s.w.t yang banyak sejarahnya tertumpu pada kaabah yang agung ini..

*am actually crying while typing this*

Our prophets Muhammad s.a.w was here..he (pbuh) was there ..untungnya la kita menjadi umatnya...and my dear muslim readers, repent lah, bersyukur lah kerana Allah s.w.t kurniakan kita sebagai umat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w ....berdoalah pada Allah s.w.t yang SATU supaya diizinkan kita memasuki syurga Firdausnya..

Berdoalah supaya Allah s.w.t mengizinkan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w mengenal kita sebagai umatnya..berdoalah supaya Allah s.w.t mengizinkan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w memberi syafaat kepada kita dia akhirat kelak..berdoalah pada Allah s.w.t agar mengizinkan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w memberi seteguk air dari telaganya...kerana no doubt Allah s.w.t itu Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang..dan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w rindu akan kita..

Sahaba : Why are you crying, oh Messenger of Allah?
Prophet : I miss my brothers
Sahaba : Are we not your brothers, oh Messenger of Allah?
Prophet : No, you are my Companions. My brothers are those who will come after me and they believe in me without seeing me.

To wrap my post here, I would like to apologize should my writings have offended you in any way. With all due respect and with my sincere thoughts, these posts depicts my love towards Islam and am so grateful that you are willing to hear me out about how I feel about Islam, about my religion. My doa is for Allah s.w.t to soften our hearts and repent and surrender to His command as much possible as we can....Ameen....because we are all sinners.


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