Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shoddy work of Sime Darby Property - Aster Grove Denai Alam - part 1 of 3


Now that we've collected our house keys..im here to share my findings & alerting all house owners out there when it comes to new house inspection. would not want others to fall for the same issue but not doing anything about it....hmmmm....I would have to Google for a word to express my serious disappointment with SD quality. I did not expect this from them. :'(

In short here's what happened to us....

Chronology :

11th June 2012 : S&P date

4th June 2014 : CF received . CF dated 12th May 2014

16th July 2014 : Letter from SD for key collection

23rd July 2014 : Keys handover date to owner.

24th July 2014 : Complaint Letter sent to the CRM officer, Ms Tushna

25th July 2014 : Written letter to SD about the major defect

2nd Aug 2014 : We went to check out the house and the defect area was already been tempered without our mutual date appointment and consent.

4th Aug 2014 : SD failed to contact us during any period from the lodged date to inform regarding the rectification and their plans. We called the so-called CRM officers/manager,Ms Tushna/Mr Praba but to our disappointment they were unable to give any fruitful information or even how the wall will be hacked pun they were not able to deliver....*sedihnya rumah I nak kena hack*

5th Aug 2014: SD called to set for an appointment tomorrow. *insyaallah ill update on the outcome from the meeting

Its totally an intolerable deviation defect, and its a pain in the eyes to have to look at it every single day.

*found on the australian buildings guide : wall deviation should not exceed 15mm.

Furthermore, the skewed wall that they are hacking down is embedded with the 2nd floor electrical box. How sure are they that the electrical wires will not go hay wire? How are they going to fix the deviation pun we all have no clue.

The so-obvious skewed wall

And so they handed in the CF to us..I wonder how was the QC been conducted. 

How can I not want to notice this? Each time I need to go to the 2nd floor, I have to walk pass here :( *sedih*

Let me share some of the other shoddy work of Sime Darby property 
..THE so-called winners of many awards...

The cracked skirting. Not much of an issue...

This is an easy fix but sampai hati they delivered the house to me like this :( 

Lots and lots and lots of hair line cracks..minor defects though, sap sap soi to fix but still...
sikit sikit banyak banyak jadi sakit.. :'(

This is the sloppy cement work under the toilet sink. And yes, apparently they did this to all the toilet sinks. On purpose agaknya to meet the timeline coz they know owners will complaint for fixing.
*tricks yang boleh diagak*

Oh no no, this is not my case. An owner of one of the luxury homes in Ara Damansara by Sime Darby lodged this report and won this case with more than half a million back in his pocket. Im sure the amount matter less to him, but look at that...oh my...no money can buy the disappointment and the time wasted.

You may read about the case here

*I've found both contact numbers / email of Mr Ho and his lawyer who handled his case.Perhaps if SD are not giving satisfactory solution about my case I shall resort for Mr Ho's advice.

Worst case, if depa refuse to bagi best solutions or buat taik..I resort lah to my uncle dato kamal with LAM A/A 72, or another relative,my SIL(sister in law)'s uncle and aunt,the BOD of Sime Darby dato azmi mohd ali and his wife hakim makhamah shah alam datin latifah tahar ke kan..minta tolong...*mode dissapointed habis*

Ok back to my unfortunate senget house, more inspection are yet to be done. Meaning more defects points to be sent to Sime Darby soon. Some of which that we can think of are as per below :

1. To check for any water leakage : Cover the water outlet drain in the toilets tightly. Then turn on all toilet water taps (the  shower,sinks, and toilet bidet etc). Let it pool and check the water level from time to time. Do check any water marks on any walls.

2. To check for any construction's residue in the aircond piping  : Im not sure how we are to do this, but a contractor once taught us to let the running water flow through the pipe and check if the water overflows back into the house.

3.To check for any hollow in the tiled flooring (ground floor) : Knock gently on the floor and mark for any hollow sound.

4.Need to check any potential mosquitoes breeding area. The township has quite a number of dengue cases if its not a handful. Do watch out ya neighbors!

5.Crosschecks your house specs with the S&P signed. The number of our water heater points does not match with whats written in the S&P.

6.Last but not least, if you have any suggestions on what can be done to the skewed wall, or perhaps any tips on our rights (as the purchaser),  I would be grateful if you could email me.Perhaps any arkitek or tuan peguam out there?

We never were/are in favor to hack our house(s), even our current house ini pun we did not hack the walls, sayang rumah and fear for the unexpected damage. ~haih~ ..geram



Nobu said...

Pn Lela, do you mind sharing the contact in Sime Darby property which you have address your letter/complaint to? I pun nak start complaint on my house at 77D.

lela nasir said...

Nobu,few of them actually. The CRM officer Ms Tushna and Mr Praba (the manager). Do lodge ur report and push them hard. One thing for sure, they will fix ur reports but will fix it like sh*t to catch with that 30 days time..like ours,the skewed wall was still skewed and yet they said this "to me it looks OK,but its up to the owner if they want us to still fix it"..i was like..really?!?!?this kind of service from SD???!?

Ahmad Fariz Ahmad Nazari said...

Im a Nerida owner move in back in early 2012. Same shoddy work and rectification, to date some of my defect still not rectify. Tried many things and they just dont bother you. Can u imagine wall paint now less than 2 yrs with soft greyish dots at most of my 2nd floor walls maybe due to paint fungus.I serously dont think they deserve any awards. Their QC guy last time is a subcon of simedarby and it may suprise you that he is very close to the main con and backing up main con instead of you as a customer. They will delay things, fix but still broken kind of stuff until the warranty expires in 18 months or so. My previous defect file still not have my signature as confirmation and they dont bother.Its depressing that i just 'redha' with the situation and move on, fix it myself bit by bit. If someone ask me about sime darby property quality, i will say bad company poor quality with high price, all for show only hehe.

Lela Nasir said...

Ahmad Fariz..many of us r conned by its brand :( seriously for those who are scouting for new home DONT GET IT FROM SIME DARBY!!seriously sick of them.If i were to rate them , I would mark NEGATIVE.