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Umrah, Saudi Arabia - Feb 2014


Assalamualaikum dear readers...

I have so much to share with you but seems like my commencement of speech is stunted by this endless syukur feelings..lama termenung mengenangkan the memories kami suami isteri di sana... MasyaAllah...

*30 mins has gone by*

As soon as our plane touched down safely at the Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Airport, the regional airport in Medina, terasa sebak and terharu yang sangat-sangat melihat kota yang was once lived by our beloved Prophet Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.... certainly, we the muslims are in truth VERY fortunate being given the brain and soul of understanding and surrendering to Islam, in another term I would call it 'hidayah'. We have been chosen by Allah s.w.t to walk towards HIM and live in this test world as muslim...Im emotionally moved because some of us have been summoned to be HIS guests to HIS Masjidil Haram...Alhamdulillah...For those who are yet to get the chance, do not weep on it,with Allah's permission, you will get there allow my humble journal here be an inspirational account.insyaAllah..

Although it was a 12 day visit in total, we were pretty much engaged in ibadah round the clock..i mean literally..One might wonder how is that possible, how is that possible not to think about something else other than ibadah..well, believe me, when you are there..the only thing you will be thinking is your solat and your families well being..and you will never feel enough seeking forgiveness.. *sedih*

Our direct flight with Saudi Airlines from KUL-JED was a pleasant one ..but my heart is still with Malaysia Airlines (MAS)  lah.. simply quintessential ...I need not to say more...anyhow..syukur Alhamdulillah dengan Airlines Saudi juga, kami selamat jejakkan kaki ke tanah suci dan selamat kembali ke tanah Malaysia.

Agenda :
Day 1 - Day 5 : Our stay in Madinah Al Munawarah
Day 5 - Day 12 : Our stay in Makkah Al Mukkaramah

Summary and some learning points : (dont miss the point on souvenir)

By foremost,

1. Be sincere and niat hendak umrah semata-mata kerana Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah your journey will be at ease when you took the first step..its a sad thing that I see quite a handful felt a twinge of jealousy for the people who have performed umrah. Hence, with so much haste, they too want to go there just because somebody else has gone there...

2. Do not get distressed and do not distress others. Umrah is not a ibadah wajib for every muslims. Sekiranya mampu (bukan sahaja dalam bentuk kewangan, tetapi dalam bentuk kesihatan,emosi dan mental), then by all means ,please proceed =)

3.Engaged a well known trusted umrah agents. Dont be conned by the cheaper fares / packages promotions. Rule of thumb, the more you invest with pure hearts, the more you will get in return.

4. Restrain yourself from plucking the negativity of the surrounding into your minds. Even on jokes, mischievous is indeed syaitan's way of drifting human kind. Ucaplah "Astaghfirullahalazim" and "Alhamdulillah" at all time. It works =)

5. Sabar. Alhamdulillah Allah helped me much on this one. Like A LOT. My husband would be the best to judge kot. Somebody told me that they experienced massive test after test after test on their sabar throughout their stay there,but Alhamdulillah hati I tenang on most of the time there..although I couldn't prevent from being 'geram' (with our brother and sister's attitude),but I was able to alleviate it. Alhamdulillah syukur tidak terhingga. Cepat je cool down walau kena siku terlanggar terpijak disana... :')

6. Jangan lah bertanya hal kewangan orang lain. I dont know why but everytime we bumped into any Malaysian jemaah, the must ask questions mesti (a) "Dengan agent mana?" (b) "Berapa ringgit package awak ni?". ..I rasa Malaysian need to be more sensitive when it comes to personal matter.

7. And hormat menghormati lah sesama manusia...baik kepada yang lebih muda dari kita, mahu pun yang lebih tua dari kita.

Pressing the red button :
"Muslim zaman sekarang ni agama ada tetapi akhlak tiada...terbalik dengan kafir yang akhlak ada tetapi agama tiada..that is why when a non-muslim embraces Islam, he/she is better than the born-as-Islam believers". 

hmm...someone told me that and I agree with her totally...Macam mana kita boleh instill a sense of rightness in today's believers eh? ~sigh *sedih*

8. Make friends. Alhamdulillah both husband and I memang mudah untuk bercampur gaul with others regardless of age or who ever...create good links with your mutawiff and all the ustaz and ustazah in your group.

9. Bring along pain relief gel/cream. I suffered a sever backpain after my 1st or 2nd umrah. It deteriorated on the following days. Nasib baik ada bawa few Salonpas patches ( Pain Relief Patches) and Counterpain cream. Sampai nangis ok sakit pinggang. Tetapi I kept telling myself kalau la I termasuk neraka, the suffering will be elongate. Nauzubillah minta Allah jauhkan kita semua dari api nerakaNya. Ameen...

10. Bring along medicated hand/body lotion. You would be needing that alot since there is a lot of construction being going on (endlessly). Apply them before you even got to Madinah and Mekah.

