Saturday, 3 May 2014

Twenty was our house number

Bismillahirahmanirahim... should I start...our first purchased house.......we sold it off dah...*hmm..that sounds very stiff* .
Im so out of words tiba-tiba.

With this year of time punya economy,both me and husband memang sudah lama berkira-kira samada to sell off or to just lease our house out. Lama juga we hold our thoughts. About a year or so since our bitter experience dealing with pain-in-the-butt couples (puncak alam resident).But the decision was firm this time. Perhaps many would disagree and may have asked mengapa we did not want to reserve the house for our kids? Niat kami was to be free of debt as much as possible. And I strongly believe,InsyaAllah akan ada rezeki keturunan kami sekiranya Allah s.w.t say so..

Im going to share the how-about on selling our house without engaging any property agent. Alhamdulillah, segalanya so far was going smoothly.

Day 1 - 5th Dec 2013 - I posted the advertisement of our house on

Yeah, I wonder if by the time Im reading this post again (in 5 years time), the value RM330k ini sepertinya harga kacang sahaja agaknya..wallahualam..

Alhamdulillah we received many calls and emails within the day it was on the net it self. And kami suami isteri sebanyak boleh mengikut cara perniagaan Islam untuk memperoleh HIS blessings. Mungkin kerana niat kami beserta dengan tawaran harga rumah sudah cukup perkara asas untuk didiami yang membuatkan ramai yang berkenan. Alhamdullillah..

*Selling price includes:
-Kitchen Cabinet installed + hob/hood/oven
-Fully equipped with fans (KDK)/4 units airconds
-Auto gate 
-Main water filter 
-Master bedroom built-in wardrobe 
-Curtain rails (living hall + all rooms)
-Pergola installed 3/4 of the car porch
-Lightings (all rooms)

Day 2 - 6th Dec 2013 - Alhamdulillah, kami sudah ada potential purchaser. I emailed out all the necessary documents for the purchaser to proceed with the bank loan and legal matters.

Day 8 - 12th Dec 2013 - Surat perjanjian booking 3% was signed together with the cheque. A simple yet very important letter drafted by the purchaser's lawyer. (stamped)

Day 23 - 27th Dec 2013 - We received the deposit balance and signed the SNP document to proceed for the application of transfer from Pejabat Daerah.

Day 57 - 30th April 2014 - Alhamdulillah, ownership of the house transferred successfully. The buyer texted me informing the bank did the redemption payment to our home loan OCBC bank.

Day 61 - 4th May 2014 - The lawyer confirmed that the remaining balance from the buyer will be credited into our personal bank account within a month's time.

Day 87 - 30th May 2014 - OCBC has made the redemption payment. Alhamdulillah we are done.

Our first house :')

Summary and some learning points :

#1 - Terima kasih kami ucapkan pada yg berminat to purchase our house. Never thought we would get so much responses. Alhamdulillah...
#2 - Advertise your house/property in is the best approach!!!
#3 - Do survey for the best market price. You do not want to sell it for far too high nor for far too low. You need to know the affordability of your potential buyer.
#4 - There is no need to engage a house agent. Be it for the selling atau pun for buying. Both of us (buyer & purchaser) managed our business without one.
#5 - We engaged only with 1 shared lawyer to process the whole thing. Its a winning point for the seller using the same lawyer the buyers are engaged to. We paid around RM1300 else we need to fork out RM4000 for the process.
#6 - Agent actually does nothing besides collecting/compiling the documents needed. You can manage it on your own trust me. So dont waste your money paying somebody who does not do much of the work. Most work are to be handled by the lawyer's firm.
#7 - Build good rapport between buyer and lawyers.
#8 - We took almost a half a year to get all settled. Unless you are in a rush, I guess that's pretty decent time frame.
#9 - Like us, since we have not yet get the keys to our new house, we are now renting with our buyer ;) hehehe...jimat masa and $$ to double triple pindah barang
#10 - Nothing much i guess...Was not that hard and much of hassle.

Hope this will come in handy for you to sell off your property in Malaysia :)

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