Monday, 14 July 2014

Dahlia's First Day at R.E.A.L Kids


picture from R.E.A.L Kids' webpage 
Today marked her first day here at R.E.A.L Kids. As expected, Dahlia was thrilled to go to her new school. No repudiation and no retiring. Just acquiescent to the fact she told me this this morning upon me dropping her there? "Dahlia main dengan friend, mami pergi work k.." ...How glad mami was to hear that darling..

The drive-way. Guards for the traffic control.

Cool window shapes - That is their hall for concerts, taekwando, dance classes , parent-teachers meeting area etc.

The lobby that leads to the classes

After surveying 3 conveniently adjacent schools, we chose R.E.A.L Kids Plus particularly at this branch mainly due to its "school environment" preschool/nursery. They have about 15 or so teachers in total incorporating of 1 male teacher(if im not mistaken). We were impressed with their warm hospitality apart from the available facilities namely the dining area, music hall, pool, play ground (& a trampoline yeay!), computer room, kids library , and ample waiting area for kids as shown there in the picture and  an auditorium. btw,our darling Dahlia will be having her first taekwando class this Friday there...hehehe...I shall get her in her taekwando outfit updated the age of 3 taekwando?? hehehe...Never had this crossed our minds...

picture from R.E.A.L Kids webpage 

picture from R.E.A.L Kids webpage - only for 4 years and above

I got to admit other child enrichment schools have their own winning points too. The Brainy Bunch and Genius Aulad with their Islamic Montessori modules, Smart Reader Kids and such with their own special teaching modules. All sounds very enticing but we fall in love with what R.E.A.L Kids not only because of its teaching MI (multiple intelligence) modules, but in particular of this premise's environment. Its not those shop-lots kind of centers which is not so much in the favor of ours..

Cant wait to hear what she has to say about her day today ;)

Just a little info of Dahlia's program here for 2014/2015 : 

She is in the 3 year old class starts from 8:30am - 3:30pm named "Rosebud". Will then resume with the daycare there from 3:30 pm - 6pm. Snacks are provided twice during the school sessions, and during the daycare, milk (bawa sendiri) are given once after the evening bath.

Again,like any other international schools, I admit is still a costly investment albeit fees varies from one branch to another depends on location. For your rough idea, here in Real Kids BJ, the academic year are segregated into 2 terms with a minimum of RM6.5k for the yearly fees, top it up with the monthly tuition fees starting from RM900 depends on the total hours you would like your child to be there..and if you are planning for the daycare program, that will be an additional of RM200 monthly..yes..painful but with that amount of premium, Im rest assured that Real Kids Plus in Bukit Jelutong are able to help me as a parent to nurture and prepare my kid well for her next adventure embarking into the elementary school *adoi jauh nya pikir, lagi 3 tahun insyaAllah ;p *

Anyway, its too soon for me to state lengthy review about this school particularly this branch despite the fact that no concerning complaints heard from my fellow friends. Let us see how it goes in a couple more weeks la kan.... But one thing for sure, from this morning's reaction,  Dahlia seems to be adjusting well with the new environment, teachers and friends... Itu pun sudah cukup  :')

*We are just in time for the dental check this Friday and for next Monday and Tuesday's class photo sessions :) . 


Anonymous said...

May i have more info regarding their fees? Monthly n registration fees?

lela nasir said...

Hi there, I dont have the detail but this blogger does :)