11. Be alert at all times - point 1. Even though Madinah and  Mekah is a sacred places,but syaitan is everywhere too. Care for your belongings. Pernah terjadi , beg sandang di toreh tanpa sedar. So be careful.

12. Be alert at all times. - point 2. Listen carefully and comprehend the points given by your muttawif. I saw many elderly especially took this for granted. They did not pay attention much to the dos-and-donts and where-to-meet stuff like that. Ended up them getting lost and left out alone and some of them were even penalized (dam) kerana melanggar syarat-syarat umrah...
Example of being alert - point 2 :
  • Listen to your muttawif when he/she told you its time to read your niat umrah at the miqat point. 
  • Listen to your muttawif when he/she told you to recognize the landmarks. This is so important.Buildings there are all look-a-like.
  • Listen to your muttawif when he/she told you that the bus is leaving at what-what hour.

13. Niat lah kerana hendak melakukan umrah, bukan kerana hendak shopping sakan. Betulkan niat. Kalau ya pun,shopping lah berpada-pada. Jangan sehingga dipalingkan rukun umrah, kerana kejarkan jubah madinah.

14. Bring just enough cash of Riyal walau pun they do accept MYR. Merchandises are rather cheaper comparing with the pricing here in Malaysia. For an example, the same exact design cotton jubah was at RM50 in Makkah comparing the one sold in SACC, Shah Alam, RM80.

*Tips : The lesser you bring your cash, the less tendency of you doing the shopping ;) . If Im not mistaken, we only had about SAR600 (MY550++)  for the whole 12 day stay there..

15. Makan was never a concern. Alhamdulillah. Our package included the 3 meals a day..and we all ate like the arabians!!! ;)

16. A must buy from Madinah : Kurma nabi.

17. A must get in Makkah : Zam Zam Water & Umrah yang mabrur...

18.Perform as much solat sunat as possible: Among that I knew of and did was :  Solat Sunat Wudhu, Solat Tahiyatul Masjid,Solat Sunat Rawatib, Solat Sunat Dhuha, Solat Sunat Tahajud, Solat Sunat Taubat, Solat Sunat Hajat, Solat Sunat.

19. Do not miss Solat Janazah, be it in Masjid Nabawi or in the Masjidil Haram. There is ALWAYS a solat jenazah after each fardu prayer. DO NOT MISS THIS. We dont have much chances to perform this in Malaysia. The reward/pahala of each solat jenazah is narrated as huge/weighted as heavy as the Mount Uhud. MasyaAllah..

20. Empty your hearts with the nonsense.Write off those bad memories, what ever skirmishes you have had with anybody, what ever heartache you have endured...Diminish them all, and insyaAllah you will feel the sweetness in your umrah,in your solat, in your daily routine and in your every breathe...

21.To encapsulate my feelings sepanjang I berada disana , I would say "you will shed tears in expression of gratitude" ...literaly...because, I yang tidak faham the arabic language pun boleh menangis di dalam solat tatkala mendengar imam menangis mengalunkan surah-surah suci Al-Quran...he must have felt the words from Allah much deeper..imam Masjidil Haram menangis..MasyaAllah..alangkah indahnya kata-kata Allah s.w.t... :'( *sedih*

22. While you are  there, dont rush out from the mosque...sit down and look into yourself (muhasabah), kenanglah dosa lalu,shed it out.. betapa ruginya kita,but itu pun kita kena bersyukur kerana Allah tunjukkan pada kita yang mana perkara baik, yang mana perkara tidak baik...and berdoa lah...berdoa lah supaya Allah tidak putus-putus menolong kita memperbaiki diri kita...berdoalah agar Allah menjemput kita lagi dan lagi dan lagi ke rumahnya...ameen...

23. Last but not least, I would suggest you to read to the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. before departing for umrah/haji.. Believe me, akan terasa lebih sebak when you are there and you know he once did this, did that and all...betapa besar pengorbanannya ... :'( *sedih lagi* .

24. We have been granted the chance to up lift ourselves, by performing umrah, and practice the sunnah of nabi muhammad s.a.w, try to sustain the positive change even you are back here in Malaysia.

25. It was narrated that Allah s.w.t akan mengampukan dosa-dosa antara 2 umrah..Isn't it beautiful?See how much Allah s.w.t beri peluang pada kita to repent... :') Berdoalah supaya Allah s.w.t selalu menjemput kita ke Madinah dan MekahNya... Nikmat Allah yang mana do you still want to deny?

24. Souvenir not from makkah nor medinah :

I have this MP3 copies of Mufti Ismail Menk which I bought from Nur Ala Nur Academy (NANA), that I would like to give out to you readers (muslim or non-muslim) without any text or watsapp me at 0123059444 and insyaAllah I will get it couriered to you.

My husband and I never get tired listening to the stories of the supreme leader of ours, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W....and we would be more than happy to share this wonderful talk with, text me ya! I would love to hear from you..and do spread the words :)

Note : Anyway, our preparation of Umrah experiences were written in this post.

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